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photo of my mom on her 78th birthday


Those who live in CRAP houses....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 3:20 PM
"Mike murken" <murken2010 [at] hotmail [dot] com>
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.....shouldn't throw stones.
Amazingly, the attached pic is the masterpiece of filth that Jerleen Justus calls "home".
For a convicted felon and self-appointed code enforcer of all things Tremont, it is surprising that the quality of her dwelling ranks below that of most chicken coops.
This "house" is clearly a health and safety hazard and should be razed immediately.
I urge all who, like Jerleen, are committed to safe and violation-free structures to call, email, or write the Mayor's Action Center to demand an inspection of this property: (Complaints can be made in your name or, as Jerleen prefers, anonymously)


This widely spread correspondence went out this morning to dozens (mostly business owners) in the Tremont Community.

A twenty year old plus record, a 125 year old (plus) house that my 79 year old mother has fought tooth and nail to hold on to, raised ten kids, and still tries to work to keep up with the rising cost of living and, yet, some coward finds it necessary to go after my mom rather than face me.  They seem to resent the fact that I am willing to pay my mom rent to help her.

We all know the old home place doesn't look anywhere as fancy or stylish as one of the $300,000 habitats that have been built in Tremont but it sure has better character and a whole lot of memories for my mom's kids, grandkids and great grandkids.  Not to mention, it can tell better tales and has long since stood the test of time.

This starts up every year just before the TWDC Annual meeting but gets nobody anywhere.  I still show up at the meeting and vote.  Will be doing the same this year.

I may be a bit busy right now, tied up with looking after my grandkids but, in no way, shape or form, am I letting some moron back me into a corner.

This is probably an idiot with an assumed name that sits right next to me and don't have the guts to say anything.




Mayor’s Action Center
Contact: 216-664-2900
Email: mayorsactioncenter [at] city [dot] cleveland [dot] oh [dot] us" ymailto="mailto:mayorsactioncenter [at] city [dot] cleveland [dot] oh [dot] us" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">mayorsactioncenter [at] city [dot] cleveland [dot] oh [dot] us
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I wonder how much in taxes you and your mom have paid

I wonder how much in taxes you and your mom have paid in all those years?!?!

You may want to have that number handy when you meet these elitists... aren't lots of the yuppy palaces tax abated?

Disrupt IT

Mike Murken e-mail

See the e-mail below that the alleged "Mike Murken" sent me in February 2010.  I can not figure out how to post the attachment detailing TWDC, the Moss family and other issues that he sent.  I will forward the e-mail to norm and maybe he can post the chart for us.

This person is obviously an insider, coward and trouble maker:

Fri, February 26, 2010 4:07:45 PM

Tremont- connect the dots


Mike murken <murken2010 [at] hotmail [dot] com>

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Hi Lilly-

Thought you might be interested in this. Feel free to post it to realneo. The people in power won't like it, but hey--the truth hurts.


here is the murken link

i posted it for you also Lily

its below, under the histrionic hyperbolic dribble about the FBI, terrorism, Obama and Homeland Security....


-- do you think she posts this stuff to attract filtering scans or is she just that big a nutjob?

God Bless....

 IMPRESSIVE....Keep hushing the little people from exploiting the ugly truth of these jerks! Must make you feel really big! It's all simply a matter of opinion...too bad you always berate and insult the folks who do fight this crap with your snub nose, high and mighty condescending, judgmental attitude...Great job! 




I did some checking and an

I did some checking and an individual I spoke to this evening recognized the name but said they had not met the man.

This individual, who frequently patronizes the Tree House, informed me that the name Mike Murken had crossed her path while a patron of the establishment.



Here's Connect the Dots

Here's Connect the Dots

Disrupt IT


  Sorry that you have to put up with this Jerleen.  You have my utmost respect for all you have done to equitably represent your neighborhood.

She's paid more taxes than

She's paid more taxes than the dam house is worth.  Back in the early days she fought with the city and worked two and sometimes three jobs to keep up that old house. 

We ended up there because it was the only house big enough and nobody wanted to rent to her with so many kids.  When we first moved there, couldn't eat a bowl of soup without getting overhead plaster for seasoning.

