Do you know where your NATURAL GAS comes from?

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Thu, 04/28/2011 - 12:29.

When you turn on your natural gas furnace to heat your home in the winter or your natural gas hot water tank for a steaming bath or your gas stove to cook a yummy meal; did you ever think twice about the source of that natural gas? With recent regulations to the gas companies, many families have been able to think about the source providers that they purchase the resource from; but what about "WHERE" it comes from? 

Over the generations, gas companies have used many methodoligies for drilling wells to find gas deep in the earth's core. Everything from nuclear bombs underground that caused radioactive results to the latest method of "FRACKING" which is resulting in production levels beyond gas and oil companies wildest dreams...

Over the last few years, gas and oil speculators from all over the country have been infiltrating Ohio... The Gas Man has gained a new name in Ohio; particularly in Appalachia areas of Ohio where families are finally seeing the fruit of their farms come from far beneath the land that they once tilled. Yet, in today's economy and in a world where most folks have limited resources to get a lawyer to review these "contracts" being presented to eager landowners; who is protecting the residents of communities that are about to be overrun with GAS WELLS and GAS LINES that will heat Ohioans' homes in the near future? 

Recently news investigations in Arkansas have led to allegations that this new method of FRACKING is resulting in deadly earthquakes and posioned water resources.

Will Ohio have the same problems? Will our legislators protect the public at large by implementing reasonable measures that govern these practices and protect our natural resources? 

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Mineral Resources Management provides for the safe and environmentally sound development and restoration of mineral and fossil fuel extraction sites.

Expertise is provided by a professional staff of geologists, environmental specialists, engineers, blasting specialists, soils scientists, hydrologists, archaeologists, and hydrogeologists.

Funding for programs comes from severance taxes on coal, minerals, oil and gas; federal grants; general revenue funds; fees; fines; bonds and reimbursement.

Is Ohio prepared for Earthquakes as a result of deep well drilling activities? Is ODNR collaborating with FEMA to react to these projected type of results? Are our rural families prepared for the results of such activities that warm the homes of the rest of the world?



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