one question to each Ward 14 candidate:

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 I live in what will be the new ward 14 and although I always voted and paid attention to what was going on in my ward (15) I was not one to be overly vocal.

So please note this is my first post on Real Neo (which I like very much!).
I am so concerned about the upcoming council race and I feel there are questions that need to be addressed.
So here is my questions to each candidate:
Joe Santiago:
How will you go about bringing uniting the community if you are re-elected and will you publicly admit that you made mistakes during your first term?
Mosses Torres:
Did you actually quit your job with the city to run for council or did you take a leave of absents?
Rick Nagain:
Are you still a communists? If not why and when did you leave the party?
Brian Cummins:
Will you be able to work with the mayor after he endorsed Santiago?
Nelson Cintron:
Do you think City council will be fair to you after you lead the recall?
James Deminko:
Why did you want to run in ward 14 instead of your own ward?
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Response -- working with the Mayor


Welcome to realneo!

To respond to your Q --

Yes.  I actually just met with the Mayor today in a follow-up to his endorsement of Councilman Santiago as well as other issues.  We discussed his endorsement decision and committed to continue building our relationship.

I've learned a lot in my first term in office.  I have and will continue to stand up for issues and be a strong independent voice for the Ward I represent as well as for City and regional issues.  But, I'm working on developing stronger and more respectful relationships with those whom I may disagree with.

Although Mayor Jackson endorsed Councilman Santiago, the Mayor to his credit, has never used political difference to play into the Administration's delivery of services to residents.  This has happened in the past, but Mayor Jackson does not work this way.  He is a straight shooter and the endorsement of my opponent is something he has decided to do. 

I will not hold that against him, nor will I be shy about voicing any differences I have with him in the future.  I will however, consult and inform him when disagreements arise

So yes, I will be able to work with the Mayor...I took steps today to do just that.


Brian Cummins
Councilman Ward 15
Candidate, New Ward 14
info [at] briancummins [dot] com
216-661-6821 Home/Campaign HQ

Fairness of City Council

Dear Kris,
To answer your question directly, I absolutely know that City Council will be more than fair to me upon my election. I spent eight years navigating the City Council realm.  The recall was not about myself, it was about the residents' needs being neglected.
Thank you for taking the time to be proactive in our community and our election! I appreciate your question and look forward to meeting with you to answer any further questions that you might have of me. Feel free to call me direct @ (216) 939-8101.





CALL: (216) 939-8101




rick nagin

RIck is running as a democrat. I am not sure what his past or current relationship with the communist party has to do with Ward 14 or to do with the City of Cleveland. I think that he is entitled to a question about his position on issues that he can impact, if elected.

respectfully, Debbie 

I did not attack anyone personally but think it a fair question.


I am new to this blog (posting at least) and I’m sorry if I offended you or anyone. As that was not my intention.
I however am extremely offended by what I perceive to be a lack of common since on your part.
Why on heaves earth is a bad idea to ask about the core political believes of someone who may be representing you???
One example CWP is very supportive of “labor” (usually blindly supportive) which is of course the “unions”.
Rick may have to vote on city contracts that are “union”. Will his party affiliation sway his vote? Will that vote be the best thing for the residents?
This my friend is why we ask questions of our candidates. Not to attact them but to know how they will represent us.
I asked Brian Cummins & Nelson Cintron about working with a body (city council and the Mayor) that opposed them. It was a fair question.
I personally appreciate their response very much…
Debbie we live in a democracy that gives us the right to have any policial view and we the citizens have a right to know who we vote for.
I did not attack anyone personally but think it a fair question.
I hope the other candidates will respond to my questions, because I am leaning toward one candidate but I have not decited yet.




Yesterday, when I saw this post...I had decided to let the candidates answer for themselves and removed myself from this post....but in consideration of your post...I'll share with you the ACTIVE POSTINGS FROM THE Ohio Communist Party Website...where Rick Nagin is listed as the top contact!!!! 

Look, some brunettes dye their hair red...but they are still brunettes at the end of the day! 

Rick Nagin is an actively engaged communist party REPRESENTATIVE. Our citizens have an express right to be made aware of this...I don't care what ticket he's running on...and I am certain that if he's running on a DEMOCRATIC ticket....he's still a communist at the end of the day. Some folks may support that.... BUT I WILL NOT.




Communist Party of Ohio


P.O. Box 93957
Cleveland OH 44101
E-mail: rnagin [at] yahoo [dot] com



We Communists believe that socialism is the very best replacement for a capitalist system that has served its purpose, but no longer meets the needs and requirements of the great majority of our people.

We believe that socialism USA will be built according to the traditions, history, culture and conditions of the United States. Thus, it will be different from any other socialist society in the world. It will be uniquely American.

What will be the goals of our socialist society?

  1. A life free of exploitation, insecurity, poverty; an end to unemployment, hunger and homelessness.
  2. An end to racism, national oppression, anti-Semitism, all forms of discrimination, prejudice and bigotry. An end to the unequal status of women.
  3. Renewal and extension of democracy; an end to the rule of corporate America and private ownership of the wealth of our nation. Creation of a truly humane and rationally planned society that will stimulate the fullest flowering of the human personality, creativity and talent.

The advocates and ideologues of capitalism hold that such goals are utopian; that human beings are inherently selfish and evil. Others argue that these goals can be fully realized under capitalism.

We are confident, however, that such goals can be realized, but only through a socialist society.

Why Socialism?

Since its inception capitalism has been fatally flawed. Its inherent laws - to maximize profit on the backs of the working class - give rise to the class struggle.

History is a continuous story of people rising up against those who exploit and oppress them, to demand what's theirs. Our own country's historic beginning was revolutionary. The ideals of justice and equality have inspired peoples for centuries.

Up until the time of Karl Marx, those that advocated socialism were "utopians", that is, motivated by ideals only. It was Marx and his longtime friend and collaborator, Frederick Engels, who uncovered the inner laws of capitalism, where profit comes from and how societies develop. They transformed wishful thinking for socialism into socialism with a scientific, materialist basis.

Communists say that capitalism won't be around forever. Just like previous societies weren't around forever either. Slavery gave rise to feudalism and feudalism to capitalism. So, too, capitalism gives rise to socialism.

The Foundations of Socialism

Political power would be in the hands of working people. Socialism starts with nationalization of the main means of production - the plants, factories, agri-business farms and everything necessary to produce what society needs. The large monopoly corporations and banks come under public ownership, that is, under the collective ownership of the entire working class and people, who have the leading role in building socialism.

Socialism also means public ownership of the energy industry and all the natural resources. It eliminates forever the power of the capitalist class to exploit and oppress the majority.

A socialist government draws up plans covering the entire economy. They are drawn up with maximum participation of the people, from the shop level on up. Such plans are achieved because they harmonize the interests of all, because there are no conflicts arising from exploitation of workers and no dog-eat-dog competition.

Production increases much faster than under capitalism, with a planned economy, advancement of science and technology, and the protection and preservation of our environment and natural resources.

A socialist government is based on all-around democracy, starting with economic democracy. The more people participate in running their own economy, the more firmly people's power is established, the more successful a socialist America will be.

Trade unions in a socialist USA will insure a fair balance between what workers produce and what they receive. They will have decisive power to enforce safety and health provisions, prevent speedup, and guarantee good transportation, working conditions and plant facilities.

Public services - schools, hospitals, utilities, transit, parks, roads - are crumbling under capitalism. And now corporations are "privatizing" government-run, publicly-owned institutions for private profit.

Under socialism public services and housing will be vastly improved and expanded. They will be broadened in their scope beyond anything dreamed of under capitalism.

The U.S. will become a vast construction site. Homes, schools, hospitals, places of recreation will be built to end shortages, replace substandard infrastructures and public facilities.

Jobs and Education for All

Full employment will be quickly achieved as production is expanded to satisfy the needs of people. Automation at the service of the working people will lead to both reduced hours of work and higher living standards, with no layoffs. There will be no danger of over-production since production will be planned and people's incomes will increase in line with the rising output of consumer goods and services.

Poverty will be ended quickly with the recovery of the vast resources now wasted in war production, corporate profits and the extravagent lifestyles of the filthy rich.

All education will be tuition-free. Every person will have access to unlimited medical and health care without charge. These rights will be realized as rapidly as facilities can be built and the personnel trained.

With capitalism gone, crime will also begin to disappear, for it is the vicious profit system that corrupts people and breeds crime.

To Each According to Their Work

Some ask whether guaranteeing basic necessities, free education, low-cost housing and health care will encourage people to avoid working, or doing their best. The principle of socialism is: From each according to his/her ability, to each according to his/her work.

Socialism provides incentives for working better, producing more and higher quality goods, acquiring advanced skills. It does NOT equalize wages. Wages vary according to occupation and efficiency, although everyone is guaranteed a liveable wage.

Under capitalism, improvements in skill, organization and technology are rightly feared by the worker, since they threaten jobs. Under socialism, they offer the chance to make the job more interesting and rewarding, as well as to improve living standards.

Socialism provides moral incentives because the fruits of labor benefit all. No person robs others of the profits from their labor; when social goals are adopted by the majority, people will want to work for these goals. Work will seem less a burden, more and more a creative activity, where everyone is his/her neighbor's helper instead of rival.

It is true socialism will nationalize or socialize all large-scale production, property and real estate. But socialism does not abolish ALL privately-owned business. It does not require nationalization of those small businesses owned by people who work for themselves and do not hire others to make a profit. Personal property - private homes, automobiles, etc., - will remain just that, personal property.

In highly mechanized U.S. agriculture there will still be a place for the family farmer. But the farm family will be relieved of the pressure of agribusiness monopolies.

There will be rapid abolition of racism and national oppression. Socialism will bring complete equality for all racially and nationally oppressed. There will be no compromise with racism, for there will no longer exist a capitalist class which profits from it. Racism, national oppression, anti-Semitism, sexism, anti-immigrant discrimination and all forms of prejudice and bigotry will be banned by law, with strict measures of enforcement. Affirmative action will be expanded immediately to undo and make up for hundreds of years of the ravages of racism. Full equality will be one of the main priorities of the new society.

War propaganda will be outlawed.

The only privileged sectors will be the children and seniors, who have earned the right to a healthy, happy, secure retirement.

The children will reap all the benefits of socialist child care, free nurseries and schools with the very best facilities and teachers. Children will have wonderful recreational and sports facilities. They will have the option to choose whatever career they wish, and the free education and training to achieve it.

Socialism provides the economic foundation for effective democracy for the masses of people. To carry through the socialist economic and social transformation requires political rule by the working class - a government of, by and for the working people.

Socialism USA

Socialism USA will benefit from the experiences, the mistakes and succesess of the countries who built and are building socialism. But mainly it will reflect the distinctive features of U.S. development and environment.

Unique historical advantages, like the unequalled natural resources, fertile soil and perfect weather, coupled with the contributions of generations of working people, enabled U.S. capitalism to achieve higher productive levels and living standards than capitalism in other countries. So, too, the development of socialism here will have some distinct advantages.

  1. We have a highly developed industrial society with a highly trained and educated work force.
  2. Free from foreign intervention, socialism will not have to divert human and economic resources to defend itself.
  3. Socialism USA will avoid the terrible problems of extreme poverty, illiteracy, civil wars, wars of intervention and world wars.
  4. Socialism USA will extend democracy to its fullest, taking as its starting point the democratic traditions and institutions of the American people.

