Cleveland Judge Jasper Rejects Ohio Supreme Court Assignment To Harass Activist Coleman For Corrupt Judges

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 Republican Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor

Democratic Cleveland Ward 2 Councilman Zack Reed

Cleveland NAACP President and Attorney George Forbes

Former Democratic Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric Brown

Democratic Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson

The home on Imperial Ave. in Cleveland, Oh. of alleged serial murderer Anthony Sowell where the remains of 11 Black women were found

Democratic Berea Municipal Court Judge Mark Comstock

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Retired Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Mabel Jasper has rejected an assignment effective May 16. by Ohio Supreme Court Rep. Diane Hayes to replace Impersonating Visiting Judge Mary Grace Trimboli of Toledo, Oh. in the malicious prosecution case of journalist and community activist Kathy Wray Coleman that is illegally pending in the Berea Municipal Court, refusing to be used by the White establishment to harass another Black woman. 

Trimboli quit the case last week because of prejudice and harassment against Coleman and because she is not a retired judge permitted to be assigned as a visiting judge under the Ohio Constitution. She had been unconstitutionally assigned by former Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric Brown to replace Berea Municipal Court Judge Mark Comstock following his harassment of Coleman.

The Berea Municipal Court case docket as of Thurs, May 19 at midnight reveals in pertinent part that Hayes, claiming to represent the Ohio Supreme Court, left a telephone message for the assignment, though it is not legally binding because relevant case law reveals that a judge, such as current Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor, speaks through his or her journal entries. And Berea Clerk of Court Mark Wohl cannot avoid securing a written order by mail from O'Connor to put on the docket simply to target Blacks that he wants to rush through a hanging trial to cover up case fixing at Ohio's highest level of judicial government. It reads as follows:

"Berea Municipal Court· Docket Entry 05/17/2011 – Per phone message from Diane Hayes of the Supreme Court, the Honorable Mable Jasper is assigned to this matter effective 05/16/2011 per assignment number 11JA1138."

Brown was appointed last May  by former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland, who lost in Nov. to Republican Gov. John Kasich, to replace Republican Chief Justice Thomas Moyer, who died unexpectedly in April. He lost his bid to retain the chief justice seat by an embarrassing 68 percent last Nov. to O'Connor, a former Lt. Gov. under former Republican Gov. Bob Taft and an associate justice in Ohio's high court since 2003.

Coleman said that Comstock sent Hayes, a court clerk, a letter last week begging her to harass her and to push a trial for May 19 at 10:00 am, even though Coleman attorney Stephen L. Miles quit the case last week saying that Comstock and unidentified people at the Ohio Supreme Court level were threatening him saying he better not seek dismissal of the case since Berea Municipal Court has no jurisdiction since it was to originate in the Middleburg Hts. Mayor's Court by city ordinance and because his client has never had an arraignment, made a plea or even participated in any pretrial.

"They threatened me," said Miles, who added that the Ohio Rules of Criminal Procedure preclude either Comstock or lowly clerk Hayes from forcing Blacks, including Coleman, to court without an attorney when prison is possible, no matter how anxious they are to fix the case with a handpicked corrupt judge of their choosing.

And Coleman said that when she contacted Jasper by telephone at about 10:30 pm on May 18 to ask if she had to appear in Berea Municipal Court the next day without an attorney since Comstock had jailed and threatened her before over her push with other activists for a state legislative judicial assignment bill for Ohio trial court judges to be assigned at random and not handpicked because she feared for her safety the retired judge responded that "I am not on that case ma'am."

Coleman said that her take is that they could not use Jasper as a Black woman as planned and now they have to go to corrupt plan two. 

"The case docket speaks for itself and as of May 19 at midnight at at Case No. 09CRB01545 Retired Judge Mabel Jasper is listed via the date of May 17 as having been assigned by telephone effective May 16 in a rush by corrupt people in power to do me in," said Coleman. "Since this Black retired judge says she is not presiding I will take her word and wait for those corrupt White people to put another corrupt White person on the case and then to try to back date it because Diane Hayes is as corrupt as they come and has been doing in a lot of people by assigning corrupt visiting judges to replace corrupt judges like Comstock that violate the law to harass Blacks and others and then recuse themselves from the cases."

Coleman said that she has also received threatening telephone calls aside from the court saying that she better show up to court for a trial tomorrow on May 19 without a assigned judge by court order and no attorney of record, or any prior arraignment, plea or discovery in the case, though there is no court order requiring her appearance since Trimboli quit last week due to fraud and harassment. And the threats run deep, says Coleman, including one that that she better stay inside that day or get hurt, though the journalist and community activist said that she will still lead a protest at 4:30 pm tomorrow in front of Cleveland Hts. City Hall relative to the Imperial Ave. Murders and police insensitivity around rape cases involving Black women.

