Comment block now hidden by default and Recent Blog Posts block hidable - users may activate them individually

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 10/29/2011 - 10:21.

 Realneo Administration  over the past few days has recieved requests from users to gussy up the front page of Realneo and bury the vitriolic stuff which has hanging around and popping up in the right hand side bar.

It turns out that the present Drupal modules operating Realneo can be set by the administration and any realneo user to show by default or hide by default any one of the blocks on the front page of Realneo.  This may be part of the software solution needed.   There in Drupal all the time....

 Admin has hidden comments by default - users can activate the comment view if they wish to do so. 

Admin has changed the user options on the "recent blog posts" to allow users to hide that block as well. 


Here is the proceedure for a user to show the "Comments recent with more block" (careful, there is also the "Comments recent" block - Realneo isn't using that module).


Log into your user account.  Hit the "edit" tab, click on "Block configuration" and check the "comments_recent_withmore" block.


If a user wishes to hide the  "recent blog posts block" use the above proceedure and un-check "recent block posts".


Be sure to  "save" configuration at the bottom of the edit page.

If this isn't working for you,  (hopefully there are no bugs)  or you have other suggestions/comments, please click on the jeffbuster contact link at the top of this post and explain in an email.   Thank you. 


Once users have had a chance to customize their view of the homepage of realneo - hopefully making the view as palatable as possible to themselves - the next step will be to activate (turn back on) the comment feature.

This isn't the ideal solution because this solution still does not let individual users hide other individual users.    

But this solution does allow users who don't wish to see the hand to hand combat action close up and personal - to enjoy their morning cup o joe with decent reportage on their screen. 





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