Path to Socialism

We say that it may be possible in the U.S. to bring socialism through peaceful means. Perhaps through the ballot box. One thing is clear, there won't be socialism in the U.S. until the majority of the American people want it.

I like to say that when workers enter the corporate board rooms to take over and the ruling class says: O.K. you're right, we made a mess of things and now you should run it all. Well then there won't be any trouble. But if the ruling class says: Forget it! And call out the army and the police and the national guard, then that is how revolutions become violent. It starts with the ruling class. Workers and their allies have to defend themselves and to fight for what is rightfully theirs.

We believe and advocate that a socialist society in our country will guarantee all the liberties defined in the Bill of Rights but never fully realized. These include the right of people to express themselves fully and freely through organizations of their choice and competing candidates who respect and are guided by the concept of building socialism.

Indeed, the freedoms in the Bill of Rights will take on far greater meaning for the great majority, who will now own the meeting halls, press, radio and TV, and will be able to exercise that freedom effectively.

That's why we call ours Bill of Rights Socialism, USA.

Socialism is our vision for America's future. It is a vision we are winning more and more people to because it is logical - really a great - replacement for capitalism. And because it is the next inevitable step up the ladder of human civilization.





Amended July 8, 2001 at the 27th National Convention, Milwaukee, WI


The Communist Party USA is the party of and for the U.S. working class, a class which is multiracial, multinational, and unites men and women, young and old, employed and unemployed, organized and unorganized, gay and straight, native-born and immigrant, urban and rural, and composed of workers who perform a large range of physical and mental labor—the vast majority of our society. We are the party of the African American, Mexican American, Puerto Rican, all other Latino American, Native American, Asian American, and all racially and nationally oppressed peoples, as well as women, youth, and all other working people.

The living standards of workers and the natural environment on which life depends are under constant attack due to the drive for maximum profits inherent in capitalism. Our party fights for jobs and economic security, a decent and rising standard of living, peace, justice, equality, a sustainable environment, gay rights, health care, education, affordable housing,  the needs of seniors, democracy, and a fulfilling life for everyone, with socialism as our goal. Only through the abolition of the capitalist system and the socialist reorganization of society can exploitation of human beings by others, and the evils of oppression, war, racism, environmental degradation, and poverty be ended. We seek to build a socialist society which puts people and nature before profits.

Our country’s founding Revolution exalted the ideals of equality, justice, and democracy, of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. Marxists have long hailed its progressive significance, while recognizing its historical limitations, chief of which was the failure to abolish slavery. The Communist Party today upholds the continuing struggle to realize these ideals. The revolutionary democratic traditions of the United States call for radical change when injustice, inequality, and exploitation become unbearably oppressive. This legacy gives us, the working class and its allies, the right and responsibility to build a new society. We advocate an expanded Bill of Rights to guarantee religious, political, and individual freedoms, but also freedom from poverty, hunger, joblessness, and racism.

Racism plays a particularly destructive role in the life of our country, imposing severely impoverished living standards on tens of millions of the specially oppressed, and lowering the quality of life for all workers. Racism harms all workers, obstructing the development of working-class consciousness, driving wedges in class unity to divert attention from class exploitation, and creating extra profits for the capitalist class. The Communist Party is unalterably opposed to all manifestations of racism, national oppression, U.S. national chauvinism, male supremacy, homophobia, and anti-Semitism, which are used by the enemies of progress to divide the working class and people’s forces. The principles of democracy, equality, justice, and class self-interest require a joint fight against all expressions of racism and gender oppression. We fight for full equality for all who suffer from racial, national, and gender oppression as an essential aspect of the unity that is basic to all social progress.

Issues of war and peace, wealth and poverty, ecology and pollution, racial and national division, gender discrimination, and international conflict are all connected to class struggle, and have common features on which to build unity among peoples, organizations, and coalitions. The working class as the necessary leading force along with the other core forces—all racially and nationally oppressed groups, women, and youth—can build a movement that also includes the many streams of our working people—such as family farmers, small business owners, and the self-employed—who united together have the power to make fundamental progressive change.

Peace is essential for the survival of the planet and humanity. The pursuit of world domination to further enrich capitalists has resulted in destructive wars, environmental devastation, and massive poverty. The Communist Party fights for solidarity among the working class and peoples of all lands and supports their pursuit of self-determination over their own lands and economies. In the spirit of working-class internationalism, the Communist Party builds the closest bonds with Communist and Workers Parties throughout the world.

Founded in Chicago in 1919, the Communist Party of the United States has an outstanding history in the struggles for peace, democratic rights, racial and gender equality, economic justice, union organization, and international solidarity. Our Party is organized on the principle of democratic centralism, combining maximum democratic discussion and decision-making with maximum unity of will and action, ensuring our ability to play a strong organizing role in the class struggle. We focus our efforts on increasing our ability to organize millions into struggle, fighting anti-communism as a divisive weapon of the capitalist class. With Marxism-Leninism guiding our actions, the Communist Party strives to build the broadest unity against global capitalist imperialism now headed by U.S. imperialism, for immediate gains and reforms that benefit working people, and for a progressive democratization of the government, the economy, and society of our country on the road to and after winning socialism.

With pride in our past and confidence in our future, we hereby establish this Constitution of the Communist Party of the United States America.


SECTION 1. The name of this organization shall be the Communist Party of the United States of America.

ARTICLE II - Principles of Organization

SECTION 1. The system of organization of the Communist Party is based upon the principle of democratic centralism, which means that decisions and policies are made through democratic procedures, and that once a final decision is made, all members are obligated to carry it out. Democratic centralism combines the maximum involvement of the membership in determining policy and in the democratic election of leading committees with responsible direction from one national center coordinating the activity of the entire Party along commonly agreed-upon lines of policy.

Unity is the strongest weapon working people have in the struggle to advance their interests. By making a commitment to unite around a program of action, members strengthen the Party and help unify the working class and peoples’ movements.

Collectivity is the basic style of work of the Party. Through group discussion and action, we seek to develop and apply the best possible plans to advance the interests of working people.

SECTION 2. Each Party body is subordinate to the next higher body, with central authority vested in the National Convention, the highest body of the Party, which not only has the authority to act on all aspects of Party policy and activity, but elects the national leadership to carry through its will and decisions between conventions.

SECTION 3. After a thorough discussion in any club, committee or convention, decisions are arrived at by majority vote. All members, including those who disagree, are duty bound to explain, fight for and carry out such decisions, as long as they do not conflict with national policies and decisions.

Decisions of leading committees on major questions shall be reported to all other Party bodies. Any member, club or committee, disagreeing with a decision, has the right to appeal the decision to the next higher body and request that the decision be reopened. While the appeal is pending, the decision must nevertheless be carried out by all members of the Party.

All appeals of decisions made to the next leading committee shall be heard by the respective body with 90 days or at the next regular meeting of the committee. Appeals may be made to successive leading committees up to and including the National Convention, provided that the appeals are made at least 30 days before the National Convention. Decisions of the National Convention are final. Once a final decision is made, no member, club, committee or leader has the right to violate the decision or to combine with others to conduct an organized struggle against the decision.

SECTION 4. Policies and decisions established by leading committees are open to review during the pre-convention discussion period set forth in Article V, Section 4, below. Members may express their views through the channels established for that purpose. All previous policies and decisions remain in full force until or unless they are changed by majority vote of the responsible committee or Convention.

SECTION 5. The principle of democratic centralism includes the obligation of all members and leaders to fulfill the decisions arrived at by the majority. Both leaders and members are bound by a common discipline.

Discipline is voluntarily assumed by members upon joining the Party and based on conviction, understanding and devotion to the cause to which the Party dedicates its efforts.

SECTION 6. The election of officers and leading committees at all levels shall be carried out with the fullest participation of the members of the elected Party bodies.

Elections shall be on the basis of a critical review and evaluation of the work of the elected body and of the individuals proposed for office. In elections to all Party committees, conventions and conferences steps shall be taken to maximize the representation of industrial workers, specially oppressed peoples and women.

Officers and leading committees are responsible both to the bodies which elected them and to the higher leading committees. All officers and members of leading committees may be released or removed from office by majority vote of the committees to which they are responsible.

SECTION 7. The Party as a whole, and each of its bodies including every club, shall plan and work for the mass circulation and use of our press and literature.

ARTICLE III – Membership

SECTION 1. Any person living in the United States, 18 years of age or over, regardless of race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, or religious belief, who subscribes to the principles and purposes of the Communist Party shall be eligible for membership. The age requirement for admission to membership may be waived in individual cases by a majority vote of the State or District Committee, when, in its judgment, special circumstances warrant.

SECTION 2. An application for membership may be received by any Party member, club, State (or District), or National body. The member or Party body receiving it shall promptly refer the application to the club (if known) and the State or District Committee where the applicant resides. The club and State or District leadership shall promptly confer about the application, and shall assign one or more members to meet or communicate with the applicant as soon as possible. Unless the club or State or District leadership have information indicating that the application was false, or that admitting the applicant would be harmful to the Party organization and its goals, the applicant shall be promptly notified that he/she has been admitted to Party membership, and he/she and shall be referred to a Party club where possible. In unorganized territory, in the absence of a club, the new member shall be referred to the next leading committee having jurisdiction. It shall be the responsibility of the club, if any, or the next leading body jurisdiction, to assist the new member in becoming involved in Party education, mass work and other activities.

If an applicant is not admitted to membership, the club and State or District leadership shall notify the club having jurisdiction (if any), the State or District Committee, and National Committee of the reasons why the applicant was not admitted.

SECTION 3. A Party member shall study and accept the Party Constitution and the Party Program as determined by the Convention, belong to a Party club where possible, be willing to carry out its decisions and pay dues. Membership in the Communist Party is a voluntary act of the individual.

SECTION 4. Party members three months in arrears in payment of dues cease to be members in good standing, and shall be so informed by their club (or district) leadership. Members who are six months in arrears shall be dropped from Party membership after effort has been made by the club (or district) leadership, through personal interviews to bring such members into good standing. They may, however, apply for readmission within six months, and upon approval of the club (or district) be permitted to pay back dues and regain their former standing.

SECTION 5. A member in good standing changing his or her place of residence from one state (or district) to another, shall request the state (or district) of origin to transfer his or her membership to the new state (or district). The request for transfer normally should be made before the member changes his or her place of residence, but in any event, not more than thirty (30) days after moving to the new state (or district). The transfer may be submitted by the state (or district) of origin through the National Committee office to the new state (or district), or it may be submitted simultaneously to the new state (or district) and National Committee.

The National Committee office and the states (or districts) involved shall process the transfer request as quickly as possible, and the new state (or district) shall promptly assist the member in getting situated in the new state (or district).

ARTICLE IV – Club and State (District) Organization

SECTION 1. The basic unit of the Communist Party shall be the club. The two basic forms of the Party club shall be based on: (1) place of work or industry, with shop clubs being the goal; and (2) place of residence, with the neighborhood clubs being the goal.

Each club shall have officers and an executive committee which shall be elected at the time of the annual club conference. Elections shall be by secret ballot if such method is requested by any member of the club.

The purpose of the annual club conference shall be to project the plan of work for the coming year based on: (1) policy as established by the national and state (or district) conventions, and further refined and developed by the National Committee and state (or district) committee; and (2) a thorough and critical examination of the club’s work in the previous year.

All clubs should have officers who fulfill the following functions, where possible: chairperson, financial secretary, educational director, labor secretary, press director, literature director, and a secretary who records all decisions. Two or more functions may be performed by one person. Additional officers and committees may be elected by the club.

