Councilman Santiago (ward 14) - Poster Child for Council Reduction

Submitted by Henry Senyak on Tue, 12/30/2008 - 15:07.

Piece of Political Art my Neighbor Georgiann Franko picked up during Tremont Art Walk in October.

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Art of the Day...

I love this, Henry. I hope you don't mind I put the image up with your posting.

So who is the artist? 

Disrupt IT

Henry, you so funny -

I think it was done by "anonymous"

Leave it up to Henry - I

Leave it up to Henry - I haven't had a good laugh in a couple of days.  Things have been too quiet  - Henry, you got anything else up your sleeve? 

The Plain Press came out yesterday and with all the TremontTruths hittin' the streets things should start to buzzin'  - 

Well - Mason had Pat O'Malley's brother investigate this.

Whatever happened to Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason's investigation into e-mails missing from the computer of Cleveland Councilman Joe Santiago?

Plain Dealer FileJoe Santiago

Mason, who announced the probe in June, dropped the investigation because the computer system was old, ailing and unreliable, Mason spokesman Ryan Miday said. The investigation covered a period when Santiago helped LaCopa, a tavern run by a convicted heroin dealer, obtain a liquor permit.

Miday said Michael O'Malley, chief investigator, and computer specialists in the prosecutor's office conducted the investigation.

"They found the system to be antiquated and, due to memory limitations, did not retain copies of forwarded e-mails and attachments," Miday said. "The office's legal staff reviewed the facts and determined that the system was so dysfunctional that there was no way to draw any conclusions. Therefore, no further action was taken."


Joe Santiago e-mail records deleted, official says
Cleveland Councilman Joe Santiago under scrutiny for help to bars
Prosecutor investigates missing council e-mails
City council ends review of Santiago's e-mail; county prosecutor's review ongoing

In February, The Plain Dealer made a request for all Santiago e-mails covering a 14-month period beginning with his first day in office in January 2006.

Council officials found 2,400 e-mails, but refused to turn over about 2,000, saying they were personal -- many of them spam -- and therefore not public records. David Marburger, a Plain Dealer lawyer, said e-mails are not always public, even though they were generated by a taxpayer-funded computer.

The 400 released e-mails offered no clues about Santiago's relationship with LaCopa but one message, described as a joke by Santiago's spokesman David Eden, said the councilman feels he has a duty to "fight for bars."

Eden said at the time that Santiago was not trying to avoid releasing the e-mails.

"He has nothing to hide. He has done nothing improper," Eden said.

Santiago could not be reached for comment.

-- Joe Wagner

The PD should have taken them to Federal Court

I would have hoped the PD would have filed a federal lawsuit, all they guys have been hitting the delete button since that March.

 Oh, well April fisrt will tell us who gets districted out and who will end up getting jobs in the Jackson administration. Santiago has being sucking-ass with Mayor Jackson for the last six months.

November 9th will be here very soon too. We need to collectively weed out the people that have been taking care of themselves and their developer freinds.

I'm sure there are better computer experts

I believe if the citizens of Cuyahoga County are investigating a Cleveland Councilman for a crime then the highest level of experts should be brought in - I doubt O'Malley is such an expert... I'm sure there are some in Cleveland... like at NASA or the FBI. 

This is inexcusable that the city lost our emails - really a Federal offense. What other important public records are being tampered with by these hacks? 

Disrupt IT

Ignorance is not bliss... Who is in charge of IT for Santiago

Do you ever get tired of our leaders using stupidity as excuses for failure, without people resigning or getting fired?

Don't you hate paying for stupidity?

Did the Chief Information Officer responsible for City Council email system and application management and terms of use get fired or resign for allowing the city to have such inadequate IT. That is such an unacceptable excuse there should be permanent consequences.

Who is in charge of IT for Santiago's equipment and applications and what are the standards by which IT are used in Cleveland government and by Cleveland City Council people - where are the rules and specifications?

I assume most or all Cleveland City Council members are primative in their use and understanding of information technology but people in government IT are paid my citizens to make sure citizen business still gets done with IT.

As we know, the Bush White House has been completely unlawful in their use of email so I imagine even stupider politicians and administrations do even stupider things. It is either the fault of Santaigo or the head of IT at City Council and one should be fired, at least.

Disrupt IT

Santiago Shady Email's link from Tremonter

::::determined that the system was so dysfunctional :::::

I dont think it is the system that is dysfunctional...

Brian should just wait for Kevin Kelley to move on

Ya know, we should start a fund to have Matt Taibbi stay in town and write an article in Rolling Stone

Kevin Kelley's ward member profile says that he's "Council majority whip Brian Kelley": Really? A title back in the day when a million people lived here. Who's the "minority whip" these days? Brian? The rest of us lil' people?

