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Except for teachers, parents, and students - everyone at the Cleveland Municipal School Board meeting this evening supported the school closing plans advanced by the Cleveland Foundation.   

For me the high point of the evening was hearing these four well spoken East High members pleading that their school be left open.   The tall gentleman said:  "I know the Board is trying to do what they think is best for the entire city, but we go to East High." 

There was a parade of Cleveland Foundation supported agencies and individuals who attended to speak in support of the "transformation" plan.  The teacher's union wasn't one of them.

Councilman Polensek recounted that he has seen the Cleveland population go from 700,000 to 325,000...Mr. Polensek seemed pretty discouraged to me.  "We are at the crossroads", Polensek announced.  He spoke in support of the plan - "we have to do something". 

Another decision made out of desperation, not real planning.

Maybe next time the Cleveland Foundation will approach the parents, teachers, and students and include them in the dialogue...if there is a next time.


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The students at East High, South High and the other east side schools that would close under this plan are in business-speak--expendables.

The "Whatever it takes" corporate model dictates to cut costs and losses by eliminating these kids...I mean expendables...via their schools.  So, that is why the outside Boston Consulting Group was paid $700,000 by local foundations to craft a shoddy justification for THE PLAN.  

But, this corporate engineered plan fails to take into account "stockholders"--these kids pictured above and their families--taxpayers who passed the 2001 levy to MAINTAIN and IMPROVE buildings that provide shelter for the students.

I still hope that the federal lawsuit will succeed in throwing out the "Transformation Plan" as discriminatory.  Perhaps, then we can go about addressing the deficit in state-funding by collaborating with teachers, parents and students, which should have been STEP ONE--instead of this crazy-ass, foundation, charter, corporate and exurban-driven "plan."

This morning, in the PRINT edition, Thomas Ott dishes out the real mess and what to expect in the UGLY fallout with the Cleveland Teachers Union.  If I would have been allowed to speak last night, I would have reminded board members that they will live with this human fallout--not the CEO hatchet man Sanders.  I guarantee you--he will be long gone when the proverbial....hits the fan.

Kansas City closing half their schools

CMSD Transformation Thugs and Vampires

  The District's fear tactics at work--


No wonder Cleveland teens are so fascinated by vampires....they live with them everyday:

How many of these folks pay taxes in the City of Cleveland? 


Contact Louise Dempsey - of Squire Sanders & Dempsey

Contact Louise Dempsey - of Squire Sanders & Dempsey - Mike White and LeBron James' Fred Nances' firm... of the 50 Club of Cleveland... they get all the corrupt bond work here - she's a Cleveland Municiple School Board Member who certainly has supported hiring and management of Sanders, and turning CMSD into a charter school network for Peter Whitehouse, White Hat, etc - co-worker at CSU Law School of Plain Dealer legal expert Mearns ... they all love Frank!

All the leaders here work together as one putrid organism - none are innocent.

Disrupt IT

Announcing the ICEarth Preparatory School

Evelyn and I have decided to home school our kids - we're done letting the system here decide anything more than necessary about our lives. How our kids learn is one thing our leaders shall not control - they have lost that right.

I think we - the realNEO community - should start a co-op school.

I'll teach super-computer science, new media, new economy, photography, videography, soccer and sailing.

Evelyn shall teach history, art history, humanities, German, farming, cooking, and fine art, including mossaic.

My English Ph.D. mom can teach English and my M.D. dad can teach health, and provide psychiatric evaluations and support.

Who else in the community has something to offer to such a school - I need to put together a schedule for this year, starting with this Summer.

Disrupt IT

ICEarth Co-Op Academy will innovate with Open Source Education

One of the most exciting opportunities offered by breaking away from the American public and private education paradigms is taking your child's learning "Open Source" - there is a huge world of learning resources available through open source information technology that I intend to leverage for the benefit of my children, and I am confident what they will receive will be far more valuable than may be offered in bricks and mortar in Northeast Ohio.

Gaining the best knowledge and learning tools for my children will not be a problem, with Open Source Schooling - finding good interpersonal socialization for my children's developing minds may be more challenging, in unreal NEO.

We'll be spending lots of time at places like museums, factories, and on the road, in search of the big picture.

Regarding Open Source education, browse School Forge here...

SchoolForge's mission is to unify independent organizations that advocate, use, and develop open resources for education. We advocate the use of open texts and lessons, open curricula, free software and open source in education.

Education Software

All Software Multimedia Educational Office Tools
Web Based / SIS Internet Utilities Antivirus/Spyware

There is a variety of Free Software and Open Source (for Windows and GNU/Linux) needed in a school environment: network security and monitoring to keep the school networked and safe, grade and timetable tracking (student information systems / SIS) software for teachers, educational software for classes, general network clients for email and web access.

Disrupt IT

how fun!

I can teach english, art, law, social studies, math, gym.

we need more foreign languages...

I'll teach French

And Japanese

Disrupt IT

I have the open education covered

One of our programmers has lots of experience with open schooling and we are innovating the technology for that - our kids will learn and do amazing and speeding edge things just in the process of learning.

Disrupt IT


Have no union protection for their jobs as Cleveland Teachers Union signed off those rights with the transfer of the school district control to mayoral control.  A strike will allow the district to impose massive firings as intended.


Our community lacks great leadership.... I say we promote leadership training in this spectrum of education.

Our community has become "STANDARDIZED" to believe that "EDUCATION" is only available in the "CLASSROOM".... to believe that all children should be standardized with their educational processes....hmmm.

I recognized something years ago....that my folks did not have the education on various subject matters to share-but they worked hard to help me get training, education, and social interactions that empowered me with the tools of education that we couldn't get in the Cleveland Public School system as children.

Youth Programs: Young Marines, US Navy Sea Cadets, Jr. ROTC, the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts...should also be incorporated.

Cultural Dance, Music, and Arts...

The Curbside Cafe offers live bluegrass and country on Tuesday and Thursday evenings....we could make that a part of the lesson plan!

It's up to us to cultivate  our children into adults who THINK! 

Adults who learn that it's not what they make, but how they spend their money and invest it!

Adults who have the capacity to be humble and considerate against all odds of corruption.

So much to teach our children, and only 18 years to do so!!!! Smiles.

May God Bless All!