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GCRTA riders are so screwed

Greater Cleveland Partnership minion Marty McGann stood in the shadows of City Council last night gauging the fallout from the Public Square closing - no doubt to assure Frank Jackson that the GCP fully supports their puppet, and that they will pump out the spin to help Jackson weather the 12M penalty from the Federal Transportation Administration.

Also, council crooks motioned to renew contracts with shady consultants Project Group and Cobalt Group and, of course, the motocross bike park for Jackson's nephew. AND - drum roll - more contract dollars to Western Reserve Land Conservancy.  

It sure pays to hang with the crooks in this town - and, if you don't like their game (Brian Kazy) - they will not let you play with them.


Oh - and Dennis Kucinich made an appearance last night.  Dear GOD- save us.

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I am in total disbelief - and, idiot Clevelanders will relect Frank Jackson in 2017 and the Cleveland Council stooges - this nightmare never ends unless we do something!