Cleveland Schools: A New Beginning?

Submitted by ralphnadir on Thu, 08/26/2010 - 18:52.

I have been critical of Dr. Sanders in the past; but I think there might be more to this "Transformation" than I originally believed. Unfortunately, Sanders did himself no good by appearing aloof and unwilling to collaborate. After seeing him today at East Tech, I think he may have finally figured it out. While I have some reservations about the plan still, I have seen some features which may yield some fruit; actually, having been more thought out than the previous Small Schools "academies," which were mostly ineffective.

A few months ago, I commented on Basheer Jones' strong, but subtle, criticisms of Sanders' plan and his regime. This occurred during a commencement address at John Hay, delivered by Jones. Well guess who Sanders' point man was today at East Tech? The same Mr. Jones, who eloquently praised the plan of Sanders. Jones also had plenty of positive comments about teachers, as well. Even Sanders praised the dedicated and hard-working staff at East Tech!

So...I give Sanders some credit. Too bad he didn't do something like this earlier---reaching out to the teachers, parents, and students in a sincere way. At least, Sanders' PR person is doing a better job now. The CEO was getting down with the crowd, saying how this is how we take care of you, because "that's how we roll." I don't know how real that sentiment was, but it was a step in the right direction. Also, Sanders came out onstage while the crowd was still applauding Jones, which seemed a deft move; ameliorating the effect of the scattered boos.

To top it off, R&B star Trey Songz entertained the assembly of students, educators, and alumni. Yes...I know. It was another orchestrated photo-op. But.. I believe Sanders now realizes that he must have the support of the community; and to some extent, the teachers, if he wants to succeed here.Warily, I cross my fingers, and hope for the best.


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Best news about Cleveland in years

Best news about Cleveland in years - thanks for sharing some personal perspectives on Sanders' performance... it is the beginning of a new year for 1,000s of hopeful students counting on him

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And, thanks again, CMSD, for rethinking the closing and relocation of Tremont Montessori.  Congratulations to all the teachers and students who worked so hard to see Tremont Montessori rated Excellent on the 2010 school report card!!