Advocates of Northeast Ohio

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Thu, 12/09/2010 - 05:53.

In my experience of going to uncountable allegedly legitimate not for profit "AGENCIES" across Northeast Ohio, there are enumerable underqualified, youthful, and inexperienced folks who spend so much time taking applications and personal information that they cannot immediately respond to the majority of concerns for citizens until it is later reviewed by their high paid ADMINISTRATORS.

Citizens are tired of getting that run around...

Judges tell you to get legal assistance from the Legal Aid Society and the Bar Association...all of which rarely have legal volunteers who have the passion or the desire to address the social injustices of the demographically disadvantaged... Why? Well, we drive the majority of the litigation in Northeast Ohio and that keeps them in business.

Experienced citizens who have literally walked into a multitude of these judicial nightmares have began to advocate for citizens in an effort to save them tons of run around without results. Citizens have begun uniting to stand up AGAINST SOCIAL INJUSTICES. People have decided to congregate their voices and let the entire SYSTEM OF ABUSES be noted without question.

It is not against the law to be poor, to choose not to work in corruption, or to be uneducated. It may make the wealthy, educated, and higher up people aggravated as all hell that "Ignorant Hillbillies" don't want to wear suits & ties and speak etiquette English. It may disturb them that they enjoy the less finer things in life like living meagerly and enjoying the pleasures of life long friends, their humble homes, and the simplicity of feeling a sense of community where they live that is not about corruption. It may turn gaul them that these people don't "fit the bill"....but it is no excuse to keep expecting them to "WANT MORE FOR THEMSELVES" than they want for themselves.

If a poor person wants something and is out there asking for help; well, respect that they have eaten their pride, gotten past the humiliation of need enough to walk into your agency, and sucked it up enough to actually "ASK FOR HELP!" For every 1 person that actually takes the initiative to ASK for help, there are 2 that are nimbly sitting at home HIDING THE TRUTH OF NEED.

We, the advocates, who do what we do for NO PAY, who see past the embarrassment that the low income feel when in a pinch of need...we work to help these people get help when the network of Agencies has failed them and when they have been too scared to ask for help along the way. We help get them where they need to go, to streamline the nightmares of paperwork, to help them collect documents necessary to support their claims, and to work through their ANXIETIES about dealing DIRECTLY with the GENTRIFIED who cannot always hide their disdain, frustration, and gentrification with the low income citizens who are asking for help.

We stand up for SOCIAL JUSTICE, for CIVIL RIGHTS, and for EQUITABLE RELIEF. Our experience may help us to mitigate the nightmares, but at every corner there is a young UP AND COMING trainee who is in a seat of power and who thinks that they have the right to VIOLATE OUR CONSTITIONAL RIGHTS because they were sleeping during that class or have been taught that they can "get away with bypassing the rules" just this one time...and then the next time it gets bigger and soon you have what we here call...CORRUPTION IN CUYAHOGA COUNTY! 

My dear REAL ADVOCATES: Hold your grounding, remain steadfast, know your rights, and do not waiver to the direct hits of Social Injustice that are being shot at us. Our citizens have lived in FEAR for too long. They have been abused with corrupt practices for too long. They have been violated for too long and they deserve to have their rights protected-if NOT BY THE SYSTEM----then by an advocate who respects the FLAG of the USA and all the servicemembers throughout history who have served our great nation to UPHOLD DEMOCRACY! 

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