Cuyahoga County -Cleveland ...and the hits keep on coming

Submitted by lmcshane on Wed, 06/15/2016 - 18:00.

 I just received notice that my water bill will skyrocket even more with the additional stormwater fee attached.  In addition, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District announced today they will also be putting their levy on the November ballot (with expectation of heavier turn out)

And, to make matters worse - Cuyahoga County lost opportunity for residents to pay down their underwater mortgages, because the no-oversight - mob controlled "Land Bank" wants more demo monies:

And, to make matters even more worse, Cuyahoga County will be resuming the sale of tax liens in the fall and has to deal with the fallout of bad employment practices with a settlement for employees reclassified under Ed FitzGerald:

Cleveland Plain Dealer pretends that it will be all okay because they pay "consultants" at WRLC to provide spin:

Just shoot me now...


The Last Taxpayer in Cleveland....

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Blame Trump

Unbelievable - now Rokakis-Frangos-Brancatelli have a sure-fire diversion for the pitiful economic state of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County : BLAME TRUMP!