Submitted by Keith Winston on Mon, 05/10/2010 - 18:51.

                               Today I walked through one of the most exciting plants in the Collinwood community. and I learned that this plant is for health, and I saw some of the most interesting things. And seeing the product that this company produce is incredible. This company is producing something that is good for us all, and also trying to create jobs for the community, and as needed how cool is that. But some how someone is trying to stop this from happining. I personally met with the CEO of this company and I was very pleased with the hospitality, no smell of nasty odors and grease, and I think if people went to take a look they would feel the same way I do, and I think this company is well worth saving. They say we need jobs in Cleveland well this is the starting point. Why lose this opportunity for Cleveland? And we can all eat healthy. This would help the community shine much brighter. COME ON CLEVELAND HELP SAVE SANSAI,  AND WE HELP SAVE US.

Amazing SANSAI

The Political Gangster

                    I Think this company is very cool and need to be saved for the good it is going to do for everyone.


RICO stands for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (18 U.S.C. § 1961), a law that increases the severity of penalties for crimes performed in conjunction with organized crime.

RICO relative to ?

Oh...I get it now..Sansai doesn't fit with the Cleveland "business model"...


The Political Gangster

                                               Well if SANSAI don't fit which they are trying to do something good, also create jobs in the community. What is anyone else doing besides killing ,taking, lying, stealing, hurting, are these people being talked about or hated on? There are a lot of people, and bussinesses that I can think of that need RICO by their name and brand but I don't see anyone doing that when needed so why hate on someone that's trying. Be concerned about the west coast coming this way because of failing gov.

RICO not relative to Sansai, Keith

RICO is relative to others that have engaged in an ongoing pattern of well documented abuse to Sansai as well as other numerous victims in Cleveland.


You forgot to hit "publish to home page" for your Sansai blog.

Good blog by the way.  Glad that you liked the worm people and their 60 million worms!

Cleveland needs Sansai!

I have not seen Sansai yet, but I am very excited about trying their products. I am absolutely thrilled that they are in Cleveland! Keep us informed Keith, I agree they must be saved. An industry with out pollution, a product that benefits the planet, and cool safe jobs -- Cleveland really needs Sansai.

Sansai Save Us


Sounds like you could be a great asset to their company. I would love to work at Sansai.  If they are hiring in this economy, they must be projecting lots of sales. I am hoping to hear they are selling the organic soil soon, especially since, hopefully, the cold weather is over... Maybe this year I will get my tomato, cucumber and pepper plants going again.  I missed gardening last year.

A couple years back, I got some earthworm casting stuff from one of the health food stores and I have never had such great tasting tomatos.

Did anyone see those commercials on Earth Day about the compostable chip bag?  It had two guys (one guy looked like the globe) sitting on a hill eating from the bags, saying, "Compost, it makes more earth."  I don't watch much tv so don't know if they are still on.  Wouldn't it be cool to see a commercial about Sansai, a green company from Cleveland, going big?







Even Better

The Political Gangster

                                               DanceMo you think you had good tomatoes then, but when you try this dirt you will have good everything!!!

Sansai video

Norm, were you able to film the tour of Sansai? I have been looking forward to a video of this facility. Sansai has so many upsides that it is hard to believe that it would not be supported by the powers to be. To go from a former TRW plant to an innovative green business is a really good thing. I wish them well. 

No Sansai video but nice photos

It is hard to describe this place and operation - really amazing - it was too dark and rushed to shoot video but I have some nice photos - I'll see if I can get some posted tonight.

Disrupt IT

Keith - photos from the tour posted here

Collinwood - Green $$ Sansai