She kept us under one roof, kept us fed and clothed on a third grade education and by herself without help from anyone.  How many of these fine folks can say they have that kind of grit?  




tremont scum

 dirty rotten 


Save me a seat tomorrow night   


THE CRAP HOUSE   (little Brown Shack Out Back)
They passed an ordinance in the town they said we'd have to tear it down
That little old shack out back so dear to me
Though the health department said its day was over and dead
It will stand forever in my memory
Don't let them tear that little brown building down
Don't let them tear that precious building down
Don't let them tear that dear old building down
There's not another like it in the country or the town

It was not so long ago that I went tripping through the snow
Out to that house behind my old hound dog
Where I would sit me down to rest like a snowbird on his nest
And I'd read that Sears and Roebuck catalog
Oh I would hum a happy tune peeping through the quarter moon
As my daddy's kin had done so much before
It was in that quiet spot daily cares could be forgot
And it gave the same relief to rich and poor

Now it was not a castle fair but I could dream of future there
Build my castle to the yellow jackets drone
I could orbit round the sun fight with General Washington
Or be a king upon a golden throne
It wasn't fancy built at all we had newspapers on the wall
It was air-conditioned in the wintertime
Oh it was just an humble hut but its door was never shut
And a man could get inside without a dime

twdc screwing with angel cueavas too



 screwing with a long time business owner who finds out they are going to develope in the area where his business is located- then send him to housing court   sick bunch of people - mutants+ huffing mital steel    post the video of angel, twdc, and the inspector, guy  





mutants+huffing mittal steel

mutants+huffing mittal steel=TWDC

Disrupt IT

county psychiatric hospital located in tremont.

 Cpi should be located in tremont  they won't have to go far for treatment  lunatics

The nearer a steel mill the worse the outcomes

The nearer a steel mill the worse the outcomes across the board - that is the whole idea of environmental injustice.... you put the dangerous stuff around POOR people and their CRAPPY houses and the RICH people are supposed to stay the fuck away, and leave the POOR people to die of toxic poisoning in relative peace. They shouldn't even pay taxes... and the rich sure as hell shouldn't choose to live around them.

Tremont is fucked up because there are a bunch of mutated rich people in THE WRONG FUCKING PART OF TOWN, GETTING NASTY!

Disrupt IT

The whole point of environmental JUSTICE

The whole point of environmental JUSTICE is to STOP environmental Injustice. When a bunch of pollution-deniers move into a toxic neighborhood like Tremont - artificially inflating property values and health statistics - they put rose colored glass over the real injustice suffered by 90% of residents for decades or generations before the yuppies arrived. Planners expose these yuppies to environmental injustice to make places that are unjust seem just - some yuppies fall for it.

Everyone is screwed, as this keeps anyone from being able to advance the cause of environmental justice for all - especially as pollution-deniers deny they are sick.

Cleveland has this problem BAD!

Disrupt IT

Mike Murkin

I think that this guy is really a fan of Jerleen and just misses her and wants to take her away from spending so much time with the grandkids. He decides to goad her into getting back out there so he can spend quality time with her.  That must be it......

Come on out, Mike.

dw, I think you might be

dw, I think you might be onto something.

I do believe that this is just an attempt to stir up trouble for/at the TWDC Annual meeting.  Every year just about this time somebody pulls something.

Since it was a TWDC Board member that was considerate enough to put me on to this player's game, I really don't think that this originated at or out of TWDC.

I am, however, going to be on the look out for Murken.  If you recall, a couple of years ago somebody dropped a dime and told the police and TWDC that the "troublesome gang" was planning on interrupting the meeting.  The Commander showed up personally along with about four other uniformed officers to "keep the peace."  So, this could easily be just an idiot hoping myself and others will take the bait.

These fools should know by this time, I have other fish to fry and have absolutly no plans for being "scared, intimidated or shamed" into submission - nor will I be muzzled by some coward blowing hot air. 

Should I ever find out the identity of this dude/gal it will be "Murken in the mulk."