Officers and committees are responsible to the club, and shall report on their work to the club from time to time. Financial reports shall be submitted to the club annually. Additional financial reports must be submitted when requested by a majority vote.

SECTION 2. State and district organizations may be established by the National Committee, and may cover one state, part of one state, or more than one state. They shall be known as the “----- State Committee, Communist Party USA”, the “----- District, Communist Party USA”, or the “Communist Party of -------, CPUSA”. Where there is more than one district in a state, the National Committee may establish such forms as are necessary to deal with questions of statewide importance.

The state (or district) organization shall comprise all clubs in one state (or district). The State (District) Committee shall have the power and duty to establish whatever subdivisions best fulfill the needs of Party work, such as state, county, city or section organizations.

The highest body of the state (or district) organization is the State (or District) Convention, which shall meet at least once every four years during the pre-convention discussion period prior to the National Convention. Each club in the state (or district) shall elect delegates to the convention in such number as the State (or District) Committee may determine, provided that the number of delegates to which each club is entitled shall be in proportion to its membership. Where there are members not attached to clubs due to geography, the State (or District) Committee may make special provisions for their representation at the State (or District) Convention. Class and national composition shall be considered in the election of delegates to the State (or District) Convention. To be eligible for election as a delegate, a member shall have been in good standing for at least six (6) months.

Members of the State (or District) Committee shall be elected in such manner and number as the State (or District) Convention may determine. All elections to the State (or District) Committee shall be by democratic process, including secret ballot.

To be eligible for election as a state or district officer or member of the State or District Committee, a member shall have been in good standing for at least one year preceding the date of the election.

The State or District Committee shall elect such officers as it deems necessary. Officers so elected shall be members of the State or District Committee by virtue of their offices, and shall be responsible to the State or District Committee. The State or District Committee may elect an executive committee and any other committees it deems necessary.

A vacancy among members of the State or District Committee may be filled until the next Convention by secret ballot and majority vote of the members of the State or District Committee.

Special State or District Conventions shall be called by a majority vote of the State or District Committee or upon the written request of clubs representing one-third of the membership.

The State or District Committee shall name a committee to administer the finances of the organization, which shall be responsible to the State or District Committee. The State or District Committee shall make a financial report to all regular State or District Conventions.

The State or District Committee shall meet at least four times a year. In districts covering large geographic areas, this requirement may be met up to three times per year through teleconferencing. A request by one-third of the members of the State or District Committee, or by one-third of the clubs, for a review of a state or district policy or adoption of a new policy requires that such a discussion be held by the State or District Committee.

ARTICLE V – National Organization

SECTION 1. The highest authority of the Party is the National Convention, which is authorized to make political and organizational decisions binding upon the entire Party and its membership.

Regular National Conventions shall be held every four years. A National Convention may be postponed beyond the four-year limit due to extraordinary circumstances by a three-fourths vote of the National Committee.

SECTION 2. The National Convention shall be composed of delegates elected by each State and District Convention by democratic process, including secret ballot, and in such number, in approximate proportion to the membership it represents, as the National Committee may determine. To be eligible for election as a delegate, the member shall have been in good standing for at least one year prior to the date of the Convention.

SECTION 3. Special National Conventions shall be called when there is an affirmative vote of 40% of the members of the National Committee or a majority vote of all State and District Committees. The office of the National Committee shall circulate any official request from any State or District Committee for a special National Convention to all other State and District Committees for their action. The time and place of special conventions shall be fixed by the National Committee. The basis for representation shall be determined in the same way as that for regular conventions.

SECTION 4. Prior to regular National Conventions, at least four months shall be provided for a pre-convention discussion period in all Party clubs and leading committees on the problems, reports, resolutions and other documents coming before the convention. During this discussion all Party members and organizations have the right to express their views and propose changes, including changes to the Party Program and amendments to the Constitution, to adopt resolutions on all questions of policy and tactics and on the work and composition of leading committees for consideration by the Convention. All policies and decisions, however, remain in full force during the pre-convention discussion.

SECTION 5. Each National Convention shall determine the number of members of the National Committee. Election of the National Committee by the National Convention shall be by secret ballot.

In the election of the National Committee, in addition to individual merit, such factors as class and social composition, wide geographic representation and political importance of the state or district organizations shall be considered.

SECTION 6. Vacancies in the National Committee may be filled by majority vote of the National Committee. Members may be released or removed by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members of the National Committee.

SECTION 7. The National Committee shall elect from its own membership a National Board and such officers as it decides upon. The National Committee shall establish such other committees or commissions as it deems necessary.

All such officers, committees and commissions shall be responsible to the National Committee.

SECTION 8. To be eligible for election as a national officer or member of the National Committee, a member shall have been in good standing for at least the three years preceding the election.

SECTION 9. Between National Conventions, the National Committee is responsible for the enforcement of the Constitution and the execution of the general policies adopted by the National Convention. The decisions of the National Convention shall be binding on all Party organizations and members.

Between National Conventions, the National Committee is the highest authority of the Party, representing the Party as a whole, and as such has the authority to make decisions and take action necessary and incidental to the good and welfare of the entire Party, and to act upon all problems and developments occurring between conventions. In the fulfillment of its duties, and in the exercise of its responsibilities, the National Committee shall guide and direct all of the political, organizational and educational work of the Party and organize and supervise its various departments and committees. The National Committee shall organize and direct all undertakings of importance to the entire Party, and administer the national treasury. The National Committee shall submit a financial report to each National Convention.

The National Committee and the State and District Committees shall encourage the widest discussion by the membership on all questions of theory and general line of Party policy. The shall provide organs to facilitate such discussions, provided that in the opinion of the National Committee such discussions do not hinder or impede execution of Party policy and decisions or weaken the unity of the Party in action.

The National Committee shall not make any major policy change until it has submitted the proposed change in draft form to the Party organization for debate for specified periods and for recommendations thereon. In an emergency, which must be affirmed by a two-thirds vote of the National Committee, the National Committee may adopt another procedure for making a major policy change, including a referendum vote of the entire membership or the calling of special enlarged, delegated conferences on a national or regional basis.

In the discussion of such major policy changes, rules for pre-convention discussion shall apply in regard to the proposed policy change only, except that the period of discussion may be determined by the National Committee.

SECTION 10. The National Committee shall meet at least three times per year. The officers or one-third of the members of the National Committee may call additional meetings.

SECTION 11. Summaries and reports of National Committee meetings shall be made available to State and District Committees and shall appear in digest form in publications available to the Party membership. Such reports may be published when the National Committee so determines.

All departments and leading committees shall submit reports regularly to the National Committee.

SECTION 12. The officers of the National Committee shall make known to the members of the National Committee any request of any member of the National Committee for either a review of a policy or the introduction of a new major policy question.

A request by one-third of the members of the National Committee for review of a policy or for adoption of a new policy requires that such a discussion be held by the National Committee.

ARTICLE VI – Rights and Duties of Members

SECTION 1. Every member of the Party who is in good standing has the right and duty to participate in the making of its policies and in their execution, and to participate in the elections of the Party bodies to which he or she belongs.

A member has the right, within the Party organization, to express openly and uphold his or her opinion or differences on any question as long as the Party organization has not adopted a decision. This may be accomplished in meetings of the Party organizations and in authorized publications. After a decision, a Party member who disagrees has the right to appeal successively to the next higher body, including the National Convention. At the same time every member has the duty to carry out the majority decision.

Members may critically evaluate the work of all leading committees and individual leaders, irrespective of the positions they hold, provided it is done in appropriate Party meetings, conferences, conventions or other Party bodies. No one may interfere with this right of critical evaluation. Any member may address a question or statement to a leading committee at any level. Leading committees must respond as promptly as possible.

During pre-convention discussion members have the right and duty within Party organizations and publications designated for the purpose, to discuss any and all Party policies and tactics, and the right to critically evaluate the work and composition of all leading committees.

SECTION 2. A member shall strive to attend all club meetings. Members shall continually strive to improve their political knowledge and their understanding of Marxism-Leninism, to take part in the discussion of Party policy, to initiate activities, to work of the aims and policies of the Party, and to seek to win new members to its ranks. They shall also read, circulate and help improve Party publications. All members shall circulate the press and make work with the press central to their mass activity.

Each member shall critically evaluate the work of Party collectives and his/her own activity, with the aim of improving the work of the Party, its bodies, and his or her own activity. The National Committee and leadership at all levels shall take the initiative and give the lead for the development of the fullest critical evaluation and self-evaluation in regard to improving its work.

SECTION 3: It shall be the obligation of all Party members to struggle for the unity of the working class, against all forms of national oppression, national chauvinism, discrimination and segregation, against all racist ideologies and practices, such as white chauvinism and anti-Semitism. It shall be the duty of all Party members to fight for the full social, political and economic equality of the African-American, Mexican-American, Puerto Rican, Native American Indians, Asian and Pacific Islanders, other oppressed minorities, immigrants and the foreign born, and to promote the unity of all people as essential to the advancement of their common interests.

It shall be the obligation of all Party members to struggle against all manifestations of male supremacy and discrimination against women, and to fight for the full social, political and economic equality for women.

It shall be the obligation of all Party members to struggle against homophobia and all manifestations of discrimination against gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people, and to fight for their full social and civil rights.

SECTION 4. All leading committees shall seek a maximum of consultation with other committees, Party clubs and the membership in policy formation, and especially with those comrades directly involved. In the period between conventions, the various Party organizations, from Section Committee to National Committee, may organize delegated conferences to evaluate Party work in a given field or to develop a position on new issues which may arise.

Other forms of consultation may include membership referendum.

SECTION 5. All Party members who are eligible must belong to their respective labor unions. If no union exists at a Party member’s place of employment, he or she shall strive to organize, or help to organize, a labor union whenever possible.

SECTION 6. All Party members working in coalitions and mass organizations (such as labor unions, farm, community, civil rights, fraternal, religious, etc.) shall promote and strengthen the unity and leading role of the working class, and fight for the broadest possible unity of the working class and its allies, in the course of fighting for their needs.

SECTION 7. All members who are eligible shall register and vote in all public elections, wherever possible.

SECTION 8. The Party shall give full aid in the acquisition of United States citizenship to those of its members who, because of unjust and undemocratic laws and practices, are deprived of this right.

ARTICLE VII – Disciplinary Procedures and Appeals

SECTION 1. Subject to the provisions of this Article, any member or officer of the Party may be reprimanded, put on probation, suspended for a specified period, removed from office, dropped or expelled from the Party for actions detrimental to the interests of the Party and the working class, for factionalism, for making false statements in an application for membership, for financial irregularities, or for advocacy or practice of racial, national or religious discrimination, or discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation.

No action, including dropping, may be taken against a member without notifying him or her of the action and the reason for it. Assistance should be given to help comrades to overcome weaknesses and shortcomings, when possible.

SECTION 2. Subject to the provisions of this Article, any member shall be expelled from the Party who is a strikebreaker, a provocateur, engaged in espionage, an informer, or who advocates force and violence or terrorism, or who participates in the activities of any group which acts to undermine or overthrow any democratic institutions through which the majority of the American people can express their right to determine their destiny.

SECTION 3. Charges against individual members or committees may be made by any member or Party committee to the club of which the accused is a member or to the appropriate higher committee having jurisdiction.

All such charges shall be handled expeditiously by an elected trial committee of the club or appropriate higher body. The trial committee shall hear charges, make recommendations and then disband.