"The rally will go on as planned and I am ready for what ever comes my way where sometimes you must take a stand, and stand tall in the midst of adversity," said Coleman. "I thank Judge Jasper for refusing to be used by corrupt people like Ohio Supreme Court Representative Diane Hayes and racist, crazy and mentally ill Judge Comstock where not all Blacks can be used to do in other Black people, and we want Chief Justice O'Connor to fire Ms. Hayes immediately."

The Imperial Women, which Coleman leads, and other activist groups want a constitutional ballot amendment and state law requiring that Ohio's trial court judges are sitting judges assigned to cases by random draw at all times to stop Hayes and Chief judges in Ohio common pleas, municipal and others courts from handpicking judges to target people like activists and politicians that will not conform. The activists had planned a protest before a previously scheduled trial by Trimboli in Berea Municipal Court but it was canceled after it was learned of the protest. Under pressure, Trimboli quit the case last week and Comstock went crazy, lobbying Hayes to try and send another judge to harass Coleman immediately, and he copied his harassment letter to O'Connor and Coleman, even though he can no longer preside in the case because of impropriety and continual harassment of her. 

"Please be advised that the assigned must recuse himself from hearing the above referenced case to avoid the appearance of impropriety," wrote the seemingly unbalanced Comstock in a letter to Hayes dated May 10 though he had recused himself in July of last year after jailing and threatening Coleman over her activism. At that same July hearing he bragged that he would have Trimboli assigned by his friend Brown, a native of Cleveland, Oh., to harass her, and that is exactly what happened. The letter further demands that Hayes violate the law and ignore the Ohio Constitution's mandate regarding the requirement for only retired judges as visiting judges on cases that sitting judges quit due to bias or conflict saying that she should instead follow some arbitrary guidelines that Moyer put in place. Data suggest that those guidelines, that have no legal emphasis, were put in place partly so that since deceased Chief Justice Moyer could handpick former judges that are not retired to travel throughout the state to fix cases like Trimboli. Her role is to travel the state to target operatives that Ohio's high court and other political big wigs want to destroy like activists like Coleman and outspoken politicians such as Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed, whom she sentenced to 10 days in jail in 2008 with the help of Cleveland NAACP President and Attorney George Forbes for an alleged second DUI when his car was parked and he was not even driving it. 

Coleman is charged in Berea Municipal Court with a traffic citation and misdemeanor obstruction of official business allegedly for weaving and not giving her name to Middleburg Hts police on Oct 30, 2009 after they pulled the car over, though she was a passenger and her then attorney Wayne Kerek was in the driver's seat with an expired driver's license and did not even get cited.

Trimboli, 57, is neither a retired nor current judge but was illegally posing as one and was on the Toledo Municipal Court bench last in 2005 at age 51 and did not seek reelection. 

Coleman says that Kerek lured her to the city that he lived close by to in Strongsville, Oh. and had contacted Middleburg Hts policeman Kevin Hoover to come arrest her in an unsuccessful effort to try to stop her from leading a protest on Nov. 10, 2009 at the county justice center over the murders of 11 Black women, whose remains where uncovered at the home of alleged serial killer Anthony Sowell on Imperial Ave in Cleveland a week and a half earlier on Halloween day. 

Data reveal that Comstock snatched the case before it could go to the mayor's court as required by city ordinance because Middleburg Hts Mayor Gary Starr is friends with Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, whose Chief Operating Officer Darnell Brown chairs the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Board that Starr is also a 17-year member of, where he represents about 39 small cities, including his own. Jackson, says Coleman, is upset with the Imperial Women for protesting in front of his home for an investigation around the murders and for questioning the fact that he is a Black mayor and has appointed no Blacks or women as law director, safety director, chief of police, chief prosecutor of ems commissioner in a majority Black major metropolitan city.

Activists say the insensitivity of Jackson's all non Black law enforcement leadership team contributed to the fiasco around the murders including the release of Sowell from police custody on an attempted rape complaint in 2008 by Gladys Wade, who got away, so that he could then go allegedly murder the last six of the 11 Black women. Sowell is now charged with the alleged rape of Wade and awaits trial for June 6 on that, the Imperial Ave Murders, and other charges before Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Dick Ambrose.

Ohio Supreme Court records reveal that Hayes, who had the job before Connor got elected Chief Justice in Nov,  and her predecessor, have assigned Trimboli to almost 50 cases in the Berea Municipal Court since 2006 that Comstock has recused himself from for either bias or conflict.

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