I love America because America loves to kill!

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 10/20/2011 - 17:21.

 I love America because America loves to kill!

America loves to kill people.
We kill our citizens like Troy Davis for justice – lots of justice dished out in executions.
We kill our citizens for our national protection with drones in Yemen - father and son, holy cow!
We kill those like Bin Laden who don’t like our middle east policies.
We kill for sport on the tarmac (also in Nevada)
We kill for retribution in Libya 
We kill zoo animals who leave their cages (close to home in Oh.)
We kill ourselves
We kill for honor,
We kill with pride.
We kill with remote control.
We are a nation of justice..
That’s why I am a proud American.
Can’t wait ‘til tomorrow morning to find out who was KILLED!
Image Ward Howes, AP via NYTs 9.18.11
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I love America, too

 Especially when we send some young person  (who joins up for a job or future benefits cause there isn't much else going on here)  off to kill, then when he or she is killed, we celebrate it as the "ultimate sacrifice".

Sacrifice one's life? For what? 

WARNING: Don't read if easily offended...."KILL, KILL, KILL"

I am not saying this to offend anyone....but the header gave me a flashback to basic training...... This is true and real about training....

During "Bayonet Training" which is where we put knives at the end of our machine guns and fight in hand to hand combat with the enemy for our lives....we are trained to kill the enemy by thrawting our bayonet into mock enemy dummy dolls and hollaring: "KILL, KILL, KILL!" Moreover, we are asked, "What makes the grass grow?" and the response is "BLOOD, BRIGHT RED BLOOD!" 

I felt so bad stabbing at those dummies. Then a drill sergeant reamed me about "it's life or death, you or them....." and after a few rounds I accomplished the mission. But it really was uncomfortable....I have to admit that. You get desensitized to things as you go along. Yet, that was one day that was unforgettable. It really makes you realize what you signed up to do.... to serve your country....

My dad always said that he wouldn't want his worst enemy to know what it's like to take another man's life and live with that horrible thought (ghost)....I can only imagine.

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"