SECTION 4. All accused persons concerned in disciplinary cases, except publicly self-admitted informers and provocateurs, must be notified of the charges against them, shall have the right to appear, to bring witnesses, including non-members if agreed to by the trial committee, and to testify. The burden of proof shall be on the accusers.

SECTION 5. After hearing the report of the trial committee, the club or leading committee having jurisdiction shall have the right to decide by a two-thirds vote upon any disciplinary measure, including expulsion. Disciplinary measures taken by leading committees shall be reported to the club of each accused member. Higher bodies must be informed of all disciplinary actions above a reprimand. There shall be an automatic review of all expulsions by the next higher body.

SECTION 6. Any member or committee that has been subject to disciplinary action has the right to appeal to the next higher body up to the National Convention, whose decision shall be final. The National, State (or District) or other leading committee shall set a hearing within 60 days from the date of receipt of the appeal and notify the appellant of the hearing date. When, however, the appeal is to a State, District or National Convention, the appeal shall be acted upon by the Convention following the filing of the appeal, provided that such appeal is made at least 30 days prior to the convention.

ARTICLE VIII – Initiation Fees, Dues and Assessments

SECTION 1. Initiation fees and dues shall be paid according to rates fixed by the National Convention. Between National Conventions, the National Committee may revise the rates of initiation fees and dues by a two-thirds vote of the National Committee.

SECTION 2. The income from dues and initiation fees shall be apportioned among the various subdivisions of the Party as determined by the National Convention, or by a two-thirds vote of the National Committee between conventions.

SECTION 3. Special assessments may be levied by the National Convention or by a two-thirds vote of the National Committee.

All local or state (or district) assessments are prohibited except by special permission of the National Committee.

ARTICLE IX – Amendment

SECTION 1. This Constitution may be amended by a majority vote of any regular or special National Convention, or by membership referendum initiated by the National Committee or one-third of the state and district organizations. It may also be amended by three-fourths vote of the National Committee and a majority vote of the majority of the State and District Committees. This vote must be preceded by a minimum of a two-month discussion period in the Party organization.

ARTICLE X – Authority

SECTION 1. The Communist Party is not responsible for any political document, policy, book, article, or any other statement of political opinion except such as are issued by authority of the National Conventions and the regularly constituted leadership of the Party.










Lets flip that question --

 Angel, what is wrong with being a communist?

Did you read the lengthy comment you posted, above? (BTW - could someone please show this lady how to use a link?). Have you considered that some may hold to parts of an organization without holding them in toto? What part, exactly, of your above posting of their constituion do you object to? EXactly?

I think you have been brain-washed. The 50s are over. 

and BTW - carrying out policy is the best practise for creating policy (reference below). Otherwise, how the hell do you ever get started? Are we only to consider candidates with experience - then how do they get that experience? dUh. Thats ridiculous.



What do these blank entries mean

cj and others, why are you posting blank entries?

Disrupt IT

No objection to questions

Sick & tired, I shouldn't speak for Debbie but I don't believe her remarks were directed to you.  You should talk to Rick Nagin yourself - find his web page or candidates information for phone number.    He's a lovely person and would be willing to answer any of your questions.  I've discussed his status as a communist with him several times. 

He was Nelson Cintron's right hand for eight years, handling all constituent services.  As a matter of fact, I've heard numerous people  say they always felt Rick was their Councilperson.  He did a superb job too.  

This isn't personal campaign propaganda as I am not voting for Rick.  Regards,  Kate

sick and tired

Sorry that I missed your post eariler. On my computer is appears before a lengthy posting that was put on before yours. Just to be clear you have not offended me and hopefully I have not offended you. I do think that all the candidates will be pro labor so think about asking all of them about this. When it comes to public dollars, there are things written into the bids about this from the city so even if you have a council rep who isn't pro labor, it won't matter.

I also will agree with Kate that Rick Nagin was Nelson' right hand man and is a nice person. He resigned as chair of the Ohio CP before taking the position with the City. I have no idea what his affilation is now, but it doesn't matter to me. He is a very hard worker, a dedicated family person, and very intellegent. He served Ward 14 as Cintron's assistant quite well. 


i hesitate to post

 but gee-

yes i lived in the ward 14 that cintron was council rep of when nagin was his right hand man.

so angel IF you are so thoroughly offended that nagin is a communist AND if i am following the implied logic, seemingly, that ought to somehow disqualify him as being suitable to serve, then what of your man cintron who was all too happy to use nagin when convenient?  



Yes, it was acceptable to watch Cintron to hire a person to delegate the administrative duties within the Ward office while he attended to City Hall business. While Cintron was working on committees and attending to meetings at City Hall that brought funding and services into our community, his assistant attended to the daily routine of the office.

As the Vice Chair of Public Service, Nelson Cintron Jr. negotiated enumerable repairs and services be brought into Ward 14. While Nelson Cintron Jr. was lobbying for our best interests, and while he was reacting effectively at various committees, he needed a person in that office and I commend him for hiring a dedicated civil servant to complete that task.

As a member of the Community and Economic Development, which brought HUD funds to the old Ward 14, Nelson Cintron Jr. fought for our Ward. As a second year councilmember, Nelson Cintron Jr. was elected a member of the Finance Committee where he made sure that other funding was coming into Ward 14. As a third year councilman, Nelson Cintron Jr. was elected the Majority Leader of City Council. Nelson Cintron's experience in City Hall and as a LEADER collectively outweigh the experience of Rick Nagin as an assistant.

Again and again, understanding the role of a leader and delegation are imperative.

It's the  role of a leader to delegate, to unite and to empower our citizens. Moreover, Rick Nagin was not alone, as Bob Woodworth was also a staff member during Nelson Cintron Jr.'s 8 year term. (RIP: 2007). Does that mean that Rick Nagin only did half the work he claims? 

When did Rick Nagin sit on committee meetings? Never. When did Rick Nagin have a position to vote for legislation at City Council? Never. What power did he have in the office without Nelson Cintron Jr's approval? None. He was an office administrator, not an elected official.

Rick is riding on the coattails of Nelson Cintron Jr.'s years of leadership. Rick was not a leader, he was a supervised laborer. Nothing more, nothing less.

Could the same thing be said about the entire City Council by their office assistants? Why do we need elected leaders/councilmembers if we have thier assistants? (Let's save that money too if this be the case!) 

Rick's got years of experience as an Executive Assistant. If Rick Nagin was so great at his job, why did the entire City Council work to FIRE HIM out from underneath Nelson Cintron Jr.? Was he being ineffective, abusing his position, and violating rules? Even when Nelson Cintron Jr. tried fighting for him, Rick gave up the fight.  On the principles of caring about his assistant and his family, Nelson Cintron Jr. then came back and hired Rick's wife to fill that position so as not to leave them unemployed.

Yes, Rick worked for the Councilman.

Nelson Cintron Jr. is a loyal leader who fights for his people. Elect Nelson Cintron Jr. to be the councilman of Ward 14 on September 08, 2009 because he does have the skills to execute the job we need done while fighting corruption at City Hall! We don't need a pipsqueek in that job who'll back down at the sight of fighting for folks' rights... We need a tenacious and dedicated leader to represent the people of Ward 14, so Elect Nelson Cintron Jr.

Have a blessed day! 



commies are valid worker ants

but you don't let them be in charge.

is that the point?


     Hello Jb    I'm


   Hello Jb

   I'm glad your hesitataion did not stop you from posting! 

   I think you bring up a valid point. 

   However their is a difference between making policy and advising and carring out policy. 



Organized labor

  BJ: I am going to bat here, not for Angel, but my own misgivings about Nagin and, yes, Cintron's association to Kucinich's operation in NEO.  I belong to a union.  I am glad to have a union, but at the same time--very annoyed that umbrella of union organization has been so abused and manipulated by local politicians.  It's a conundrum/paradox...whatever you want to call it.  In Ward 14, we have the demographics that warrants socialism, but at the same time, many of the residents are refugees/emigrants from countries that practised the corrupt form of socialism--communism.  We also have the largely invisible GLBT community, who has established a foothold of representation.  Any criticism of either faction whether valid or not, will be taken as a smear campaign, because both groups are so intentionally marginalized by our society. (interesting sidenote: the majority of recent posters at this site are women--another group of intentionally marginalized voices).

So--you may want to consider Angel's comments extreme and label them gaybaiting/redbaiting, but it is more complex and confusing than easy derogatory labelling.

Please remember this is a discussion.  We can agree to disagree, but we are lucky to have this forum available to us. 


 the boys asked me why I honked my car horn as I drove past the union picketers outside the Maron's (MRN) new acquisition - the United Building at West 25th & Lorain.

I told them because Newmom and Big Sis are both in the union. Then I explained solidarity (Jack said just like they watered the neighbors plants and fed their dog when the neighbors were away). I briefly explained the history of abusive labor practises and how the people who owned the businesses cheated working people. I asked them if they like weekends and vacations and being able to go to the doctor when they are sick, because those are all things the unions members fought (and some died) for.

Of course I explained it so a 3 and 5 year old would understand it.



Nelson Cintron Jr.'s Record

Since Nelson Cintron Jr. has been lauded for bringing funds into Ward 14, I decided to check out Nelson Cintron Jr's record.

Nelson Cintron, Jr's  Record of Distribution of Community Block  Development Grant Funds in 2004

7/27/04    #30-718-Flats Oxbow Association - $10,000

7/28/04   #30-733-Ohio City Near West - $25,000

8/4/04      #30-730-Stockyard Redevelopment - $30,000

10/5/04    #30-730-Stockyard Redevelopment - $10,600

10/14/04   #30-289-Merrick House - $10,000

10/18/04   #30-718-Flats Oxbow Association - $10,000

11/17/04   #30-114-Ward 14 Street Improvements - $75,000 

1/27/05   #30-435-AACCESS-Ohio - $20,000

5/2/05   #30-511-Lorain Cross Time Cultural Project - $1,500

12/14/05    #12/14/05-AACCESS-Ohio - $70,000

What is AACESS-Ohio?  Arab American Community Center for Economic and Social Services on West 115th and Lorain in Cleveland.  What does that have to do with Ward 14? 

Why did Nelson Cintron, Jr contributed $90,000 to the Arab American Community Center rather than distribute these funds in our ward? 




Nelson Cintron Jr Embraces Diversity in Ward 14

There's a large percentage of Middle Eastern families in Ward 14.  They are residents, vested business owners, and they actively participate in our community all over Ward 14 too.

After 911, do you recall the incidents that plagued the Arab-American community in our City? Our ward is the most diverse ward in the City of Cleveland. It has always been my goal to support our community's needs at the maximum allowable levels.

ACCESS is the only social service agency for the Middle Eastern community in the City of Cleveland. A lot of members of council contribute to this agency.

I lobbied for the Asian Community, the Spanish Community, and the less represented communities such as the Arab Community. I love to empower the rich and diverse ethnic heritage and people of our community.

It is my goal to tear down walls and barriers of diversity, not to continue building them.







CALL: (216) 939-8101





Hi Nelson, thanks again for coming on the site. Please take a moment and address some of these issues raised:

1) Rick worked for and with you, both as a paid assistant and unpaid campaign staffer. Do you think that his communist affiliation is an issue in the W. 14 race? If so, why?

2) there has been much posting about Santiago and I am sure other council reps spending CDBG money outside the strict ward boundaries.

Since you have done that, would YOU also criticize others for doing that (other than the fireworks, please don't go there, we all agree on that one)?

