Cleveland TRUST?

great photo, mcshane

The photo shows a lot of great detail, and thanks for sharing it. It downloads so slowly though, is it the size?  

Size of image matters

Thanks Laura - we needed a new header image and this is lovely.

This photo was attached as a high resolution image - 1.5 Mb - which is a large file to load over the internet. Laura set the viewing size as 500 pixels, which makes it look small on the screen - but the computer still sees this as a 1.5 Mb image as it loads - so it takes a long time.

I scaled the image down to 650 pixels wide - which is our maximum image viewing standard for realNEO (if you add an image to view on realNEO, keep the width to no more than 650 piuxels wide) - and resaved it as a new file that size and uploaded that, and replaced the larger image with the smaller image for viewing, and it is only about 99 Kb - 1/15th the size of the previous image - so it loads much faster.

The high res 1.5 Mb picture is still attached, so you may select it if you want to download or view the better quality image.

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Thanks Norm

The Western Reserve Historical Society...It started as a branch of the Cleveland Library. Then, like now, its purpose was to collect and preserve materials relating to the history of Cleveland and the Western Reserve...not sure that by the PD description, that it would make the WRHS the oldest cultural institution in NEO...

I had to do a double take on the "header" of the PD today...seems very REALNEOesque :)

The more the PD tries to keep up with the realNEO the better

I had to laugh - and take it as a compliment. Better than their last compilation - not bad, really

They got an ultra-wide angle lens too... that's on the front of the business section

Their photography has gotten much better over the last few years.

The more the PD tries to keep up with the realNEO the better the PD

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