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FTR - I posted this morning and there were no investigations recorded for 2015 and 2015...and suddenly - *Presto - there is some effort to show that the County IG actually does something....



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Who are you trying to help in this race, Joan Synenberg who's running on the Donald Trump ticket?  Is she on the bench or campaigning?  Have you bothered to check if she's turned in her campaign finance reports on time like you did T.J. Dow?  You're writing about Andrea Nelson Moore allegedly campaigning on county time.  Are you aware that Synenberg's pre-primary campaign finance report was submitted in violation of ORC 3517.10 and that it created a violation of ORC 3517.11(d) that prevented her from moving forward as a primary candidate?  Of course you didn't bother to check because you only target "certain" people for this type of scrutiny.    Her report was due 12 days before the March 15th primary election, not 8.  Synenberg should have been prosecuted, not advanced to the general election.

You may be critical of Andrea Nelson Moore, but there are records on file with the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections that reveal Synenberg committed a misdemeanor campaign finance reporting law violation, and you're not calling for her to be held accountable for it.  You're criticizing her opponent for something that may not even be a crime.  Of course Armond Budish gave the Plain Dealer "this" story on Synenberg's opponent.  Certain "relationships" should be obvious.


But you're not a credible journalist Mark, you're a racist political hack.  There.  I've said it.  Mark Naymik is a despicable racist who only sees "ethics" when it comes to black politicians.


You're such a great investigative reporter.  Where were you when Ed Fitzgerald was running for governor out of the county administration building?  The governor's race was "partisan," which meant Fitzgerald violated the Hatch Act.  Henry Gomez interviewed him about the governor's race while he was on county time.  Not one word from you about a known federal violation of criminal laws by Fitzgerald.  The crimes he committed in office are well-known.  Theft.  Falsification.  Obstruction of official business. Obstruction of justice.  Theft by deception.  Dereliction of duty.  How did such a great reporter miss all of these known crimes?  You, Mark, are the one who doesn't have a clue.


You referenced "county corruption."  Again, you're such a great reporter.  Why wasn't it you who investigated and exposed Jimmy Dimora and Frank Russo?  Why haven't you dogged Judge Peter Corrigan for being convicted of a DUI while still serving on the bench?  Judges who commit crimes shouldn't hold an office where they sit in judgement of others.  Why don't you hound this guy out of a job?

Why you still have a job with the Plain Dealer is only evidence of the newspaper's low editorial standards.  It's garbage like this that drove your employers down to 4 measly days a week.  Instead of hiring fresh new talent with a more balanced perspective on local news, editorial bosses kept the same distrustful hacks whose writing turned readers away.  


The more you write the less of a reason I and thousands of others have to read, except for moments like this when I get to expose just how pathetically manipulative you are as an editorial hack  Have a lousy day, Mark.  I'll be checking in from time to time unless you block me.  If you do, I'll just use another name.



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Mitchell Paul's comments -RE: IG office

Mitchell Paul When does mark naymik become complicit with the corruption he is ordered by his editors to ignore? 
Like Michelle jarboe... Or Steven Litt,or karen farkis and many more. 
Although public square renovation had several beneficiaries... They were never named....of course it was the Ratner Miller forest city cabal. Joe Cimperman who got a double benefit he helped his wife at the incompetent corrupt land studio and received a cushy job from Albert Ratner's global Cleveland nonprofit. In Brooklyn where our monies are going (obviously the Ratner Miller forest city cabal is NOT convinced that Cleveland is growing or a.good investment...just the opposite of the greatest success story they fabricate about the Cleveland boom and revitalization. 
In new York forest city Ratner Miller cabal partnered with William Rapfogel and Sheldon Silver now both convicted federal felons as should be many locals. 
Joe Cimperman has no problem claiming his west 12 street former home is listed as vacant property... It has a garage that he rents. He pays only tax on the land having fraudulently declared that the property has no structures. Cheating his former employer (Cleveland) out of taxes once again...especially the schools he claims to support. 
He has never declared any income from the property... Especially before the fire where he rented the first floor... 
Ethics investigation drags on as he is not an easy crook to acquit.


Mitchell Paul Where is the story about weco fund thefts in which the county executive Armond Budish has a personal relationship with the perpetrator...Elisabeth Plax? Who received the loans for which repayment was NOT EXPECTED...interesting isn't it but it isn't only the difference between the 157,000 of united way monies that were included in the 112,000 $ claimed income for 2012 then again it may be some protected entities... The different of 45,000 $ is only a small portion of the thefts the Plain Dealer won't ask question one about. Other grants only add to the thefts. 
Or mark Hogan United Way vice president stealing from the city and United Way? Where is the story, investigation or indictments.... When are you complicit too?
Or corruption at the Cuyahoga County port authority where over 2.2 million was financed over the purchase price to a.phomy nonprofit whose leader was recently bankrupt? Conditions at bldg continue to deteriorate and they haven't paid their last two real Estate taxes .. And where wasserman and wasserman in Atlanta skimmed half that for 'origination fee's. Are they former leader Adam Wassermans relatives? Might take a reporter. 
Or 1961 east 126 in little Italy where the Cuyahoga County land bank gave a desirable lot to rokakis family friend sharon holtcamp for 2500 $ IGNORING OTHER BIDDERS! Not contacting neighbors at all! Her 90+thousands profit was theft from the public. After a 10,000 demolition she sold it for 110,000 $
Or the diversion of public monies in the east 55 bridge painting project where the painters received less than 15% of the 225,000 budget which includes city of Cleveland development monies.... That surely will create another golden goose.... 
I know you can do much better.