hi tom - all - i have video audio - 10:15 pm - nov. 29, 2014 - fighting-yelling 757 brayton crime family & unknown suspect

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hi tom - commander stacho - all - i have video audio - about 10:15 pm - nov. 29, 2014 - there was fighting-yelling between 757 brayton crime family next door and a female that lives there daniel admires girl friend and the owner of the green pickup wood sides license no.php 3804 and unkown suspect large male tatoos

and as our video audio seems to show large male attacks driver of green pickup on brayton near fruit as the green pickup drove away after arguing with said female i think about drugs-money after the female drove off with him after going into 757 brayton - evidently large male was in said pickup also or waiting to ambush  the pickup driver and theres a loud tire braking shriek and a noise like the pick hit another car 

as the female evidently left the truck and walked fast back to 757 brayton as the large male was running after her yelling and daniel admire came out of 757 brayton and yelled for her to get in the house and he did also as the large male is yelling for her to come out and yelling down the street at i presume the pickup driver "you fagget" and yelling-cursing at 757 brayton "call the police" he was looking for blood-violent revenge as our video will show as he is banging on 757 door and he's yelling other things and couldn't hear it clear and is angry about something and since they  manufacture sell and use drugs i presume its drugs not foot ball

 - as i call heroes 911 police i'm watching our four camera video audio monitor and it looks like a gun in the waist of the large male as he walks hyper active talking on a cell phone and walks to st. thedious church parking lot as he meets with the driver a  older white suv that evidently he called as the white suv drove by 757 brayton and told the driver to meet him at st. theodious parking lot -

the said van i have the license no. as its been around 757 brayton many times - i'll look for it

as i tell police heroes dispatch it looks like he has a gun as dispatch calls me back- few minutes later to ask for a description - and dispatch tells me police cars on there way - stay safe - stay indoors -

and car 241 goes to 757 brayton and is talking to the female and daniel admire for a few minutes in the back yard house and they come to front looking for something and looking on the ground -i presume for a gun - other police cars confront large male and drive of white suv and let them go as all police leave - 11:50 pm end of video audio -

if the police on the scene saw our video audio - they wouldn't have let them go - i will post video audio on our blog

sophia wants to be a police canine - any openings - she wants to catch a few bad ones - sophia can teach a few tricks to other canines and humans -

eternal thanks - cheers - sophia guy

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