Corporations (TEXACO) vs humanity - what a judicial ride!

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 07/31/2012 - 21:22.

Image New Yorker  (Please read the entire New Yorker article, please)

I read a few months back an article in the NEW YORKER - "Reversal of Fortune" - telling the back story of Steve Donziger detailing  the Equadorian lawsuit against Texaco/Chevron for the pollution in the western Equadorian Amazon basin. 

The attorney for Chevron actually got the court to order into evidence the  personal diaries of Donziger who was suing


This is a very personal scenario for us - we have all been a Donziger .


There is still a small window of equity.

The US court may allow damages.



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Corporate Rule

  Steve LaTourette's resignation and admission that, if elected to either party, you essentially hand them your soul--indicates just how much we have lost the country to corporations.  How do we take it back ?

When you do protest--you stand the chance of being railroaded (with the media paid to report the truth according to their corporate handlers)--or as in the case of folks who have spoke up here at REALNEO--marginalized as looney toons, blackballed at work, and/or shut out of any work...?