"Attended Marquette" How in the hell would anybody in Kelley's ward afford to put their kid through Marquette?

"He volunteered at the West Side Catholic Center as a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps". Heehee. Was he a Knights Templar or something? I guess saying you went to Ed's or Iggys would sound too snobby.

Let's be honest, Kevin's the type of guy begging for that phone fill a vacant seat in Columbus that pays 6 figures.

Joe Santiago: Is this the best Cleveland's Latino community can send up to City Hall?


  Kevin Kelley is so transparently a carpetbagger...then, again, so many of our council reps obviously take on the job as a leap frog to higher office. Kelley's predecessor was Mike O' Malley, and his predecessor, his brother, Patrick O'Malley's little career climb, took him from Old Brooklyn to Chagrin prison.  Truthfully, it appeared to me that Brian Cummins was just more of the same...but only time will tell.

I don't begrudge some one a higher office, but if you plan to move up the political ladder, why leave your constituent base behind?  Does it make sense?  Afterall, Voinovich still lives in the City of Cleveland, and he made out well for himself.  He also still has a fairly solid, middle-class, culturally diverse neighborhood in North Collinwood.

From a recent PD article:

"The couple still live in the Cleveland home they bought in 1972. "We don't have fine and fancy furniture," Voinovich said. "I'm still driving a 2005 Ford Taurus station wagon. I mean, I have a wife that's been there for me, and my job is to be there for her."

Say what you will about Voinovich's achievements, but the man had enough common sense to remain true to the neighborhood he called home.

Meanwhile, look at the track record for some of the former near west side representatives, like Frangos, Rokakis--where do our former representatives live and where are their loyalties?

Mike O'Malley

Does Mike O'Malley work for Mason??  Carl Monday recently busted the other O'Malley brother on NOT working for the Cuyahoga County archives.

Seems Political Science 216 sees a method to the O'Malley madness...while, I am still trying to figure out the madness Rokakis left us here in Ward 15...with Merle Gordon...then Emily Lipovan (Holan at the time)...and, Brian Cummins, obviously upset that little method...

Robyn Sandys lives in Westlake...and no one has been able to figure out the political payback for her installment at Old Brooklyn CDC.

Santiago is a Carpetbagger in Ward 14

And what about the CDC's?

Robyn Sandys?

Abe Bruckman?


More carpetbaggers

  Bruckman is in Bay Village...Sandys in Westlake...

We still have no explanation for how the Sherly Hoffman*/Abe Bruckman** house in Brooklyn Centre was sold to conflict there.

Henry--can you get photos of the backyard destroyed in Tremont? Jerleen mentioned in her posts.

*formerly of Art House, formerly of Spaces, now at Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

**formerly of Clark Metro, formerly on board of Old Brooklyn Development Corp and Neighborhood Connection's grant committee, now at Ohio City Development Corporation.

Jerleen has the pictures and everything else


I have the pictures and a lot more.  Plus TWDC was in the middle of this mess as well.  They all call it "good for the community."  I will attempt to post them later today because I have an appointment this morning but as soon as I get back you will be in the know.  You have no idea what this family has gone through as a result of these greedy developers over some property that was long ago fenced off and only effects their back yard.  It does not hinder the original entrance or exit - at best gives them 1/2 of a car space but destroys a back yard.

In a another article written by Chuck Hoven in that same issue, Myrl Robers is quoted saying "it's a classic case of adverse possession."  Yet, he and his brother insist on putting this family in financial hardship and for what?  This is wrong and these new high end developers with tax abatements, foundation funds, loan programs, etc., who come in here to set up costly condos and line their pockets at the mental and financial expense of the long-time homeowners should be tarred and feathered along with the leaders of the pack who keep bringing them in.

I am not against new development but you can't do it on the backs of those who have struggled for so many years to be able to put their head down at night and rest in peace.  That is shameful.



and sake's alive!

 I wonder if Santiago had ANYthing to do with this??? I'm sure not!

Huberty also extorted cash from an undercover agent and representatives of La Copa Bar & Grille on Clarke Avenue in Cleveland, according to court documents. more...

Some business owners will have to have come to jesus moments

Well this is quite interesting. La Copa. Another name real famous name will come out too. Huberty was not the only inspector involved. Lets see the channel 19 coverage, its part one.

Channel 8's link to court filings.

I certainly hope anyone thinking of opening a new business does it right. Big Daddy Fed is watching now.

I had a long talk with this reporter today.

Lets just remember two former TWDC board members that had involvement with La Copa. See the May 2008 Pd story.

Santiago's ties to La Copa. Now do you understand why emails had to disappear?