Did POTUS fire Sally Yates because she was on to his USSR connections? Or because Ms. Yates refused to defend exec order?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 02/14/2017 - 22:41.

 POTUS has been married 3 times.   That's much like someone who I knew involved with Realneo back in 2004.   Very confident, extremely bright.   Massively inventive.

Ready to interview all the local Mayors and civic leaders.  I went along.  Felt pretty cool.   Access.   

Well, that's POTUS too. 

So when I read about Flynn speaking from the Dominican Republic to Russian reps - and his convos were being recorded by the CIA - and Mr. Flynn "resigns", well, I ain't buyin in. 

POTUS knew Mr. Flynn was speaking - regarding Mr. Obama's sanctions - with the Russian folks.   Check out the timing.  December 29Th.  

POTUS has some serious personality disorders.    He is on some serious thin ICE!

And thank you Sally Yates for being a stand up strong smart Justice Dept. citizen!

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Sessions is now in...too

 These nationally important folks are too geriatric to know they are being tapped?   Plz!

Jeff Sess you are an embarrassment and need to