3) the tone is this blog has gotten pretty nasty, with your supporter raising the gay issue, the commie issue, and who knows what else. Is she doing this on your behalf or do you feel differently?


Debbie Webb


Hi Nelson, thanks again for coming on the site. Please take a moment and address some of these issues raised:

1) Rick worked for and with you, both as a paid assistant and unpaid campaign staffer. Do you think that his communist affiliation is an issue in the W. 14 race? If so, why?

2) there has been much posting about Santiago and I am sure other council reps spending CDBG money outside the strict ward boundaries.

Since you have done that, would YOU also criticize others for doing that (other than the fireworks, please don't go there, we all agree on that one)?

3) the tone is this blog has gotten pretty nasty, with your supporter raising the gay issue, the commie issue, and who knows what else. Is she doing this on your behalf or do you feel differently?


Debbie Webb



If a candidate were a rapist, would you want to know? I would.

If he were a republican, would it be significant to you? 

If he were a predator, would you say we were bashing him? 

If he had a history of deceptive practices would you care? 



As for name attention to the list you have attempted to portray on me above... I am NOT a gay basher! Get off of prom date was GAY! Have you no clue? 

I don't agree with ANYONE who deceives the, green party, communist, fraud, felon, or importunist! OWN IT! Be REAL about it. That's simple... if you dye your hair, admit it. If you are 50 years old and look 35-say you're 50... no white lies, no lies.... I hate liars! What part of that is so hard for you to get? I don't hate much...but Liars are at the top of my list.

The little truths I have shared about these candidates are mild in comparison to their REAL dirty laundry. My heavens-if I EXPOSED the stories I've EXPERIENCED FIRST HAND- you might fall over...  or if I shared the things I have simply heard in passing (rumors)...then you'd really call me out...but I do my best to keep it REAL... Pay attention and you just might learn why this ol' gal pal is trying to protect our residents rights, their vulnerabilities, and to provide them with as much factual info as available without totally destroying the lives of candidates with the rumors!

Should we work to treat others as they treated Nelson Cintron in the past? Should we distort the truth, steer them out b/c they are fighting for the disempowered, or stonewall them from employment? No, we shouldn't.  They still have quantifiable skills, no one is denying them that.

Cintron is a proud man who works very hard to treat everyone fairly; with consideration, respect, and the utmost dignity. He's not trying to hurt his opponents. He's not trying to spill the beans on personal info I am certain he has. He's not trying to hurt anyone. Yes, I flat out wish he'd win this campaign b/c I believe in him...

I'd like to see CITY HALL try their games this time around... I'd like to see our people find their empowerment and I'd like to feel like I could trust the person in that, I support Nelson Cintron Jr because I trust that he'll do his best to work towards overcoming the issues!

My heavens above... my, my... how you (Debra Webb) work to disempower the little people from participating by calling them wonder folks don't wish to participate in our forums. You made it nasty, you felt the truth was nasty, you are the one who feels nasty about things... Nasty is a child molestor. Nasty is a liar. Nasty is someone who cannot handle the truth... it's all a matter of personal opinion...


Disclaimer for Ms. Debra Webb's clarification: ANGELnWard 14 owns her blogs, posts, and opinions independently of any candidate.



not a subtle difference

 a rapist = a predator = a gay person = a communist?

this is so not intelligent, its getting not funny.

Mr. Cintron, you came to my door in 2005 and we had a good conversation. I voted for Santiago (how embarrassing) only because he had LGBT on his political flier. I made the decision right before I walked in the door. That will teach me to vote with stereotyping, even "good" stereotyping.

I have to ask, do you actually support this kind of idiotic ranting? because its making me think you might not be so bright.

Ward 14 - We need leadership


This Blog is turning into something I used to enjoy 15 years ago to take my mind off serious issues.

I miss you


how funny

it is 

you got that right

what crap! he needs to speak up and tell us this is crap or no vote from a lot of us 

I don't live in Ward 14, yet

I don't live in Ward 14, yet but there is a possibility I will be moving there in the near future and, whether or not I would vote for Nelson Cintron, Jr., remains to be seen, not to mention a moot point at this point. 

What I do see and read is an attempt to discredit somebody based on the fact that this individual started speaking out and attempting to try to make a difference to the residents he may or may not be looking out for soon.

At least, he did't light a match and burn $30,000 instead of giving it to somebody to use. 



Don't you think that they all are speaking out and trying to make a difference? It is a question of if that difference is one that you want.

I think that the posting of money spent is something that people have asked for. I say bring it on, and if someone says, Yes, I made a mistake, or no, this is why, that is great. Haven't people been asking for disclosure?

Oh no, I fully agree but why

Oh no, I fully agree but why didn't somebody just ask him and see if he was honest about it. 

Ward 14 in the news today

Check out today's Ward 14 version of all my children in Henry Gomez's Inside City Hall blog. This race is tightening up for all the challengers. I can tell you Rick Nagin came to our block club neighborhood picnic on Saturday afternoon at the Tremont Tap House (Which was a great time). All the candidates were invited, Rick was the only one that showed.

Rick spent two hours listening to area residents and business owners on what they are looking for in new representation. Rick is serious about taking one of the two top spots, and based on the yard signs he is definitely canvassing and talking to people in the ward.

Ward 14 politics

  Hi Henry--I don't think one appearance and yard signs make a serious candidate.  I like Rick and have one of his signs, but after reflection, I am not voting for him, because he is too likely to go along with the big labor machinations that have left us with the overkill Fulton Rd. bridge construction and now the unnecessary ODOT walls.  Here's a letter I received today from a concerned local resident:

Please be advised that anybody who lives where they have to view on a daily basis any clumsy attempts at the walling off of the neighborhood  is an affected party. Things that affect the visual design of the streetscape in our neighborhood affect us all. We cannot allow ODOT to limit interested parties to those who live adjacent to the walls. I-71 is one of the ways we all present ourselves to the world.
What does the canvassing material say? How are the phrases couched? We need to know this. I remember the way Dennis Kucinich's office slanted the canvassing on the Fulton Road Bridge matter to work against the residents, and I'd rather it didn't happen again.
Also, we might consider going on offense, getting ODOT to fix what they have installed before any more walls go up. On daily runs to the airport and further down I-71, I am sorely embarrassed by the broken walls only a few years old.
On I-77, they are cutting down natural barriers and marring the landscape with excavating  to put up artificial barriers; it makes no sense from many standpoints, and current cost is only one of them. Cost of ongoing maintnance is another. Marginal benefit is another.
Where is this entire dialogue up and presented in its entirety on the internet, where it is documented for everyone to see.


Do we have money anywhere to legally enjoin the state from further activity? It seems that this, like the NRP project, is just rolling down the track without accountability right past the objections of the affected population.
We should not have to continually defend against aggression from our state and our city.

Henry, we need contracts and construction in the neighborhood, but not this type of contract steering.  We also need to keep our eye on construction contracts with the CMSD and we need to have a representative that actually cares about the fate of our biggest human resource--Lincoln West High School.  

Also, Brian Cummins has it within his power to completely shut down this ODOT circus, but he won't and he is suddenly not responding to the posts at this site, when his constituents want REAL answers.  Rick knows about REALNEO, Nelson knows about REALNEO.  Who is talking here and answering questions, Henry?



ODOT Walls - Politics


Laura, I have not heard a one person running say they are in support of Noise Barrier Walls. I know Councilman Cimperman is against the walls and wants every dime spent on green alternatives. Joe Santiago stated at several meeting (Including my block club and we have it on tape) that he does not support the walls.

Again we need Brian, Nelson, Rick, Moses, and all the others to state their position.


  Henry--the block club notes from Tremont indicated that Santiago voiced his opposition.  Brian Cummins and Joe Cimperman said they would "let the residents decide."

Cimperman and Cummins ETAL

I know Joe Cimperman's position, what was never talked about was a meeting for the CDC's and Councilman at TWDC in late June. Cimperman and TWDC may wait officially until the Auburn Block Club meets on August 13th. Thats the last block club in Tremont that would be affected. I know their is more support that way than our block club of North of Literary.

I would look for something after that. I am going to go to the TWDC Board meeting on the 20th and ask them to take a offical position and send it to ODOT 12.


I would request the Brian Cummins would take a official postion on this platform before the Primary Election on Sept. 8th. My vibe on listening to him at meetings and in phone conversations that these walls were not going up. Lets get him on the record.


Henry Gomez if you are listening can you poll the Ward 14 Candidates on this issue. Noise Barrier Walls in Northern Tremont and the West 25th to Denison area of I-71.

Also ask them what are their policies going to be on unwanted liquor licenses and nightclubs in Ward 14.


Councilman Cummins is opposed to Noise Walls on I-71

I am opposed to noise walls adjacent to I-71 between Fulton and Pearl/W.25th.

Three weeks ago, I took the time and went door-to-door regarding the barriers in approx 3/4th of the most directly impacted areas.  My office in conjunction with the local civic association is going back out this week to document people's opinions one last time to include areas I was unable to confirm.  This was discussed and volunteers sought-out at the last Brooklyn Centre Community Association meeting on July 23rd.

We anticipate broad support for the use of an improved green buffer and the fixing up of the fence line.  Once we've completed due diligence in outreach I'll be very strong in my communications to ODOT.

Nonetheless, we owe it to residents to ensure as many people as possible know and underdstand about what ODOT is proposing and the alternative that most involved thus far want to see (the green buffer improved).

I have not suddenly stopped responding or posting to this site.  I am working hard at both representing one ward and running an election in another ward.  This is very time consuming.  I do not check posts as frequently as I normally have in the past due to the current time demands and constraints.  I do try to respond as timely as possible to the primary emails I use for the election and my current Council duties.  The email addresses are referenced below along with my home/campaign office phone number.


brianjcummins [at] earthlink [.com]
info [at] briancummins [.us]

PS:  For voters in the new Ward 14 -- see the 5 segment, 45-min interview that blackheartcleveland conducted with me at:

[http://www.] blackheartcleveland [.com] /2009/08/03/a-conversation-with-councilman-cummins/

PSS:  Our campaign now has YARD SIGNS and T-SHIRTS.  For voters in Ward 14, please call if you would like either, 216-661-6821.  Also, keep an eye on our website as we'll be posting copies of our promotional literature there.

New media

  Thank you Brian and both have a sense of the new media, which to me--means a lot.

Councilman Cummins, I am

Councilman Cummins,

I am happy that you have stated your position on the noise barrier walls.  I am disappointed with your decision since I am directly impacted by the noise from I71.  I attended a meeting at the Jones Home the day before the Brooklyn Center Community Asociation meeting and quite a few people at that meeting were for the noise barrier wall.  To be fair I suggest that a mailing be sent to all the people in the area that will directly be affected by the lack of a noise barrier wall and get a true indication of what the people really want....not just the handful that attend community meetings.

By the way no one came to my door to ask me my opinion and the freeway access ramp runs righ behind my backyard.  But, for the record I am FOR the noise barrier walls. 

Just for the heck of it why don't you stop over to my home sometime and I will take you into my backyard and we can try to discuss the pros and cons of having a noise barrier. 



noise barriers


I am for the noise barriers.  While using green to abate the noise is very appealing there is not enough space available to plant enough greenery to decrease the decibles to an acceptable level especially for the homes that have their backyards or frontyards abutting the freeway or the onramps to the freeway.  The decible levels in some of those areas reached 74.  I understand that everyone in the area who can see the walls would be affected by the choice but the people who have to listen to the noise day in and day out, and during the night too, have a greater stake in the decision.

