CMSD Story and Land Bank Story

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Folks may have missed these two stories:

subtext: CMSD pays big bucks--your money--- to Weston Development eventually determine that it will be most cost effective for administrators to work out of one of the district's shuttered schools--either East High or South High. 

Raskind hired Weston Development of Richmond Heights to determine how much office space would be needed to house the district administration. The firm says the district needs a maximum of 70,000 square feet, about a third of what the employees occupy now.

subtext: County Exec Ed FitzGerald finally realizes he is dealing with a bunch of crooks running the County Land Bank...

He may want to refer to this document:



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Your $$$$

  Watch it disappear in the on-going real estate con game...see post above.

The LAND BANK shut it down

Will FitzGerald put a stop this this real estate swindle in the making?  He needs to stop feeding the mob demo crews, too--we need a tax base people.  See also:

In some ways--I can hardly believe I am saying this--I am grateful that we have John Kasich rather than go-along-with-the-mob Ted Strickland--does he even know that he signed into law a raqueteering scheme that involves mob demolition crews, mob Safeguard crews and mob title cleansers??


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God Bless Ed for stepping up and speaking up against....

unethical practices...he hit the nail on the head...


Great to hear that he's working to infiltrate the old regime and let them know that the people of our county deserve better! Hugs & Kudos on this one, Ed! Awesome curve ball for the old school LANDBANK MAFIA! 


Citizens can jump for joy if Ed Fitzgerald accomplishes this task.... SHUT DOWN THE's all a farse that put real estate investors out of business and families out of affordable housing! They have steered out the people with their for profit connections outside the LANDBANK....fraud, wasteful spending, and amazing them all and put that abusive organization out of business... ROKAKIS helped effectuate the law so he'd always have a job....crookakis! 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"