Dianna Lynn Hill on the subject of being an "IGNORANT HILLBILLY" and Proud of it!

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This response is in relation to a statement I made about this campaign that has been published in the Plain Dealer.

As a "Different Breed of Candidate"....I will work tirelessly to put families first by promoting ethical leadership that protects the interests of our people, inspires the best in everyone and unites our diverse population under equal opportunity and empowerment! 

I will blatantly say this..... My original quote about being an "ignorant hillbilly" has a couple parts....

1) I am an "ignorant hillbilly" in that I don't understand and am not a part of corruption and I will not condone it if elected. I am proud of that and the rest that sneer down their nose at the idea of promoting the best from our civil servants through transparent accountability can take it or leave it. There is a huge population of corrupt partakers and their associates who wouldn't want that to happen...because it might cost them their jobs in a variety of positions around our county. That is why I said I could even die like JFK or MLK for stepping up and speaking the truth...But I am a soldier, here to uphold democracy and defend our people's rights to equality and transparent accountability. I'd rather stand for something than to fall for anything. Someone has to have the courage to finally stand up and say, "enough is enough" on behalf of the people regarding the social injustices that have been sustained through corruption over the last several generations. Our people deserve to have a leader who restores their faith and trust in our local government operations! I look forward to the challenge! 

2) I have also said, "IF A CONVICTED CHILD IMPORTUNIST CAN RUN (FOR AN ELECTED POSITION), THEN SO CAN AN IGNORANT HILLBILLY!" As there are several convicts on the ballot...It might inspire the people to take more interest in learning about the various candidates so that they can make informed decisions about their future leaders before voting.

3) "I love "ignorant hillbillies!" I respect their invaluable resources of humanity, respect, and their resourcefulness of surviving through the ages of time.  You don't have to be a rocket scientist to be a decent human being or to do what is right in life....and I have derived great amounts of education, training, and wisdom from agile, charismatic, and highly respectable "ignorant hillbillies" in my lifetime.

I am absolutely proud to come from Appalachian roots without question! It's time for the gentrified to learn the knowledge, skills, and abilities which "ignorant hillbillies" proliferate regularly including expertise in recycling, aptitude in acceptance of others without denegration, and appreciation for all human beings regardless of their diversity.

In other words.... I want our folks with the best of intentions to stop being stepped on by politics as usual... I want to inspire them to have a voice and to stand up for what is right and to go against the corrupt for the best interests of our people!

I love all of our richly diverse families in Cuyahoga County. I speak multiple languages including Spanish and a little Arabic and French. I have been around the world and country with the military and I have the ability to respect & appreciate all cultures, promote unification, and to ethically uphold democracy.

I will speak more on the Economic Development considerations of inviting Global and Local Business entities to do business in Cuyahoga County....But, first, we have to reform the attitude of the public servants and residents who have been disillusioned by corrupt practices in our county over generations! Upon providing leadership that inspires, empowers, and promotes ethical practices-we will be a destination for many businesses that will create jobs and improve the quality of life for all Cuyahoga County Citizens! 

By the way, I am not surprised by those who sneer at me with their lack of respect for diversity in politics....I am a humble human being with extraordinary capacity to be humored by the corrupt who snub their nose at the concept of respecting our differences and appreciating the goals in a positive and progressive manner.... It's the way politics play out most times... I just pray that through this duration-the people of our community retain the empowerment needed to say, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" I support their desires for change! I am far from oblivious to the backroom deals of endorsements that disrupt the campaign process with the enclave of the "good ole boys network hardy at work!" It's all good.... I will work to promote ethics across the board and put families first in every aspect of public service in our county!!!! 

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