I think it was a bad decision to put a freeway so close to housing in the first place.  The only way the noise can be abated by greenery would be to demolish the homes that are too close the the freeway and plant about 200 feet of sound absortive greenery.  But, with the housing being so close the the freeway this is not going to work to aleviate the noise for the people who live in the homes that are right next to the freeway without destroying the homes.  A noise barrier wall would decrease the level of noise to a more acceptable level without resorting to demolition of housing. 

Thanks for listening to my point of view.




yard signs

 Rick has sure knocked on enough doors and got enough people to agree to yard signs to make it look like a "blanket" of Nagin signs. That is a lot of work. People do get influnced by signs in their neighbors yards. Getting them to vote is another matter. 


clark metro

Were there any funds distributed to Clark Metro? I do not see that on the list.



Regarding Nelson Cintron, Jr's record for distrubtion of CBDG funds (previous psot), should have included year 2005.  Error in organization, not in facts.  Kate

Arab community

 The point that Nelson Cintron makes here is very valid and CDBG contributions to ACCESS show he recognizes and is sensitive to the diversity of the community. 

There is a very strong and unrecognized community presence from the Arab multi-ethnic community in the current Ward 14 and Ward 15--residents, as well as business owners.

In my line of work, I meet children who share amazing combined cultures. Nelson--thank you, too, for mentioning the minority of Asian--Chinese, Pacific islanders, Phillippine, and also not to be forgotten American Indian families on the near west side.  There is not some homogeneous block of voters here.  This is why it is especially a community worth cultivating and building upon. 


So as not to disagree with you on the importantance of ACCESS, the point raised was spending CDBG money outside the ward. I believe that wards do not define the neighborhoods by a long shot, and we all are inter dependent in improving our communities.

BUT the point was raised again and again by Cintron's supporter that money must be confined to the councilman's ward.

Please do not twist it around and make it an Arab issue. It is not. It is a question raised repeatedly by A14. This is "whitewash". Go back and re-read the postings of the last few weeks.

Debbie Webb 


 I read the post--yes, money spent outside of the Ward is an issue, yes...Santiago is not the only one doing it or who has done it... You and I disagree on the importance of CDCs.  I would say to you that spending money on ACCESS is NOT spending money outside of the Ward.

It's also not the defining issue of this race--I would say accountability is the defining issue.  Results that improve the lives of residents.  Who will produce real results?  I can't recall if you or someone else posted the four year plan, but I am scheduled to attend the Ward 14 debate and I will look for the candidate who honestly describes the amount of money they have to work with and how it will be spent.

Every one of these candidates has baggage and no one of them is perfect.  This forum is trying to lay out the laundry, if you will.  You don't have to accept my comments and I don't have to accept yours.  This  isn't "nasty"'s just a forum.


The post that I originally responded to on 8/7/09 has been edited. My response will not be edited to correspond to that change.




 I don't know if we disagree on the importance of CDC's. I do accept that they are going to be around, will being undergoing some big changes, and why not try to make it better?

I think that it is real interesting that issues get laid out then when info comes along that is supportive if that position, suddenly the issues and positions are "redefined".

I do think that some postings have been down right nasty. When people disagree, it can be done without name calling and personal attacks. 

Each of these candidates have family and friends that care about them and maybe read this stuff.

I also do not think that this forum is really about laying out the baggage or even positions of the candidates themselves.

It is us posting opinion and thoughts. Hopefully, having the candidate themselves chime in helps.

I don't see this forum winning or losing an election for anyone. 


Nelson Cintron/Clark Metro

 Debbie, the two years I researched ('04 and '5) showed $10,000 to Clark Metro, 8/9/05.  I did find an interesting item.  In '07, United Labor Agency returned $79,045 (6/5/07 Project #27-086) and $52,927 (same date and Project #).  $131,972 is a chunk of money. 

The amount given them could have  been more.  I found only the returned sum which did not go back into the Ward.  Not sure how it works - whether returned funds go back into City General Fund or to the originating Feds.  I researched Santiago's CBDG distribution and could  not find a carry over of this money.

It seemed odd to me.  I'm sure Nelson Cintron, Jr. will respond with some sort of explaination.  Kate






  Let's move away for awhile from the discussion of Ward 14 and consider the apparatus already in place with the Sweeney council and Jackson's control of said council. Any one care to discuss how we can change up that game?  

Do we even agree that Sweeney is bad representation?

I am still out on Jackson, because city services have marginally improved over the Campbell administration, but the tangled CDC web, B&H machinations and how it all relates to the larger corruption as part of the Cuyahoga County machine...this greatly concerns me. 


rapist, pedator

without valid facts?

Public records? 

It is Debbie, or Deborah, not Debra.

Drama is not something I particpate in. 


$131,972 is a chunk of money.

 That is a lot, skd. It had to go back to the general fund since it did not go back to the ward. Any idea of what the money to the United Labor Agency was for to begin with?


united labor agency

 here is a link to find out more about this agency set up by unions to serve the area

Kate can you Scan your documents / Close Clark-Metro

Hi Kate can you scan the documents, I would like to see the format they are in, when the Plain Press asked in 2006/2007 for the breakdown of all the CDBG distributions for the seven years, that they by law have to retain then, they sent a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. I would have to ask Chuck he wanted to do a comparison. But Community Development added years together insoforth and bla bla.

What also needs to be discussed is each Councilman has the availability to spend $1200.00 a month on the City Council Exp. account.  I reviewed and have copies on this from like 2007. Santiago maxed out the cash for $400.00 a month for rent of the ward office and $800.00 to Employ Linda Litto before she was put into the Executive assistant job.

Ward 14 residents should ask all the folks running if they will commit to a Ward office, and what they will use their Exp. account for. Half of council does not use this.

Secondarily I want to clarify all the back and forth over Clark-Metro and CDBG. I think what everyone must understand is Nelson didn't really fund them much, did ask the city to hold the City's CDBG portion over some issues, but he eventually had it restored.  Joe never gave Clark-Metro a cent of his discretionary funding, and along with Emily Lipovan and Martin Sweeney convinced the City to strip all the City's portion too. (60k to 70k a year)

I see this as a big difference you are talking apples and oranges. But Lipovan and Sweeney had just as much to do as Joe with Clark Metro. Those figures from the link a few days ago from Debbie were staggering 12k residents in Clark-Metro, 6K Tremont, 6k Ohio City. CDBG is supposed to be awarded and spent per the neediest census tracts. Clark-Fulton is really getting boned.

My personal opinion right now, and I know it will tick some people off is that the State of Ohio needs to come in and padlock Clark-Metro, they even had their phone lines cut off, Why?

This organization has provided fuel to the fire of why most people feel that Ward 14 is a laughing stock. What we need is every person running in the Ward 14 race to all sign a document that the first agenda item in office is to assemble a team of Ward 14 residents from Tremont, Clark-Fulton, Stockyards, and Brooklyn Centre. Create a understanding that a CDC in Ward 14 must happen.

It may take the closure of Stockyards too. But thier are some great people employeed their. Robert Rodgers does a great job at TWDC for Ward 14. The peices are there. We need a unifier to lead us and make this happen.

I do not want to hear about Eseranza, or Span Am. Show me their track record of Community Development? I do not want a penny of our CDBG money going to organizations that will only provide assistance to one Race or Creed.

You know Nelson was not far off in his last years not give them any money. Put in into paving infrastucture. But with the state of the economy the condition of the Ward presently we need to come up with a plan or it will look like bombed out streets be ran by drug dealers.

Pull the plug on Clark Metro, thank all who tried, including Randy and start fresh.  Start talking about platforms versus sniping each other.



 All reasonable people can agree that Clark Metro is over. Has been for a long time. The Clark Fulton area is so underserved. Even with money going to near by CDC's to serve CF, it just isn't happening.

I would like the next council representative to pledge to help interested  residents create a new cdc in the Clark Fulton area with 2/3 of the board being residents as I think one of the problems with most cdc's is top heavy business business interest on the boards.

Then I would like the new rep to spend some of the CD $$ on hunger in the ward, as the meals programs are swamped and food pantries are being stripped of supplies as the need grows. For those lucky enough to have a job, the cost of everything is so high that the food pantry is a must. It is an allowed use of CDBG money.

Seniors also need extra help. THe baby boomers are now collecting small amounts of social security and need so much.

Roads are in really bad shape. The patching just isn't working any more and they really need repaving.

Boarded up homes and foreclosures are making big areas abandoned. Rescue of these homes and foreclosure prevention is where funds are right now. I would like a committment to get those $$ and use them to reclaim these areas.

Jobs, well the national unemployment rate is expected to hit 10% this year, but it has been 9% for a long time in CLeveland. I'd like a commitment to jobs that pay a decent wage WITH benefits while not selling our souls to tax credits and abatements. I'd like to see a shift away from fast food, bars and restruants that pay minimum wages while the real money goes into the pockets of owners and out of the city.

How is this for starters?


would be a refreshing change.


Henry's Request

Henry, I will contact you via email.  I couldn't agree with you more - for once, we are on same side of issues.  Hooray! Kate

My choice will be either Cintron or Cummins.

I’m still undecided however my choice will be either Cintron or Cummins.

I could easily choose Cummins because of his experience, with the recent political climate at city hall and his willingness to fight the status quo.
I could easily choose Cintron because he is fighter and he looks out for the little guy!!! And ward 14 needs someone to fight for it!
Thank you to both Brian and Nelson for responding on this blog.
I look forward to the city club debate.

Today in the mail

  SickandTired:  Did you register to vote by mail?  I did.  I received one pro-active request for my vote today.  From Nelson Cintron.  I will post it later.

Let's see if anything else shows up in my mail box this week. 


 don't forget to click on the "reply" tab to preserve a comment you are responding to...

otherwise they can (and obviously do) go back and change it and you can appear ludicrous.

not very REAl... but whatever... who's pickin' the bone?


  Debra: you know that you can edit your comments, long as someone does not reply to a direct comment.  All's fair in love and war :)

of course -

 thats what i was saying.

i just wouldn't go back and edit a comment to adjust for a reply, that would be disingenuous ;)



Hello, I just joined this


I just joined this group as I was prompted to this page by a comment to the article in about Rick Nagin.  I am a Rick Nagin supporter.  Cintron has had his chance to work on the problems that plague Ward 14 and so has Santiago.  I don't know Torres but from what I witnessed during a recent Take Back Our Street walk the supporters seem to be focused on the needs of the Hispanic residents of the community.  I also don't know Horvath.  I have been a resident of Ward 14 in the past until the boundaries were changed and I was shifted to Ward 15 only to now be shifted back to Ward 14.  I voted for Cummins as a Ward 15 resident but I was disappointed as he seemed to all but ignore the streets that were North of I71.  He may well be a good councilman for the areas he is working to represent but I was not pleased with his lack of attention to the streets that were not in the traditional Ward 15 area.  Anyway that leaves Nagin as my choice right now unless one of the other candidates comes up with a good reason why they would be a better choice.  If Nagin does not get into the run than I would prefer Cummins over the other candidates.  But this is based only on my current knowledge.  I am still listening and deciding. 


Welcome to this forum. As you can see, pee is high on the agenda tonight but it will move back to politics soon.

Debbie Webb 

noise barriers

Any idea what is used in other cities? Yes, it probably seemed like a good idea to build houses around roads for easy access many years ago and then those  forward thinkers got carried away and built freeways through the popluated areas to access those roads. I live close to 90. When I first moved year, the traffic buzz and whine really bothered me. Trees that were planted have grown and have helped in the summer, but when the leaves fall, it is still there. It never goes away and it always noticable.



