PRESIDENT of the Cuyahoga County Land Bank - County Con Artist GUS FRANGOS - adds MORE fuel to the Foreclosure Crisis

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I really like this photo of the interior of one of Gus Frangos' shell LLC properties.  Ceilings caving in with big holes in the walls and floors.  I am not sure what the hell one would call this - some kind of new yuppie art?


Cuyahoga County officials are really cracking down on Frangos' shell properties and the lack of paying property taxes FOR YEARS.  Now the shell LLC owes more money in delinquent property taxes than the property is worth and has NEVER been sold out to the tax lien thieves.

On May 6, 2013, Cuyahoga County filed a second delinquent property tax foreclosure for another property owned by 1158 East 61st LLC:






1158 East 61 LLC was incorporated by Gus Frangos.  Gus Frangos signed for the over inflated $175,000 mortgage that has never been repaid.  Frangos signed as being a MEMBER of 1158 East 61 LLC:


According to county fiscal office records, Gus Frangos shell LLC - 1158 East 61 LLC - owns the property located at 1154 & 1158 East 61st Street in Cleveland, Ohio.  No property taxes paid for years.   Collectively, these two properties owe Cuyahoga County over $25,000 in delinquent property taxes which were overlooked while Gus Frangos worked for the County Treasurer's office- the office in charge of collecting property taxes:
PROPERTY ADDRESS 1158 E 61 ST, Cleveland, OH 44103
Cleveland Prior year penalty - 2011 256.99 0.00 256.99
Prior year penalty - 2010 257.58 0.00 257.58
Prior year penalty - 2009 257.33 0.00 257.33
Prior year penalty - 2007 251.66 0.00 251.66
Prior year penalty - 2008 257.18 0.00 257.18
Delq Interest - 2012 416.22 0.00 416.22
Prior year interest - 2010 424.55 0.00 424.55
Prior year interest - 2007 25.12 0.00 25.12
Prior year tax - 2011 1,657.92 0.00 1,657.92
Prior year tax - 2007 883.20 0.00 883.20
Prior year tax - 2010 1,661.74 0.00 1,661.74
Prior year tax - 2009 1,660.24 0.00 1,660.24
Prior year tax - 2008 1,659.20 0.00 1,659.20
Prior year interest - 2009 135.86 0.00 135.86
Prior year interest - 2008 62.65 0.00 62.65
Prior year interest - 2011 325.20 0.00 325.20
Prior year August interest - 2012 628.93 0.00 628.93
DELQ BALANCE 10,821.57 0.00 10,821.57
1st half penalty 89.71 0.00 89.71
1st half tax 897.07 0.00 897.07
1ST HALF BALANCE 986.78 0.00 986.78
2nd half tax 897.07 0.00 897.07
2ND HALF BALANCE 897.07 0.00 897.07
C170100F-NEORSD (DELQ SEWER) 1st half penalty 214.98 0.00 214.98
1st half tax 2,149.82 0.00 2,149.82
1ST HALF BALANCE 2,364.80 0.00 2,364.80
2nd half tax 2,149.82 0.00 2,149.82
2ND HALF BALANCE 2,149.82 0.00 2,149.82
TOTAL BALANCE 17,220.04 0.00 17,220.04

PARCEL ID 104-13-069



TOTAL BALANCE   $8,477.39


One of the properties owned by Frangos' shell LLC was recently lost via delinquent property tax foreclosure  and now county tax payers will have to foot the bill for another loss of delinquent property tax money and another vacant and abandoned property in Cuyahoga County -courtesy of the Cuyahoga County Land Bank's president - Gus Frangos - whose six figure salary is paid by the collection of delinquent property taxes.  


I already caught the county con artist trying to pull a scam once (See below link ) and now the county con artist is at it again.



This time the county con artist GUS FRANGOS filed a mortgage deed for the property owned by 1158 East 61 LLC and named Al and Ruth Dailide as the mortgagors.


On December 1, 2008, Gus Frangos filed the following deed with the county:


















And Frangos added the stipulation that this property is subject to the $175,000 mortgage lien to National City Bank that was already on the property- the money that Gus Frangos received and signed for himself:













There are several issues with this scam.

1)   I drove by the property and took pictures.  The property is not worth the $175,000 mortgage from National City Bank and never was.  It looks like more of the fancy yuppie art work on the porch:





2)  No property taxes were paid for years and the mortgage has not been paid either.   This property is vacant and abandoned- same issue in which Gus Frangos receives a six figure salary to save us from.

3)   According to county fiscal office records, this property is still owned by Gus Frangos' shell LLC - 1158 East 61 LLC.  The shell LLC which Gus Frangos is a MEMBER was named as a defendant in both delinquent property tax foreclosures.

4)   Gus Frangos filed paperwork to incorporate 1158 East 61st LLC with the Ohio Secretary and named Ladon Ruffin as his agent.  

