Cuyahoga County - and the LOOPHOLE

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Why is it that anyone with delinquent property taxes in Cuyahoga County can continue to buy additional properties?  

Would you NOT think that delinquent tax status on any property would preclude a delinquent owner from buying a property from Fannie Mae?  

Well, it just happened in my neighborhood and this time the guy didn't even bother to camouflage his name with an LLC - like good old Lucky Ogor!


Pray tell also--How does a property with delinquent taxes transfer from one Lucky Ogor to Ikan Associates???  Mr. Ogor and his wife own a number of properties with tax liens, which they rent to Section 8 in the "city."  Meanwhile, he and his wife have no problem paying the taxes on their Beachwood home...and yet,  no one sold these liens to Plymouth Park...under the previous Treasurer Jim Rokakis.

015-05-035  IKAN ASSOCIATES, INC.  03288  30  CLEVELAND 
017-03-029  IKAN ASSOCIATES, INC.  03120  90  CLEVELAND 
017-03-030  IKAN ASSOCIATES, INC.  03124  90  CLEVELAND
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Ikan Associates is LUCKY OGOR

Entity Number 1274061
Status Active
Original Filing Date 11/28/2001
Expiry Date  
Location: BEACHWOOD County: CUYAHOGA State:
Agent / Registrant Information

3167 W 92ND STREET 


Effective Date: 11/28/2001

Contact Status: Active
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Lucky Ogor owes Cuyahoga County tens of thousands of dollars in delinquent property taxes for the alleged 'Section 8" properties.


Lucky Ogor lives in a nice house located at 25442 Cardington Drive in Beachwood, Ohio.   It shouldn't be hard for the county to find him and sell the tax liens on his couple dozen properties.



  • Bedrooms:4 beds
  • Bathrooms:2.5 baths
  • Single Family:3,052 sq ft
  • Lot:19,796 sq ft
  • Year Built:1965
  • Last Sold:Nov 2005 for $300,000
  • Heating Type:


Cuyahoga County officials have no problem tracking down other delinquent owner occupied property owners for petty delinquent property taxes.
Yet LUCKY OGOR gets a free ride on his couple dozen rental no property tax paying properties that are allegedly collecting Section 8 rental payments.
IKAN ASSOCIATES, INC is a company categorized under Management Consulting.
3167 W 92ND ST Cleveland, Ohio, United States, 44102 
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LUCKY OGOR probably offers consulting advice on how to avoid paying property taxes.
Ikan Associates uses the address of 3167 West 92nd, Cleveland, Ohio.
A photograph of the dump is below.  Delinquent property taxes owed on this dump alone is $8,522.71 with NO TAXES paid since 2008.
The delinquent property taxes are nearly equal to the value of the property.
A $60,000 mortgage is still outstanding.























Ni-Tex Holdings Inc
Alternate Names
  • Ni-Tex Insurance
  • Ni-Tex Properties
Office Location 6100 Richmond Ave Ste 226 
Houston, Texas 77057-6219
United States



Lucky Ogor and his brothers Paul and Nathan should have no problem paying their delinquent property taxes.

They also have a 'property management' business in Texas, along with an insurance business, which probably doesn't pay taxes there either.


Ni Tex Inc
Phone: (713) 532-00006100 Richmond Ave Ste 226, Houston , TX 77057
Business Category
Property owners  can't collect Section 8 and not pay property taxes, so I reported Lucky Ogor.  He isn't going to be so lucky afterall.
It is disgusting that Cuyahoga County officials overlook property taxes for some owners, yet they target others for petty delinquent property taxes for OWNER OCCUPIED houses - nothing for DOZENS of Section 8 rental properties.
Reporting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse in HUD programs
HUD's Office of Inspector General (OIG) Office of Investigation is the law enforcement component of the Department. Our special agents have experience in conducting investigations in all programs of the Department to include tenant and public housing authority (PHA) fraud, waste, and abuse. Unlike other law enforcement agencies, OIG is a part of the Department and has a vested interest in maintaining the integrity of Departmental programs.
If you are aware of fraud, waste, and abuse in HUD's public housing and/or housing choice voucher (HCV) programs, fill out and send in by fax or mail the OIG Hotline Complaint Intake Form (MS-Word document). HUD's goal is to root out fraud and abuse in HUD programs wherever it is found. See theStatement of Kenneth M. Donohue, Inspector General, Department of Housing and Urban Development, June 25, 2003 (MS-Word document) for more information.
Reporting fraud, waste, and abuse can help the government save money. For example, an OIG investigation in Yonkers, New York, led to the arrest of 31 people for fraudulently obtaining rental subsidies worth more than $650,000.
Subsidizing a scofflaw
Murphy receives a lucrative flow of taxpayer money via the county welfare system. Through Sept. 26, he has been paid $376,417 in rent subsidies this year, said David Sutkowy, Onondaga County social services commissioner. In 2011, the department paid Murphy $424,080.
On average, Murphy has 84 tenants each month who receive rent subsidies through one of two public assistance programs administered by the county, Sutkowy said. The programs are funded by a mix of state, federal and county money.
So, our tax money is paying (Murphy) to not pay taxes,” said Covington, the South Side activist.
Sutkowy said the county contracts with city code officials to inspect apartments before public assistance clients move in. But state rules governing public assitance do not require property owners to be up-to-date on taxes, and the county cannot add that as a local requirement, he said.
“We don’t have any authority under the state regulations to do that,” Sutkowy said.
The Syracuse Housing Authority, which administers federal Section 8 payments for low-income tenants in the city, does have authority to exclude landlords with delinquent taxes, based on federal rules, according to William Simmons, executive director.
Years ago, at the request of city officials, the authority added this sentence to its Section 8 administrative plan: “It will be the policy of the SHA Section 8 program to disapprove of owners who are delinquent in their city taxes.”
Simmons said the housing authority checks a property’s tax status before approving it for a Section 8 rent subsidy. After the initial approval, the authority stops monitoring whether the landlord pays the taxes.
“If the landlord falls delinquent a year or two later, we wouldn’t know,” Simmons said. “We don’t have the staff to stay on top of that.”
PARCEL ID 741-19-023
ZIP 44122

