Cleveland is Iced - Realneo is Hot!

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 12/31/2010 - 18:58.

Cleveland light house on Cuyahoga in lake erie ice image jeff buster 12.30.10

How many tons of ice are on the building?  This is the condition that sinks ships.   How about wind turbines about 3 miles off of Cleveland?  Cleveland is iced.  Corrupt too.  Happy New Year!

Where else is there a web site with moonlight over sage brush in headlights and a lighthouse encrusted in ice on the home page?

Norm has the sagebrush killer image....very cool.

All perspectives are welcome here. 

Variety.  Honesty. Integrity. Realneo

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Happy New Year JeffB! Thanks for the reminder--snow and ice are HEAVY man! :)

Here, here. RealNEO lives as

Here, here. RealNEO lives as a testimony to the spirit of Cleveland.

Ed Morrison and REI birthed Realneo

Thanks to you Ed,  and your staff Susan and Betsy, Norm Roulet was able to introduce Realneo in 2004 at REI -  and I became acquainted with the web and Realneo.   

Realneo gets several thousand unique visitors every day, so the open source community outreach and creative inspiration of REI is still being propogated - around Ohio and around the world - years later.

REI made me a more active and effectively involved citizen - and I know too that Realneo has made a positive, empowering difference for many other people who post to and read Realneo.   Your wisdom in sponsoring and producing REI is responsible. 

Thank you Ed!

Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy

Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy... and had years of painful prebirth... and was aborted, like REI... has been a source of constant suffering for my family since.

But it was fun working with all the folks at REI, and at the Weatherhead... we were making good progress.

No surprise the syndicate took us out

Disrupt IT

And many others helped birth realNEO, and had their knees broken

And many others helped birth realNEO, and had their knees broken by Peter Holmes and Jones Day along the way.

Ed Hauser, in particular, died along the way.

Many of us have suffered to make this a better community. No short, clean, happy history to realNEO... and many conflicts still to be resolved.

Happy New Year, realNEO Year 7

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Seven years of herstory :)

Seven years of local reality chronicled at REALNEO.  Thank you to all who make this site possible.