Voices against Violence Saturday, June 26th 1-5 Lincoln Park

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Second District Commander Sulzer played a lead role in organizing this event.  Last year's program was outstanding and featured voices from the Mega Church on Scranton Rd. 

This handy dandy card was mailed out to residents in Tremont.


There is great marketing of events in Tremont. SEE also:



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Mega Church

  From Tremont West Development Corporation site:


Voices Against Violence Concert

Saturday, June 26th, 1-5pm. Free in Lincoln Park

  The 2nd Annual Voices Against Violence Concert is returning to Tremont’s Lincoln Park.  This year’s program will include performances from church choirs throughout the City of Cleveland, including last year’s winner Tremont’s Mega Church, which is located on Scranton Road.  
   The 2010 concert is a little different, instead of 2nd District churches  competing, there will be one church from each of the five police districts in the competition.  Please join Mayor Frank G. Jackson for this exciting free event on Saturday, June 26th from 1-5pm in Lincoln Park!


Mega Church's influence is felt throughout Tremont and Brooklyn Centre.  Their well-attended summer camp for kids makes good use of assets in both Cleveland neighborhoods, especially the libraries. 

I wish I could be there to film this--Guy, please post video, if you are able to attend.  It promises to be a moving experience.

Commander Sulzer's creation

 The Voices against violence was created by 2d District Commander Sulzer. It is nice to see it expanding.

Voices against Violence concert

This was a fun event. Though I was there for only a brief period, I did get to hear Mega Church Choir perform. They are amazing. The energy of the whole event was positive and people were having fun. The sun was brutal, so many people found a tree or tent to be under rather than the chairs in front of the choirs, but the sound system cranked it out to all. I will make it to the 3d annual one next year for sure.