Good question Debbie.  I

Good question Debbie.  I would guess that other cities also use noise  barrier walls to mitigate the traffic noise. 

I have also planted trees, I have two evergreens in my backyard but the noise is still bothersome.  I am having a difficult time understanding why some people are against noise barrier walls.  I see them in many areas and I don't think they look bad at all.  It is a solution to the noise problem created by the freedways and it doesn't require demolishing homes which in my area would be required in order to plant enough greenery to dimish the noise to an acceptable level. 

Maybe someone on this forum is an expert in determining how much greenery would be needed to get the same results that a noise barrier wall would achieve.   I would be interesting in seeing the facts.


noise barriers


This links you to the health effects of noise.

You may have your walls...

But how many frills may we add to our government infrastructure, as bridges collapse. Somewhere along the way you draw lines.

Not at your back door, but somewhere!!!

My greatest concerns about living near freeways would be smog from the vehicles and lead in the soil from decades of leaded gasoline... can't wall that out.

Ask ODOT for fresh, organic topsoil and less sprawl, better public transportation, alternative power vehicles and better Federal emissions control standards, instead.

Oh, and let's clean up Mittal, for real!

Disrupt IT

From what I understood the

From what I understood the money was available for the noise barrier walls....and if not used for them there would be only 15% of the money available to be used for other mitigation purposes.  I could be wrong but that is what I was led to believe in the meeting I attended.

I would like everything you suggested....but I think I would have to move to another area, perhaps even another state to get it. 

But, a noise barrier wall is attainable now and money is available for it and I think it would be nice to decrease the noise from the freeway.  Just my opinion.

Why not ask for all of what you want

I don;t think these barrier walls are good investments, no matter how easy it is to get the money - bad use of concrete and natural resources as well. And they don't seem to last, and they aren't well maintained, so they become blight. Then, repeat the process of building new walls... in how many years.

Now would be a nice time to challenge Washington and Columbus to be innovative in this respect. We want to green our communities and we have these rivers of pollution - why not ask them to address the pollution. Trees and shrubs are a good way to create barriers from freeways - could they produce food, as well. Our kids will benefit from our green planning, with large trees and shrubs, rather than pay for our poor construction in the early 2000s.

Let's require ODOT to green their planning.

Disrupt IT

Green Alternatives are already in debate

Norm, just to touch base on this again.

First I want to welcome our new Ward14resident to REALNEO, and can appreciate his stance.

For clarity there are two seperate projects in play here. Northern Tremont (About 2 million) and the I-71 West 25th to past Denison (About 3 million)

For the most part barrier walls in Tremont are DOA, I personally flyered this whole area, most residents are numb and do not come to meetings. But should that disenfranchise those to come out and take a position then vote democraticly?

We were all originally told about 15% of the price could be used. But in a Email sent from ODOT's Mark Carpenter it gives answers to questions councilpeople, CDC reps, and srackholders asked at the first meeting held at TWDC in late June.

7700 Linear Foot in Tremont X $125.00 = $962,500.00

9407 Linear Foot in Brooklyn X $125.00 = $1,175,875.00


Email Sent to Councilmen


Councilmen Cummins, Santiago, and Cimperman and Mr. Garland:

I have researched the answer for the questions from the June 23rd meeting regarding noise barriers held at the Tremont West  Development Corporation Office.  I am copying everyone that was invited to the meeting by e-mail.   There were a few residents that attended that I did not get an e-mail for, so please feel free to forward this information to your constituents.

I will be attending the Lincoln Heights Block Club Meeting on July 9th and the North of Literary Block Club Meeting on July 21st to present noise barrier options.  
These meetings will be answering questions regarding the possible installation of noise barriers.  ODOT will have the presentation on hand if anyone wants to see examples.  For the Innerbelt project, ODOT plans on  having one public meeting in late July or early August to determine 1) if noise barriers are wanted by the adjacent residents and 2) if so, what should they look like.

For the IR-71 project, Tom Sorge from our office will be presenting  the noise barrier options at the Fulton Branch Library on July 22nd and at the Brooklyn Memorial Church on July 23rd.

I am attaching the figures of the noise barrier locations and the June 23rd attendance sheet.   I will send the Noise Barrier Aesthetics Power Point presentation is a separate e-mail.


1. Cost of Noise Barriers.   I do need to make a correction from my statement of cost.  The noise barriers on the west side of the Innerbelt (between Branch Avenue and Fairfield Avenue) are estimated to cost $800,000 and are scheduled to be built under the first construction project of the new westbound bridge -Construction in 2011-2013.  The noise barriers on the east side of the Innerbelt are estimated to cost $1,200,000 and scheduled to be built under the second construction project, the replacement of the existing bridge - Construction in 2014-2016.    The total cost estimate for noise barriers with the Innerbelt projects is $2,000,000.  

The IR-71 noise barriers between Denison Avenue and West 25th Street are estimated to cost $3,000,000.

2. Landscaping instead of noise barriers.   In accordance with ODOT's Standard  Procedure for Analysis and Abatement of Highway Traffic Noise Policy, a vegetative screening can be chosen in lieu of a noise barrier.    The Policy can be found at :

         Page 17 of 35, 2nd paragraph states: "The ODOT meets with the affected residents when noise barriers are offered as noise abatement and provides         the opportunity for them to indicate whether or not they want noise abatement.  If noise abatement is desired, the affected residents may choose the                 aesthetic appearance of the residential side of the noise barrier.  A neighborhood may alternatively choose vegetation in lieu of a noise barrier.   Vegetation is not considered noise abatement and is offered as a visual barrier to the roadway.  Spending for vegetation in lieu of a noise barrier is  limited to not more than $125 per lineal foot.  This cost is inclusive of all project costs related to installation of vegetation in lieu of a noise barrier.  In no case will ODOT spend more to install vegetation in lieu of a noise barrier than the estimated cost for a noise barrier."

Please be cautioned that landscaping/vegetative screening will be limited to the available space within the right-of-way.   The Noise Analysis for the Innerbelt project recommended about 7700 linear feet of noise barrier.    The Noise Analysis for  IR-71 (Denison to West 25th) recommends about 9407 linear feet of noise barrier.

3. Heat created behind noise barriers.  ODOT has not received complaints about increased heat behind noise barriers that have been constructed.   I was not able to find information on this in other parts of the country, either.   Unfortunately, there is no documented or scientific data identifying that noise barriers increase the temperature in adjacent areas.  However, noise barriers will effect normal wind patterns and concrete does absorb energy from sunlight.  

4. Lighting behind noise barriers.  ODOT does not place lighting behind noise barriers.  When the noise barriers are constructed within 5-feet of the right-of-way line, the limited access fence is removed.   The adjacent property owners may incorporate the area up to the noise barrier into their yard.  The strip of property behind the noise barrier will still be owned by ODOT and could be used for access to maintain/repair  the noise barrier in the future.  It is not possible for ODOT to get behind the noise barrier to maintain the property, i.e. mow lawn and trim trees.   It would be the responsibility of the adjacent property owners to provide outside lighting of they choose to.

5.  Maintenance of underpass areas.  ODOT District 12 Highway Management department installed gates in the fence at Starkweather Avenue and Kenilworth Avenue.  This was done to allow the residents access to maintain the area.    In the past, paint was provided at no cost to the Block Club to paint over graffiti.  ODOT has discontinued providing paint for the time being.

6. Permanent Innerbelt Truck Detour.  IR-90 is on the Federal Highway System.  All routes on the federal system are designed for interstate commerce and can not be restricted for any vehicle type that meets legal load limits.  The Innerbelt Bridge will be repaired to accommodate heavy trucks and the new westbound bridge will be built to accommodate heavy trucks to meet these federal standards.

7.  Request for signing - No Engine Brakes.   Section 4917 of the United States Code is part of the Noise Control Act of 1972, and sets maximum noise emissions for motor carriers engaged in interstate commerce. According to an opinion issued by the Ohio Office of the Attorney General, local regulations restricting the use of engine brakes to control noise for motor carriers engaged in interstate commerce "may be inconsistent with federal law, and thus preempted and unenforceable." For this reason ODOT will not install NO ENGINE BRAKE signs (R16-H4) on the mainline and ramps of Interstate Routes.

If you have any questions, please contact me at (216) 584-2089 or by e-mail.

Thank you,

Mark Alan Carpenter, P.E.
District 12 Environmental Engineer
(216) 584-2089



Thank you for the welcome to

Thank you for the welcome to the group.

And thank you for the link to the information from ODOT.

Now here are my concerns. 

If the community decides to go with greenery it will not abate the noise.  That was stated in the ODOT post.  That would mean that the people whose homes are adjacent to the freeway would not get any relief from the noise.  Which in my area is about 74 decibles without the noise barrier wall, and would decrease to about 64 decibles with the noise barrier wall.  As you can see people who live in the area where I reside would still be experiencing quite a bit of highway noise even with the noise barrier walls but the reduction in noise would to about 10 decibles, which is quite significant.

Also, some homes are not well insulated from the sound.  When reading the ODOT post I noticed that in some situations residents who are impacted by the noise have in some areas been offered insulation as a moise abatement measure.  This includes central air conditioning, acoustic drapes, double panel windows, and solid core door.  This may be an acceptable alternative to residents if noise barrier walls are unfavorable to the residents who are not directly adjacent to the freeway.  I would consider this as an alternative to the noise barrier wall even though it would not allow me to enjoy my backyard.  At least it would decrease the noise indoors.

Also, the ODOT post stated that the current reasonable cost per benefitting residence for noise abatement is $36,000 er benefiting residence. 

Another thing I learned by reading the ODOT post is that the conerns of local officials will not be the sole determining factor.

And one more thing, the post by ODOT stated that mailed surveys would be sent to all residents who would be impacted by the decision.  I don't think this has been done.  At least I know that I did not get a mailed survey to my home address.  The only way the community will know what the majority of the residents want is to poll all the residents and mailings would get the information out to everyone who has a stake in this decision.




60 Decibles

is the accepted level.  According to ODOT that's only a few off.  I really take what they say a bit skeptically, and  believe  there is some sort of hardy, hedge-like foliage that would meet the decible criteria.  When I lived in England among the hedgerows, the growth was inpenetrable.  We couldn't hear the tractors thru the hedges.  If it could be proved certain plantings would deaden sound to code level, would you be opposed?

And, welcome from me too.  Nice to have new posters.  Kate

Hello Kate, Thank you for

Hello Kate,

Thank you for the welcome. 

Wow! We are in a noisy area for sure.  Even with the noise barrier walls we are not expected to reach 60 decibles according to ODOT's map. 

I would definately be in favor of foliage IF it could reduce the noise level to the same or at least close to what the noise barriers would.  When you were in England how thick were the hedgerows that did such a good job of abating the noise?  We only have a few feet to work with unless I want to convert my backyard into a forest.  Now, that might be an interesting idea.  It would take care of the noise and eliminate the need to mow the grass too.  I could convert my front porch to a four seasons room so I won't need to have a backyard for privacy.  It actually might be an acceptable alternative.  And just think how the wildlife would love it. I love thinking outside the box.  Of course, as a retiree my income is limited so the four seasons room is probably a day dream, but it is an interesting thought.



I am listening and thanking my lucky stars

I am reading this thread and thanking my lucky stars that some little old ladies in tennis shoes did not let the highway come through my neighborhood. Actually I probably couldn't live here because from the looks of it the first opportunity corridor would have come right through my house. Thank you Mrs. Eakin, et al.

