Cuyahoga County Dems Endorse Cummins

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I had an opportunity to talk with Cummins about the voter registration and Democratic party allegations being leveled by the Nagin campaign and he convinced me that just like the "Loner" charges, they are unfounded.  He voted by absentee ballot while serving in the Peace Corps and had registered right after high school.  In Cleveland, he voted with provisional ballots after having moved back.  Furthermore, Cummins is the candidate endorsed by the Cuyahoga County Democrats.  I found that hard to believe given Nagin's stance that he had worked for decades for the Democratic party in Cleveland and Cummins had just joined up.  I looked it up - it was true, and I attached the link.

That had to sting a bit.  Few council members worked more closely with another council member as did Cummins and Kelley to consolidate CDC's.  They worked together to save the hook and ladder.  Council terminated Nagin's admin job under Cintron when he ran for the ward 15 seat which Cummins went on to win.  I'm not sure how well liked or accepted Nagin would be on council either.  Nagin states, "Not one colleague publicly endorses Cummins"...but he does not tout their endorsements either.  Council typically does not endorse anyone.  Follow the campaigns finances though and you will see who they support.  Even being an outspoken critic, Cummins received a financial contribution from the Council Leadership Fund.  It was reported in the PD - Sweeney supported both him and Santiago.  Besides council, Cummins has actively engaged with many through his involvement in various civic organizations.

Let's see positive talk about the real issues in the race and not the nasty bitterness that has been filling the blogs and campaign literature.  And most importantly, if you haven't already....on election day - Get Out and Vote!

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Positive talk...great

Positive talk...great idea.  Let's hear it...and let's hear the truth for a change...instead of political rhetoric that says nothing and does very little for the people who actually live here.  Politics is dirty business, the goal is to win, and anything goes it seems.  We never really know the real truth about any politician, do we?  They say and do whatever it takes to win.  I just hope and pray that the voters in Ward 14 make the right choice.