Dear Mr. Mowry, Chief Information Officer, Cuyahoga County, Ohio - Welcome Home.

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 02/28/2011 - 17:17.

Broward County homepage February 28, 2011

Dear Mr. Mowry, Chief Information Officer, Cuyahoga County, Ohio:

Welcome Home.

Without a doubt, you hold the most opportune and important office in the region, today, and I wish you great success.

As a citizen of the community, and Information Technologist, I strongly support the establishment of your position as the most important accomplishment of the county transformation process to date. Your visible accomplishments with government information technology evident on suggest you are an excellent selection for this most important job. Successful, the benefits you shall bring to us, your residents, stand to be historic. I won't belabor you with my perspectives on why or how, but will appreciate the opportunity to meet some time, congratulate you in person, and share insight I may offer from the streets. I warn you in advance, I shall preach open source opportunities here, for government and citizens. And, I shall insist we improve our environmental monitoring, modeling and awareness through world-class information technology, and may suggest sources of Federal funding for that. Norm [at] realneo [dot] us.

I would like to strongly recommend that you contact Jon Cline, who is a world expert in open source GIS and has spent considerable time considering the GIS and other technology needs of the county, first hand - His wife is the Grammy-awarded Cleveland Orchestra Violist Eliesha Nelson, recently featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer - Jon is out in Arizona saving the Western United States, Mexico and world with his unique talent, and needs to be pulled back here - at least for some of his time. "Jon Cline" <jon [dot] c [dot] cline [at] gmail [dot] com>

Your Broward website looks excellent and makes me confident we a have great, positive, transformational change agent on hand now in Cuyahoga County, to help lead us forward in the challenging times ahead. Such transformation is only possible through world-class information technology.

Best regards,

Norm Roulet
Chief Information Officer
Cincinnati Change
norm [at] realneo [dot] us

P.S. Never stop embracing that Broward County motto - Our Best. Nothing Less! Perhaps we may open source that to here?!

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