Pastor Ladon Ruffin appeared in court on September 15, 2011 and testified UNDER OATH that Gus Frangos hired him to collect and hand over rent money for several rental properties hidden behind shell LLCs.  Pastor Ladon Ruffin specifically mentioned the properties located at 1158 & 1154 East 61st Street in his sworn testimony. Pastor Ladon Ruffin raised his right hand and swore to God that he last worked collecting rent for Gus Frangos six months prior to the September 15, 2011 hearing.  Below is an actual copy of the court's order:




5)   The issue with the property tax delinquency began in 2007 - prior to any - what I believe to be  fraudulent mortgage deed - being filed with the county in December 2008.


6)   There have been numerous evictions filed relative to the property located at 1158 East 61st Street- most recently in 2012.   Not ONE SINGLE eviction was filed by the 2008 alleged new owners who fled the country in 2004 ( Al and Ruth Dailide ) and NOT ONE SINGLE EVICTION even mentioned the Dailides as being the owners.  Every single eviction that was filed named 1158 East 61st LLC as the plaintiff / owner from 2011 thru 2012.  Lots of rent collecting, but no mortgage or property taxes were being paid.  It is a sure bet that no rental income was reported to the IRS either:







7)  I believe the mortgage deed that was filed on December 1, 2008 for the Dailide family is fraudulent.  Gus Frangos is attempting to place blame for this recent delinquent property tax foreclosure on Ruth and Al Dailide. Acording to the county fiscal office, this property was NEVER in the Dailide's name.  The deed was in the name of John Stover Trust prior to transfering of the property to Gus Frangos shell LLC=  1158 East 61st LLC.  

On December 1, 2008, Frangos slapped a mortgage deed on the property in the name of Al and Ruth Dailide ( See above copies ) 
 I know Al Dailide personally.  In 2004, Al Dailide FLED the country due to an investigation of Nazi War Criminal allegations and has NOT RETURNED SINCE.  Dailid  later had his citizenship revoked PERMANENTLY.   It is NOT POSSIBLE for Al Dailide to have an interest in this property in 2008 AND sign for a mortgage with Gus Frangos when Al Dailide and his wife Ruth fled the country in 2004.   I highly doubt that the Dailides were interested in purchasing property in the US in 2008 since Al Dailide was DEPORTED from the US prior to 2008:
War criminal who handed Jews over to Nazis for extermination 'lives openly in Germany'
A man convicted of collaborating with the Nazis in the mass murder of Jews during World War II has been found living in Germany. 
Algimantas Dailide, 87, was stripped of his US citizenship and fled the country in 2004 after lying about his wartime activities.
He was an officer in the collaborationist Lithuanian Security Police and handed over innocent Jews from the Vilna Ghetto to the Nazis to be slaughtered.
Dailide, who is the ninth most wanted man on the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's list of Nazi war criminals, settled in Kirchberg, Saxony, where he has been living with his wife ever since.  
8)   Gus Frangos is a con artist who should be bunking with Frank Russo.
Gus Frangos
More of Gus Frangos Yuppie Art Work:
Who is responsible for adding fuel to the foreclosure crisis in Cuyahoga County???
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Cuyahoga officials should go after another Frangos' shell LLC

6311 St Clair  is another no property tax / no mortgage paying Frangos shell LLC.

No property taxes paid for years.   No tax lien sale to the thieves.    If Frangos were your average non connected Joe - not collecting a six figure welfare check paid by taxpayers - his delinquent property taxes would have been already sold to the property tax lien thieves or the county would have filed a tax foreclosure:


PROPERTY ADDRESS 6311 St Clair AVE, Cleveland, OH 44103


Prior year penalty - 2011       

Prior year penalty - 2010

Delq Interest - 2012


TOTAL BALANCE $ 6,875.22  





GUS FRANGOS SIGNATURE FOR THE MORTGAGE ON 6311 ST CLAIR.    Frangos signed to be 'individually' responsible for repayment of the loan.

And of course his word /agreement means NOTHING.  A pattern:










6311 St Clair is also another property in which Gus Frangos hired agent - Pastor Ladon Ruffin - testified under oath and swore to God that he was hired by Frangos to collect rent money.  Pastor Ladon Ruffin specifically mentioned 6311 St Clair in his sworn testimony:




 According to 6311 St Clair LLC's own records, this property generates approximately $1700.00 per month in rental income.

No property taxes or mortgage has been paid for several years.  More than likely no reporting of the rental income to the IRS.


Whose pockets are stuffed with the rent money while ignoring their property taxes and mortgage???


Listed By
   Phoenix9 Realty, Inc.


Shown By:
  Agency Name: Russell Real Estate Services
  Agency Phone: (800) 847-1606


6311 St Clair for sale  $69,000.  Less than the mortgage owed that Gus Frangos signed and agreed to be personally liable for repayment.


4 units apartment building: 3 apartments 2 BR each rent: $350-500. And one storefront rent: $350. Individual heat, construction: brick, 3 parking spots. The storefront is used as a church.

* My blogs expressing my Freedom of Speech Rights, especially on matters of public concern, are my opinion and not the opinion of my friends, family or employer*