Pilgrimmage--Archaic Revival : Works by Gary Spinosa

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Archaic Revival: Works by Gary Spinosa
Ronald E. Holstein Gallery -Erie Art Museum
May 6, 2011-August 28, 2011



Make a day trip to visit Erie, PA and the Erie Art Museum's exhibit of Gary Spinosa's most recent work.  You will be rejuvenated.

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Talisman collectors

I am short on time, but have loaded some of the images from this recent trip to see the Gary Spinosa Show--please look over the attached images.  Gary's talisman "stones" have collectors from all over the world. 

You still have time to visit the show in Erie and to enjoy the mystery and the magic.

Artists need other ARTISTS

A meeting up of minds:

Gary's humble garage studio is a workshop and NEO pilgrimmage stop for artist Christopher Pekoc, who regains his spirit after visiting with Gary and The Muses.