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Cleveland Police are on high alert after receiving a new threat. 

Police learned of an ambush threat to the city's department through a tip from another police department. Per the memo issued to officers, the threat originated from the Harvard Wine and Grille on Harvard Avenue when an older gentleman overheard a group of younger men discussing a plan. 

According to the memo, the threat implied "younger males" were planning to "bait" marked zone cars into a pursuit by riding dirt bikes and four-wheelers next to the zone cars and kicking the doors. Once a pursuit had started, the dirt bike riders would lead the officers into an ambush, where several other armed males would be waiting to "overwhelm" the officers.

Another threat involved "younger males" riding dirt bikes, next to zone cars, and shooting inside.

The threat comes at a time when several law enforcement officers nationwide have been killed in ambush attacks; there have been scares locally, as well. Over a week ago, a man fired shots at two Cleveland police officers on East 131st Street outside a convenience store. No officers were hurt, but police called it an "outright targeted attack."

Steve Loomis, president of Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association, responded to the alert and urged officers to "remain excruciatingly aware" of their surroundings and to "follow your instincts" in all situations.

He released the following statement: 

Dear Members,

On the anniversary of 9/11 and in the light of the recent execution style murders of police officers across the country and the two recent attempts to shoot our officers, we are compelled to remind you to remain excruciatingly aware of your surroundings at ALL times!  Please continue to BACK EACH OTHER UP, and listen up and watch out for the one man cars out in your area.

If a radio assignment or situation DOES NOT SMELL RIGHT, it probably isn't right.  Follow your instincts and CALL and WAIT for backup! You are each highly trained, highly professional, law enforcement officers.  DO NOT HESITATE for even one micro second to take the action needed to defend yourselves or the law abiding citizenry should the need arise.

The lack of public response denouncing the recent threats and murders of police officers from elected leaders of this city, state, and nation has been DEAFENING!  The continued silence of "self appointed" civic and faith based leadership at local, state, and national levels only serves to embolden those seeking to do us harm, while damaging any and all possibility of real and sustained community policing improvement. 

It will be impossible to effectively engage in any such discussion until "the community", it's leadership, and federal, state, and local elected and appointed officials step up to the plate and denounce the threats and violence against law enforcement.  This will be the ONLY WAY for them to demonstrate their commitment for improved relationships with law enforcement.

CPPA President Steve Loomis 

The Carsons have had businesses on Harvard Avenue, including Harvard Wine and Grille, for 25 years and love their neighborhood. They were shocked to hear about the threat, especially since one of their family members was a police officer in the Fourth District until his death.

"We want people to know we love Cleveland. We have been here through the ups and downs. We are going to remain here," said Claude Carson, who still carries his cousin's badge in his wallet.

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