Here are the results of the Cleveland Clerks of Courts Race - Thank you Supporters!

Submitted by pavman on Wed, 11/09/2011 - 10:34.
CLEVELAND MUNI COURT CLERK FTC 1/1/2012, 356 of 356 precincts reported, Vote for 1
Phil E. Pavarini Jr 10834, Lisa Stevens 12151,  Earle B. Turner 38153
Our campaign, it's volunteers, and the many who supported us, and the reasons why, have brought attention to the Clerks office.   Do not to despair. Our efforts are not in vein.  We all knew we were attempting to swim up a raging river.  In almost all respects, this is not a defeat as much as it is politics as usual in Cleveland.  It's 'machine' politics as usual here in Cuyahoga County.
This campaign was 'research and development' for all involved, we are all so lucky to live in a country that permits elections.  I mean, who gets to drive a fire truck - like I did - in a parade?  Or knock on tens of thousands of doors meeting people, hearing their stories?  Or invite Earle B. Turner to a bike ride?  Or drive around the whole city with a blaring megaphone?  Or meet so many great people?  I am so lucky.
In fact...
I've absorbed a decade worth of experience and wisdom in a few short months about not only politics and campaigning, but also about life, people and humanity.  I previously believed basic training (military), and jumping out of a perfectly good plane (skydiving), should be a requirement for every American.  I'm now adding running for political office to that list of compulsorily requirements.
Today, I wake up refreshed and relieved... For three months, I've put everything in life on hold.  The campaign has absorbed every minute of my day, every aspect of my life.  Today I can put on my blue jeans instead of a tie, I can forget to shave, change my radio station back to NPR - away from the stations we were advertising on, and get back to business... insurance and private investigations.  I can do some much needed yard work, make that dentist appointment to replace the lost filling, start going to physical therapy for the herniated discs in my back and neck, and go for a jog.  And I can take the giant sign off my car.
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