Cleveland - take your hat off

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 01/03/2011 - 22:21.
After many years, I just saw The Full Monty again and what a different outlook I had on it today - I am older and have more experience - in Cleveland.
The Full Monty is not comedy - if you have lived in Cleveland, Ohio.  The Full Monty would be keenly and painfully understood by everyone who lost their home in Cleveland and everyone who is unemployed in Cleveland, and - basically - everyone in Cleveland.   And Buffalo.  And Detroit.  All across Michigan. In Southern Ohio. everywhere in America today. 
We have become post industrial, jobless, Sheffield, England.   Take a look at the Utube movie trailer - you will recognize the broken windows, empty factories, and community directionlessness...
Depressed, desperate, disfunctional.
With no comedy.
We need to take off our hats...


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the Cleveland Monty

Conventional wisdom goes along the lines of what goes down will eventually rise. How far down will Cleveland go, with the "leaders" who reinvent the city with new plans of Public Square, MMPI, etc., how many failed efforts, before Clevelanders rise up to cast aside the waste and leaders?

I wonder what the folks in Buffalo, Detroit, and other places are doing about a new future that actually has some meaning for the regular people, and by that I mean people who just want a decent job at a real wage, with basic city services, and responsive elected officials.

If there are any readers in any city that can offer advice or share their stories, we are all eyes....