Melt Bringing Grilled Cheese & Jobs to Cleveland Heights

Submitted by tchaves on Mon, 05/11/2009 - 23:37.

 It’s not just the loyal group of Melt fans that continues to grow. Since opening in September 2006, Melt Bar and Grilled opened a patio, then expanded the restaurant in summer 2008 to accommodate the droves of hungry Clevelanders, excited to bring an out-of-town friend or spend a mundane any-day enjoying some true laid-back comfort—in the food, drink and vibe.  Now, Melt Bar & Grilled has announced exciting news for devoted east-siders who have been making the long trek down I-90: a new location is planned to open in fall 2008 on the corner of Cedar and South Taylor Roads in Cleveland Heights.  More.

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Food makes friends

  Any post on food (especially CHEESE!) warms my heart and soul. Thanks for the heads up!  And, for trying out the image properties here.  Keep posting and tell us about your Brazilian adventures.  I have to live vicariously :)

Melt "Jobs" claim unsupported

Only so much food gets eaten in Cleveland Heights everyday.  If newly employed Melt worker makes my sandwitch, that is a Subway worker who doesn't.

One new restaurant will bring no net gain in "jobs" - just shift around who's slathering on the mayo.

Your post borderlines on spam IMHO, please add more relish.

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Anonymity and Civility

On Mother's Day, PD editor Susan Goldberg wrote an excellent opinion piece about the use of on-line aliases and what it reveals about the ugly side of society.  Aliases don't help us here.  Posters to REALNEO are sometimes cloaked in their remarks, but it helps to remember that there are people behind the posts. 

Anonymity of the Internet attracts anger's poster children*

by sgoldberg [at] plaind [dot] com
Sunday May 10, 2009

Getting hung up on the mystery identity of the poster is not a constructive use of our time here. It shouldn't happen, unless it gets personal, which has happened here--too often.  If I do it, or have done it--I apologize. 

Jeff B--please look at the poster's profile.  I don't consider this post spam.  Advertising--yes.  I personally advertise here and I hope that more folks are allowed to promote good things in their neighborhoods.  You can criticize me, because I know you, but this first-time poster tchaves may be put off by getting criticism right out of the chute.

Chimera--Jeff B is a good guy.  He is just mixing it up a little, but in this case, I don't agree with his criticism. 

Let's all strive for constructive dialogue and civic discourse. So, here's the mom in me saying it as a reminder to everyone--Play nice!

*nice play on words :)




Laura...I would have

Laura...I would have responded to this line of commentary sooner but I just noticed the comments on the site today!

Thanks so much for the love...the response has been mixed so perhaps this may not be the best forum for "advertising"...I'd like to talk to you more about your question about the Examiner...maybe we can chat by phone on Tuesday?


Thanks TChaves for the information below on Zumba from your blogspot--please also tell us more about your experience writing for the Examiner.

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a high-energy Latin-dance workout.  The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms, and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. It’s based on the influences of merengue, salsa, hip-hop, mambo and reggae.  Zumba was created by celebrity fitness trainer, "Beto" Perez in Columbia in the mid-1990’s.  In response to the demand for the classes in the U.S., an institute was created in 2005 to certify instructors to teach Zumba.  According to the Zumba website, by July of 2008, there were over 20,000 trained instructors in 35 countries worldwide.

Associated Content contributor and Zumba instructor Nadia De Leon wrote about her experience becoming certified to teach the classes, saying it was both a vigorous workout and an entertaining way to burn calories.  “I could not remember the last time I had had so much fun in either an aerobics class or a dance class. I was having such a good time that I did not realize how intense the exercise was, until after it was all over,” De Leon said. 

Hour-long classes are scheduled:

6:30 Monday (Ages 16+)

Zone Recreation Center, 6301 Lorain Avenue

(216) 664-3373


6:30 Monday (All Ages)

Estabrook Recreation Center, 4125 Fulton Road

(216) 664-4149


6:30 Friday (Ages 18+)

Cudell Recreation Center, 1910 West Boulevard

(216) 664-4137


4:30 Saturday (All Ages)

Estabrook Recreation Center, 4125 Fulton Road

(216) 664-4149

If you are searching for a class environment similar to the gym, attend one of the classes 16-18+ or bring the kids to one of the all-ages classes for a family-friendly way to get fit and have fun.  Classes are subject to change without notice.  It is recommended you call on class day to confirm. 