 There are 2 people in the US/Canada named Nancy Ogor.

Nancy O Ogor.
Age 55-59
Cardington Dr Beachwood, OH
Nancy E Acker.
Age 65+
Minneapolis, MN


 Working at the county's hospital and collecting a county taxpayer funded paycheck, but can't pay property taxes to the county?


nancy ogor
nancy ogor
Clinical Nurse - Cardiac Invasive Lab at The MetroHealth System
Cleveland/Akron, Ohio Area 
Hospital & Health Care



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Laura - NO tax liens on any of their property

I did not find any 'tax liens' on any property owned by Lucky Ogor, Ikan Enterprises or Ogor Enterprises.

They owe delinquent property taxes, but NO tax lien ever sold by the county for their dozens of delinquent property tax Section 8 collecting properties.



* My blogs expressing my Freedom of Speech Rights, especially on matters of public concern, are my opinion and not the opinion of my friends, family or employer*

Land of Opportunity...for crooks

Sadly, Mr. Ogor and his wife are immigrants - from Nigeria.  His tenants have complained to me for years.   Not a great representation for what immigrants can do for the economy in Northeast Ohio - but then again, exploitation is not a uniquely American phenomenon.  

Man who lives in Streetsboro and bought house from Fannie Mae is also an immigrant - most likely Armenian from his name.  He is not holding as many properties as Lucky Ogor, only three in addition to his primary residence - Lily, I will send you his name.  There is nothing wrong with owning rental properties for income - there are a number of landlords in my neighborhood (Ukranian), but from what I can see, they maintain their properties and pay taxes.  

So, I will give this new immigrant the benefit of a doubt and hope that he clears up the taxes on his property in arrears for 4,010.89.  Nonetheless, if it is against the law to acquire a property and rent to Section 8 with tax delinquency on other properties, then, the new guy who goes by "Lazee" - though it is not the name on the parcel - needs to be reported.

Half of Detroit property owners do not pay property taxes


Half of Detroit property owners don't pay taxes

News analysis finds $246.5M in taxes went unpaid last year

Detroit — Nearly half of the owners of Detroit's 305,000 properties failed to pay their tax bills last year, exacerbating a punishing cycle of declining revenues and diminished services for a city in a financial crisis, according to a Detroit News analysis of government records.
The News reviewed more than 200,000 pages of tax documents and found that 47 percent of the city's taxable parcels are delinquent on their 2011 bills. Some $246.5 million in taxes and fees went uncollected, about half of which was due Detroit and the rest to other entities, including Wayne County, Detroit Public Schools and the library.
Delinquency is so pervasive that 77 blocks had only one owner who paid taxes last year, The News found. Many of those who don't pay question why they should in a city that struggles to light its streets or keep police on them.
"Why pay taxes?" asked Fred Phillips, who owes more than $2,600 on his home on an east-side block where five owners paid 2011 taxes. "Why should I send them taxes when they aren't supplying services? It is sickening. … Every time I see the tax bill come, I think about the times we called and nobody came."


County Officials Giving Away Detroit Homes For $500; Taxes Must Be Delinquent
DETROIT (WWJ/AP) – Wayne County will send people door-to-door to offer thousands of foreclosed Detroit homes for as little as $500, a move that would keep a roof overhead for occupants and possibly get properties back on the tax rolls.
More than 6,000 Detroit homes, foreclosed because taxes weren’t paid, didn’t sell at auction last fall. The county treasurer’s office doesn’t want to see them abandoned and is willing to negotiate with anyone living inside, including owners who no longer have a right to the property.
Wayne County Deputy Treasurer Eric Sabree told WWJ’s Sandra McNeil representatives from his office will make the offer on thousands of delinquent properties.


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