No CERT coordination for Cleveland?


If it is a meteoroid, we go to Guy and Yogi's. Everything else, we go to Laura's.

For a real disaster, jackson has us leaving the city.

Who on Earth cares...

Who on Earth cares if anyone/thing from Cleveland survives. We aren't even the birthplace of Jazz, and we already tore down most of our cool old buildings. We're just a big brownfield site.

We're the only ones who care about Cleveland, so we'd better have our own survival strategy.

I thought it was: meteroid, we go to Laura's... alien invasion, Guy and Yogi's...

We gotta get this straight...

Disrupt IT

norm if you lost your humor how come me & yogi laugh so good

norm if you lost your humor how come me & yogi laugh so good

yogi and guy

we'er all going home to our real home - the light - star beings

we'er all going home to our real home - the light - star beings

yogi and guy


 Last night's traffic gridlock and tonight's power failure (CPP) should be enough to forewarn citizens that we have NO Emergency plan in place for NEO.

Wake up folks--tomorrow, you could find yourself with no electricity, or worse, miles and miles from home--with no way of getting there.

Brooklyn Centre should be looking good to you--about now. Walkable/Liveable...with neighbors who won't shoot first, ask later...

Ask yourself? Community ?


The benefit of living in a community should be helping each other in time of need.  During the massive crippling snow storm of 2008--I watched my neighbors pitch in to dig out our neighbors.  With no snow plows operating, a woman on Archwood single-handedly cleared her part of the street.  Neighbors were able to coordinate between our neighborhood school and library to provide a place for the kids until their parents were notified of the school closing and could find their way home.

Do you know your neighbors?  It helps to know them.  What if you lose electric, heat or water in your house?  

Are you able to walk to a community center for assistance--say a library or a school or a rec center or a church/mosque/temple? 

If an evacuation is ordered, where do we go?  If we close communities centers--our schools, our libraries, our churches in the City of Cleveland--where do these people have to go?

We should ask ourselves these questions.



You don't really believe that the leadership wants informed ppl?

The councilman has the ability to send out a NEWSLETTER to notify citizens of all kinds of goodies...including training, FEMA management plans, CERT training & reaction measures including locations, to inform about public meetings and funding that are projected, and to inform about development plans, low income programs, and enumerable other things....

But...we the people of Ward 14 are continually denied that information!!! It's nothing what if they lose the rest of the ignorant uninformed citizens to the next collassal event??? They'd like'd help them complete their 2020 vision and progress in their own methodologies that have continually denied us all public participation by deceptive measures... It's not like the majority of citizens are out CHASING THIS INFO and MAKING THEMSELVES INFORMED....

There's always a master plan that our citizens are not informed about in general.... sadly... they like it that way! 

Your child--locked out

  Here's a common enough scenario and it doesn't involve a catastrophe--your child locks his/herself out of the house and hasn't charged their cell you have a pre-arranged place to meet up??

Nice thing about my neighborhood...

Everyone on my street knows each other - I think half the block is related in one way or the other - some families have been here over 40 years - and everyone knows my family and kids - so if the worst happened and the kids got locked out or such they would be well looked out for.

But I will talk to them about a specific plan of action - your suggestion is a good one.

I think the people who live near train tracks (including myself) and industrial facilities should be especially concerned about disaster preparedness... a chemical spill can have huge impacts

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chemical spill

 A chemical recycling company near me claimed to only recycle things like Murphy's oil soap. That claim was supported by the council person at that time (Helen Smith). Then why did the pictures that I took of the huge trucks from all over the country show much higher hazard symbols? Guess I was just a trouble maker, according to the company and Smith. The fumes? What fumes?

Then a couple of workers mixed the wrong chemicals in one vat. It exploded, the sprinklers went on which then made the chemicals burst into flames. The fire department came, but would not go in, deeming it too dangerous, and let it burn out. Firefighters said that if they had families living here that would get them out.

The list of chemicals that caught fire made everyone stand up and take notice. Hot topic: plans for future evacuations, be it voluntary or official. 

When it is chemical, how far do you go to get away and which way is the wind likely to blow? 

hazardous neighbors

It is an interesting issue that you raise. When considering the purchase of a home or renting a home or apartment, I wonder how many people consider the proximity to rail (for more reasons than just noise) or industry with chemicals inside or outside. This might be an interesting thing for realtors to have to include in addition to the number of bathrooms. Google maps might be tagged with pins that identify businesses with hazardous chemicals like Mittal, GEM or even your local dry cleaner. It is one thing for neighbors to protest something dangerous coming into a neighborhood, but it might be interesting to know that you would be moving in down the street from something that could endanger you and your family.

Of course, there are people who in their desperation for a dollar will endanger entire neighborhoods with gas drilling. Knowing your neighbors or your potential neighbors is indeed advisable.

welcome your neighbors

welcome new neighbors with a basket that includes an all purpose respirator and a clear evacuation plan. 

Army Corp of Engineers Public meeting:Harshaw Chemical

Received an email from Donn at OBCDC about a public meeting concerning the findings of a  remediation study for the Harshaw Chemical works along Big Creek.  This plant processed or held uranium for the U. S. Government until 1954. This plant is along the banks of the Big Creek which flows into the Cuyahoga River which flows in to Lake Erie. Anyone adjacent to these bodies of water should attend this meeting if possible. Probably will not be a public meeting with questions and answers but we need to know what is planned for this site as well as others in our area.

Public Meeting
Update on former Harshaw Chemical Plant
January 20th - 7 - 9 pm
Cleveland Metroparks Canalway Center
Located off East 49 Street/ south of Grant Avenue
        The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) has completed the revised
Remedial Investigation (RI) Report for the former Harshaw Chemical Company
Site in Cleveland, Ohio. The RI Report is now being released to the public
and the Corps will be hosting a public information session in Cleveland from
7 to 9 pm on January 20th to summarize the findings of the remedial
        This email is being distributed to provide you with advance notice of this planned event.