Democracy Now! @ Ohio University: A New Way Forward

Submitted by Eternity on Fri, 04/10/2009 - 13:52.

Democracy Now!

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On a 70 city tour, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! stopped by Ohio University to speak about the swarth of American protests that are currently underway.  With a theme of Nationalize Reorganize Decentralize, the protest are calling for President Obama to rethink his current economic policies as manifested in his hand-picked, cabinet level economic team, led by Timothy Geithner.  These ideas, putting the focus on Main Street and not Wall Street, seem to strike at the heart of what is seen as a continuation of cronyism first seen in the Bush administration, now infecting the "change we can believe in" Obama administration.  Others, including Glenn Greenwald of have been blogging heavily about this, with Keith Oberman, one of President Obama's most ardent high-profile supporters, having publically lambasted Obama's warrantless wiretapping program, which is also a holdover from the Bush years.  Some have even gone as far as to suggest that new President has put himself at great political risk, calling his recent reversal of several campaign promises "an erosion of credibility."

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  I am beginning to feel the same way...who can we believe? At the very least our representatives need to live by the same standards as their constituents...and not feed off of them.

Thanks to Guy for this video...which might seem too much...but it is not.  I don't agree with the initial premise using Eric Holder's remarks to create a backlash and I am most certainly NOT going to go out and buy a gun. 

But, in terms of our economic principles, we can't stand by and do nothing again...and again. And, worse, continue to bail out and feed greed.  I am disappointed...I did believe in change...I still want to believe in change.


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