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In the weeks and months that have passed since  Councilman Cimperman’s porch fire on July 28, 2008, there has been no further news of what caused the fire.  Check the internet.   There have been no arrests, and the FBI, the Cleveland Fire Department Arson Squad, and Mr. Cimperman have added nothing new about what caused the blaze.    The impression left from the incomplete investigation is that Mr. Cimperman was most certainly attacked by an arsonist.


Why has this story not been filled out with a thorough, comprehensive public report?


It is important, as Roldo has pointed out today here on Realneo, to base our web commentary on competent information - especially when our commentary could be interpreted as being inflammatory. 


I wasn't in town when the fire took place July 28, 2008  at Mr. Cimperman's second floor porch, so when Norm posted this on Realneo, I took a look at the fire with an un-jaundiced eye - and what I saw in the forensics available from on-line photos and news interviews - was a propane fueled barbeque caused fire.    And at that point I didn’t even know that, indeed, there was a propane barbecue on the second floor porch!

My first impression was just from the fire damage details in the photos - and I commented to a friend two days ago that that I suspected a BBQ accident on a dry wood porch. 


So today after Roldo encouraged everyone to be more scrupulous in backing up our commentary, I thought I should make further inquiry about the final outcome of the arson investigation of Councilman Cimperman's summer porch fire. 

I found this quote on WTAM’s web site.  “Investigators think the blaze began on the south side of the upstairs porch. Cimperman told investigators he's never used the new grill that was housed there”.


And on Cleveland.com Metro the following discussion took place.

Posted by jikkijikki on 07/30/08 at 2:31PM

Cimperman had a grill right where the fire started?

"...Investigators think the blaze began on the south side of the upstairs porch. Cimperman told investigators he's never used the new grill that was housed there..."-


Do people do that?I mean,I'd be afraid to keep a grill on my porch.I mean ,I'd be afraid,you know,that I might burn the house down.

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Posted by FireSafety on 07/30/08 at 2:43PM

TO: Joe &
Arson Team
FROM: Fire Marshall Bill

Joe, I cautioned you to NOT use your Weber grill on the balcony!

And, Joe, NEVER use the lighter fluid [accelerant] to light the charcoal!

Leaving the hot, smoldering coals in the grill on the balcony is a
sure-FIRE recipe for disaster, Joe!

Joe, one of the dumbest actions we have ever heard, or
Just another of your political stunts... that back-FIRED!

Fire Marshall Bill
In Living Color

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Posted by LallyGagr on 07/30/08 at 3:06PM

This is disgusting. I hope they catch the sociopath who did this!
They could have killed his wife and newborn daughter.
If this is about politics, what a lowdown senseless thing to do!!
I pray that justice is served.

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Posted by Hegel on 07/30/08 at 3:09PM

If it turns out that Cimperman set his own house on fire by leaving an unattended smoldering barbeque grill on his 2nd floor balcony, Cleveland doesn't need him running anything dealing with our city, county, state, or federal government.

Now I am wondering why Cimperman insisted that the Fire Department not put up "Arson" signs on his burnt house.

Could Cimperman's insistence be a subliminal admission of negligence?

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- end of Cleveland Metro

Here is a link to King’s Right Side blog which quotes News Net 5

News Net 5 report quotes: “The fire spread quickly, igniting a propane tank on the second-floor balcony and damaging a neighboring home.”

and a week later, vandals surrounded the Cimperman's  car with dog poop (this is  difficult to believe) - and the Tremont West Development Corp offered to collect money for Cimperman family.


Here is a piece from the Cleveland Leader reporting on how, just a week after the fire, there was a garage break in and Mr. Cimperman’s wife’s car was surrounded by dog feces.    The Tremont West Development Fund also set up a fund for the Cimperman’s,

“A fund has been set up to help the family. Those interested in helping out can make a check out to the Cimperman Family c/o Tremont West Development Corp., 2406 Professor Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113”



So here is what I see as important about this story:  while each of different news organizations had first hand commentary about a propane fueled BBQ, and while Mr. Cimperman acknowledged that there was a BBQ (but curiously never used), why hasn’t there been any official discussion from the FBI or the Cleveland Fire Department Arson Squad about either the BBQ or the propane fuel?

Could it be that this fire was indeed an accident caused by Councilman Cimperman, and the authorities have remained quiet about its cause out of deference (bias) to Councilman Cimperman?

That would be a valid news story. 

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Fire safety anwhere

  All strange--Fire, which has the potential to become arson, has a strange history in Tremont and any where for that matter.

 Fire is a magnetic force.  To build a FIRE is one of the first things any one of any income level does to celebrate any small victory in life.  People celebrate LIFE with fire, but it is such a dangerous attraction.

 In my twenties, I, too, regularly celebrated life by cooking on my community grill.  As my poor neighbors know, I had to still learn some life lessons about how to manage a fire.  I put the embers from what I thought was an extinguished grill into a plastic bag and put that bag into a shed (fortunately not next to the house).  The bag caught fire.  

At the time, I was coaching softball with a number of young urban professionals in the neighborhood.  One of the kids--Jesse--a strapping, beautiful boy from "the projects," saw the fire, grabbed a hose and put it out.   Jesse knew me and knew my house.  It helps to have neighbors, who know you.  Would he have stopped to put the fire out, anyway, without knowing it was my house?  I think so.


wasnt there a subsequent fire or burglary in his garage?

a day or two after - with the home under police surveillance?

Cimperman car vandalism last summer

Yes, you can read about the car vandalism by clicking on this link to the Cleveland Leader (the link and some quotes are also included at the end of the main post above).

the fire and the question

rather than ask JBuster what in the world he was referring to in his post, I used the search option and found his original blog on the topic. Interesting reading.  

First thing that came to my mind as well

When I read Roldo's posting about Cimpermen running for County Executive, the fiirst thing that came to my mind was what ever happened with the investigation into Cimperman's fire.... hate crime... arson at a counci,man's house... no answers.

And then I thought about the councilmembers saying Fannie Lewis appointed a successor, while on her death bed...

Disrupt IT

fannie lewis

I could see Fannie doing this, Norm. I don't know how ill she was near the end or that the PeeDee reported it correctly, but it would be in character for Fannie to do this.