Constitutional Amendment to Close D.C. - Terminate our legislators’ OCCUPATION OF Washington, D.C.!

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 10/16/2011 - 10:13.

When NYC Mayor Bloomberg indicated that the Occupy Wall Street petitioning in Zuccotti Park needed to be closed down for pressure washing and sanitizing, he got me thinking.....

The operation of our federal government out of one location, Washington D.C., plays directly into the hands of corporate “citizens” and operates directly  against the interests of citizen citizens.

Lobbyists’ need only go to one city, Washington, D.C., to knock on every congressperson’s and senator’s door .     Lobbyists’ couldn’t come up with a better scheme for making it easy to take one legislator after another out for drinks or dinner. 
Corporate lobbyists’ access to publicly paid for legislators is EASIER for the lobbyists than it is for a citizen!
Washington D.C. was created by Article One of the US Constitution and first occupied about 1790 as a seat of government – not surprisingly Prez George Washington lived nearby.  
Today Washington D.C. is an obsolete anachronism from the days of Paul Revere - when European colonists communicated with bells and native Americans communicated with smoke signals.
In 1790 horseback riders converged in the mosquito infested district of Columbian to conduct “Representative Democracy” – well those days are long gone.  
DC is part of the problem today – corporate lobbyists conduct their un-sanitary self interested operations out of Main Streets view, with cozy access to campaign- money hungry representatives.
I say send our representative back to their home districts for 99% of the time. Let them vote electronically, let them meet over the internet, let them spend time with, and advance, the interests of their home districts, not the interests of corporations.
Force the corporate lobbyists to travel around the country to visit the 435 congressional representatives and 100 senators!
Amend the US constitution to mandate the dissolution of a single seat of federal government, require our legislators to remain in their districts.
It's way past time....D.C. needs to be cleaned and sanitized.
What other legislative venues can you think of which if closed, would actually HELP the citizens?
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