5/14/09 UPDATE: I called Estabrook and the Zumba classes were well-received and are now  offered three times a week!  Call and/or stop by 216-664-4149.


That's fantastic news!  I took synchronized swimming lessons as a child at Estabrook Rec Center and it was wonderful.  In talking to my friends, most of them were unaware our community rec centers were such a wealth of (free) activities!

Well perhaps I'll have to motivate myself to actually get out to one of these classes since they are so readily available!!

I would have responded to this line of commentary sooner but I just noticed the comments on the site today---sorry.


Tricia Chaves Weekly giveaways every Friday!

Associated Content

Take a look at Associated Content.  Zumba right.   This is another spam provider like Springwise Trendlines.  Here is a piece Tricia did for Associated Content on a closed Cleveland restaurant.

And here is another Associated Content spam article that Tricia Chaves spun for Barley House in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Realneo readers are being used by Ms Chaves - who is a spammer.   But then who really is Tricia Dish Chaves, anyway?

"Closed" Cleveland Restaurant

Hi Jeff,

I would have responded to this line of commentary sooner but I just noticed the comments on the site today!

The article I wrote "about a closed Cleveland restaurant" was written because the restaurant encourage people to experience the independent local businesses, specifically the restaurants in our city.  I'm trying to limit the posts to the Real NEO site that are specific to local businesses and other relevant local content.  I'm not attempting to "spam" or "use" the members in the forum but to expose them to some of my work they might otherwise not find.  Hopefully you'll see something you like/find relevant soon!

Have a great holiday,

Tricia Chaves

Weekly giveaways every Friday!

How are we being USED?

  JeffB--I don't see how REALNEO is being used.  Cross-posting drives open networks, but, the content has to merit someone's attention to generate an economic impact. 

Yes--you may have to slog through find good content.  Content has to merit attention or it will get buried.  Tricia is obviously a savvy person.  I applaud her for trying to get material out that will hopefully rise to the top of the heap. 

TC--why is your video, NOT featured on the site, yet?  Did you upload it here


Realneo Co-op and Parasitic "Content"

Good Morning Imcshane,

I am occupied with Non-Realneo matters for the next few days so I won't be able to expound more on this spam distinction right now.    I will continue the discussion as soon as I have time. 

Nice Sunday for a bike ride!


  No motive except explicitly stated...
How about you...what made you join US?


Peter was a spammer

Even worse than most - he inserted some code in his comment that broke the CSS cade for the page, so he seemed to know what he/she was doing - appears to be from India... lots of low wage high tech people over there available to do such work cheap..

Don't assume these spammers are independent - they may well be contracted to harm the site and community... CIA kind'a tactics that may be used in business as well.

Disrupt IT

Who Me Peter, A Spammer? ROTFLMAO


If you truely consider me a "spammer", then I will leave here and never post again.

If you are refering to another person by the same name, then so be it.

Please let me know...


Not DeWolfe...

No, some Peter from explorebangladesh or some such place who who planted some malicious code on the site that blew up the formatting, linking to a website about kittens, of all things... happens every day.

Disrupt IT

Peter DeWolfe

  Not worries...I sent in the request to JeffS...the spammers are being very sneaky lately...taking our personal names into consideration to make their posts seem legitimate.  Great sky this morning...Go Solar!


I missed the link to kittens. It was puppies the other day. What next? 

Probably the same people linking to porn

This isn't about linking to anything in particular - it is designed to harm the community, screw up search results, etc - I could give you a list of suspects who could be backing this but I'm keeping that to myself for now.

Disrupt IT


in both cases, today and Sunday, I noticed strange formatting  and you mention a code. Is strange formatting a clue that a spammer may be in? (not to be confused with strange posters, that is another subject).

First spam I've seen that crashed the CSS

The site formatting is controlled by code called CSS - Cascading Style Sheets - and the order of the code and what is inserted where may crash the page format - we used to have that problem when people pasted in dirty Microsoft word code (which has lots of Microsoft formatting and probably spyware etc. hidden inside).

Someone insterted code in a comment to crash the CSS - I assume it was on purpose, and not to sell kittens

Disrupt IT

Strange Posters???

I resemble that remark!!!!