If the noise barrier are built could you get an agreement that ODOT would not spray herbicides on trumpet vines and other vegetation or that they would plant these for you so we don't have to look at those ugly things and you don't either? ODOT has a way of getting what they want despite what the public wants. They are the embodiment of ramrodding. Just look at the mess they have made of our city with their freeways! Goodbye neighborhoods, goodbye history!

lucky stars

speaking of lucky stars, if the sky clears, watch for meteorites shooting across the sky. After midnight away from lights is best, though I read north to northeast after 9 PM may show some. If cloudy tonight, there is tomorrow night. After that, next August.


You may have your walls...

 Norm, do you know what else the money could be used for if it isn't used for the walls, i.e. can it be used for bridges, roads, etc?


ODOT walls

  Interesting to note, that in 2004 ODOT did not have the millions to construct noise walls--now they do?

 ODOT conducted a preliminary noise study along I-71 in Cleveland, and found a noise threshold of 67 decibels, loud enough to justify noise barriers. However, the department has no money to install the barriers, which cost about $1 million per mile.

New to the forum -- my positions

Hello all --

I'm glad to join this forum that was recently brought to my attention.  As a candidate for Council in Ward 14 I want to give my positions on some of the issues that have been raised.

Sound barriers: The situation may differ from street to street.  On Smith Ave. the houses face I-71 and the people there do not want to face a wall.  They have signed a petition opposing any kind of barrier which I gave to Tom Sorge of ODOT.  They support greenery and beautification of the space.  On the other hand on Poe Ave. it is the rear of the houses and garages that face the highway.  The people there may be supportive of the barriers to reduce noise and possibly enhance security.  In my understanding ODOT is flexible and willing to adjust to the views of the residents in each area.  The wishes of the residents are the bottom line.  Everyone seems in favor of maximum use of the funds for greenery.

CDC: I am inclined to agree with Debbie and Henry that we should look at establishing a new CDC focused on Ward 14 that is based on input from each neighborhood and draws on the best of the existing CDCs including those employees who committed to Ward 14.

Political beliefs:  I am a lifelong Democrat.  I have been involved with Democratic campaigns since I worked for Lyndon Johnson in 1964.  I worked on the campaigns of Gore, Kerry and, as a virtually full time volunteer in Labor 2008, on the campaign of Barack Obama.  I was also labor coordinator for Dennis Kucinich's campaign in last year's Congressional primary.  I was an active member of the Ward 14 Democratic club when it functionned.

Recently a poll was done by Rasmussen that found that 30% of Democrats believe in socialism.  I am one of those.  I believe corporate greed is the root of the problems we face in our country and that it would be better is working people, rather than corporations, were running things.  I belong to a number of organizations, including my union -- the Communications Workers of America -- Jobs With Justice and the Communist Party that work for the rights of labor and seek to shift resources and power towards working people.  I am a delegate to the North Shore (Cleveland) AFL-CIO and, if elected, intend to remain active with the labor movement as well as be an advocate for the people of Ward 14. 

When I was the Ward 14 Councilman's Assistant, I was able to assist on a number of issues affecting working people.  This included supporting the union organizing drives at Dreisen and Peterson Nut, representing the Councilman on the Living Wage Committee and on Congressman Kucinich's Steel Summit which succeeded in keeping Cleveland's steel mill.  If elected, I would continue efforts to support justice, dignity and economic security for working people.

Because of my long commitment to the labor movement I am endorsed by the AFL-CIO, Laborers Local 310, the Postal Workers Union and AFSCME 3360 representing workers at MetroHealth, the largest employer in Ward 14.  Further information about my campaign can be found on my website:

Rick Nagin


 The fact that Nelson

 The fact that Nelson Cintron gave $90,000 dollars to an organization so far out of the ward is appalling. 

I would even go so far as to say it's suspicious, since the last disbursment was well after he lost the election.

I would never defend the use of CDBG on fireworks, but the fact that more hasn't been made of this transaction 

is questionable at best.  I'm all for supporting diversity, but last time I checked Ward 14 WASN'T  40% Arab and West 115th St.

WAS five miles outside the ward.



money outside the ward

This has not gone unnoticed, trashman, and it isn't about diversity. It is about sending funds out of one of the poorest wards in the City instead of giving it to an social service agency that benefits the people in Ward 14.  Fair is fair, and this wasn't fair to us that live here. 

The game

  Dwebb and the new guy...whatever you want to hide behind...yes, Nelson fell into the same game going down during the Mike White administration, but to his credit he did not take the bait and fall for it like Jeff Johnson (I had my own run in and experience with the Community Relations department during my stint at TWDC...intimidation and lies...the whole food stamp/indentured servant/corner store racket). 

Mike White managed to make the old boy network work for him, and to not get caught at it.  He also managed to fix our streets, get city employees to get off their asses and work for us, and fix things.  Rec centers were clean and swimming pools had swim teams, baseball fields were groomed and kids had the opportunity to go to baseball camps...I can live with that kind of corruption.

But, the game has changed and the rules have totally changed. The CDCs are completely controlled by outside interests with no accountability to residents.  Gambling, drugs, demolition/construction contracts and real estate are a larger part of the new game.  Nelson Cintron can not be blamed for this machine, but Santiago,Torres, and unfortunately, Nagin and Cummins are affected by this machine, because it involves federal dollars. 

Nelson Cintron has nothing to do with the new game.  His kids went to Lincoln West High School and he lives here.  He lost the last election and he didn't move.  His eldest daughter is staying here and fighting, too, even though she has a long shot race against Matt Zone.  I voted for Nelson Cintron and I hope everyone else in Ward 14 does too, because frankly he's the best choice we have got right. 

I hope that he gets elected and is given the chance to reinvent local government to use his discretionary funds to support a staff that works for us, a staff that lives HERE-- with accountability to residents. 

Nationality does not play into this game.  If he wants to call the staff working for him a CDC, then it will have to be redefined, because, right now, that system is completely broken and completely unworthy of our trust.


lmcshane, my position above about fairness stands.

I am not sure how this turned into a Mike White, Jeff Johnson, cdc rant, but be that as it may, fair is fair.

Nelson was my council rep for 8 years, and of course, Mike White the mayor. I am aware of the cdc debacle. It goes back many years. We have a vastly different take on Mike White, who 4 1/2 months into his first term, after campaigning on a great sounding platform, endorsed the Gateway project, tax abatement for the Jacobs, and the sin tax.

You have your opinion, I have mine.




Mike White

  Is no saint, but his sins pale in comparison to the hell ride we live with since his time in office.

And, if you want to examine and criticize Nelson Cintron's record, then you have to examine it in the context of the entire administration at the time. 

mike white, jeff johnson and forbes

 Examine in the context of the entire administration is a good idea. perhaps extend that courtesy to others in council and council leadership.

BTW, trash man was just fairly pointing out that about 25% of one years' funds were given by cintron to an agency outside the ward, perhaps in response to some criticizing Santiago. He or she was not looking at the entire tenure of Cintron. That would lead to a really heated debate.

Gary Horvath

I am not sure of the spelling of his name...but who is he and why is he not campaigning, or did I just miss him when he came to my area? 

I still want to know why, other than the money, would anyone want to be a councilperson in Ward 14?  The area is rife with problems.  It gets a little better and then it backslides again...and this repeats.   This is an election year so everyone is on their best behavior offering all kinds of service to the community...bu after they are elected then what actually get accomplished?  I am jaded.  I am disappointed.  I will not give my vote to anyone who has had the opportunity to lead Ward 14 in the past as their lack of accomplishments speaks louder than all their promises. 

gary horvath

No idea who he is. Ward14resident, when you came on the first time, you said that you were a rick nagin supporter. have you changed your mind?


Moises Torres could be your candidate, Ward14Resident

I agree with you Ward14Resident, don't waste your vote on those who "had the opportunity to lead in the past as their lack of accomplishments speak louder than all their promises." Vote for Change in Ward 14. Vote for Moises Torres. I believe that Ward 14 Risidents will not be disappointed if they elect Moises Torres. Please take a moment to listen to his video.

I read the flyer I received

I read the flyer I received from Moises Torres and I liked some of this ideas.  But, I already sent in my ballot. 

You are an honest person ward14resident

There should be more people like you!!!

Thank you YourConscience. 

Thank you YourConscience.  That is quite a compliment...I do try to be honest. 

I watched the video of Moises Torres and it touched my heart.  I hope he decides to continue to work in politics as I think Ward 14 needs his good ideas.  I especially liked his idea to give housing tender loving care instead of tearing it down...and I liked his idea of giving the people who live in the ward jobs to do this work, and I especially liked his idea of getting the young people involved in building up the community, so they will feel they are a part of it.  Great ideas.  And he looked sincere too.  I liked him. 

Moises Torres and Hugo Urizar

  Thank you for taking your message to the new media and for using REALNEO as it is intended--as a public forum for sharing information and ideas. 

But, I also wish that you both still lived here.  As much as I, too, admire what is said in your video message, I find it hard to believe that this will translate into real change.  That said, Moises Torres, if you do win a chance and progress to the general election--I can say you offer me some comfort by stressing the need to repair our housing stock and to not demolish it.  And, I believe you do genuinely care about the kids in our neighborhood.  I look forward to the debate at the City Club this Thursday.

Peace to you--
Laura McShane

(And if you do buy the house you were considering here in Ward 14--we will be immediate neighbors).


So that leaves?

  DWebb--given the slate, the history, the politics and the game...who's left? Who gets your vote?

No Debbie, I didn't change

No Debbie, I didn't change my mind.  I have mailed in my ballot already.  I was just wondering who Gary is.  I also woud really like to know why anyone would want to be the councilperson for Ward 14, except for the money.   What motivates a person to run for political office?  Is it the money?  Or is there another more altruistic reason?


 what a relief... lets hope the numbers hold.


So far all we have are the mail in ballots, but, yes, let's hope that does hold. Counting the votes in the percints close to the BOE are always last. I am watching on the BOE website. Hope that it is final before bedtime.

for such a low turnout

it is a slow tally of votes. 2 1/2 hours after the polls close 0 of 17 precincts counted in 14.

oh please

 i've worked the polls many times - let me tell you the stories!

they could elect fricking king kong - i just want new blood in my hood.

action jackson's numbers are disappointing... lets hope everyone voting his opponents collectively go for the one who comes out on top come November.

communism will be a hot button topic in Ward 14

 it already is judging from the comments popping up on and the ignorance demonstrated above. 

we watched Bill Maher the other day and here's some interesting data he shared:

With humor, Bill Maher recently pointed out some serious problems with the intelligence of the American electorate.

Humor aside, these statistics are quite disturbing:

  • 34% of Americans still believe that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9-11.
  • A majority of Americans cannot name a single branch of government.
  • A majority of Americans cannot explain what the Bill of Rights is.
  • 24% of Americans could not name the country America fought in the Revolutionary War.
  • More than two-thirds of Americans do not know what is in Roe v. Wade.
  • Approximately two-thirds of Americans do not know what the Food and Drug Administration does.
  • Nearly half of Americans do not know that states have two senators.
  • More than half of Americans cannot name their congressmen.
  • The average voter has no idea what government spends money on … less than 1% is on foreign aid, which most do not know.
  • 18% of Americans think the sun revolves around the earth.
  • Only about 1/2 of Americans are aware that Judaism is an older religion than Christianity.