Hope everyone is having a great summer.  After reading the comments about to Mr. Sammy Catania. With regards to the people who write these letters, shoot these videos,  I think your value to the neighborhood has reached it's lowest point in the ten plus years that I have worked and lived in Tremont.  Yes live, believe it or not, other people do exist in this neighborhood besides the three  of you.  You run around town with cameras, tape recorders, and the knowledge of how to upload them on youtube or real neo for what reason?Do you think that your little videos are going to make Sammy resign, or Fahrenheit and other restaurants to close and move?  Do you think that you sitting in your beat-to-shit purple tracker with a camera is going to stop 1000 people from coming into my restaurant?  The parking issues, the safety issues, all the little things that you dream up in your demented brains, makes me wonder what happened in your lives to make you all so bitter.  Were all of you not loved as youngsters, were you abused, or are you just crazy?


People are entitled to their opinion, When you say lack luster personal buisness career with regards to Sammy Catania, I take offense.  I wonder for the last 30 years, have you been busy being a felon, visiting your brothers in prision, or your sister  on the means streets of Cleveland late at night? Did you miss Sammy's in the Flats, the Swamp Club, Lori Properties, West 6th Street Market and Deli.  For you to call that career lack luster, maybe he can't skin a squirrel as fast as you but I  would consider those buisnesses highly successful compared to what you have accomplished.  Now you'll probably respond with a laundry list of all the things that you have done in this world, catering, cooking, law degrees, but NO ONE CARES!!!!!!

You are on borrowed time, I may make the house that you live in presently another restaurant after you are removed from it soon. I am done being on the offensive with you.  You get the point, you are running out of time.....


Sammy, you have always been a great friend to me, you were the person who introduced me to Tremont years ago, walked me through my space.  You have been a catalyst to this neighborhood, the Artwalks, the Home Tours, Voices against Violence, Arts & Cultural Festivals, Taste of Tremonts.  I deem you one of the many things that makes Tremont so special.  Keep the Faith, and continue to make Tremont the best neighborhood in Cleveland.  I want Sammy to continue leading our community, and I will continue to assist him in every way possible.  I hope he continues to invest in the city as he always has.


For any and all of you who have a camera, a phone, a tape recorder, bring it down this Sunday for the Taste of Tremont, when the TWDC, restaurants, bars, Sammy, Rocco, and all the good in Tremont shines for our closest 20,000 friends.  Good always beats evil everyone.




Rocco Whalen





thank you for

deleting the paragraph after paragraph of paranoid crap that had no place on another posters blog.







mike murkin is a coward troll

This "mike murkin" sent me an email nearly one year ago. I posted his email and the twdc chart to realneo in February 2010 titled, "tremont - connect the dots". I can not link it since I am using a blackberry phone.

This Mike Murkin appears to be a twdc insider who wants to start trouble, but in reality is nothing more than a mutant coward. Too chicken shit to stand up for himself, but likes to get shit started.

A person with insider knowledge and a fence rider. Must have lived in tremont for years as his brain is severly fucked up.

One person that fits the above comes to my mind. It is odd that every person that knows this fake mike dude all say the same thing about the twdc insider who pretends to be mike murkin:

He is a fence rider and do not trust him.



fences and the idiocy/cowardness of riding same



even trigger had more sense, (and talent)!.....dale evans coulda told ya that!!

Wag the Dog....

While they were distracting everyone with this item of classic target enforcement...What was really transpiring that they were avoiding public participation???? 

Smoke & Cover Distractions....

Last week's meetings included Dan Brady at Applewood Center and TWCDC Annual Meeting.... Interesting...

What other items of business were effectuated to include code enforcement of certain individuals? 

What about Merrick House Closing? 

Not paranoid, just accustomed to their "WAG THE DOG" mentality that distracts from items of business and interest that we often support like BOZA Hearings, HUD Funding Issues, etc.... It's a historical practice that has become quite transparent...

Hugs to Jerleen for her endurance to such bologna by those folks who claim to be philanthropists.


Dan Brady

  Dianna--I attended the meeting...residents brought up concern about possible privatization of Metro and this week's Scene touches upon it with appointment of Tim Hagan to a cushy position there. I want to throw up.  I don't have energy for this anymore.  I asked Brady to get council to stop all property transfers to Plymouth Park.  Let's see if that goes anywhere.  I am not hopeful at all.  Especially, as county council seems determined to keep the SOS at BOR.

Thank you, Laura...Much Appreciated...

I pray that things get leveled out in our lifetime on those matters.... Thanks for being the voice! God Bless. Sorry I could not make it to those meetings. Love to all who made them! God Bless. Keep up the great job!