Do you live near an abandoned GHOST factory or industrial land? Lead Poisioning

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Sat, 04/21/2012 - 07:32.

This week, the local and national news exploited the fact that there are countless "GHOST FACTORIES" remaining in the Cleveland area which have left remnants of LEAD POISION in the GROUND which continues to adversely affect residents indefinitely due to bureacratic steering of responsibility. Families often do not realize that their children are playing in contaminated backyards located near these vacant buildings and properties throughout our city because they are considered "Industrial Property" and not "Residential Property".

Where are the lead poisioning polluted properties and How can YOU BE PROACTIVE to help the legislators amend their laws in order to clean up these locations is the question of the day? Are you aware of how the LEAD DUST travels from parcel to parcel? Are you aware of the adverse health affects of LEAD POISIONING to your families? Will you call your city and county council represenentatives to demand social justice and action to remediate these properties and to protect the public at large? Will you ask them to legislate protective measures that will result in INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY CLEAN UP? 

One of REALNEO's original bloggers demanded social justice regarding LEAD POISIONING in the Cleveland Ohio area. His countless regurgitations about the degrees of the poisioning to the land and air and people of our region brought many factors to light for so many of the residents and political factions in order to make great change and empower citizens to protect the long term health of their families. He ignited countless investigations regarding sites that continue to violate the public at large as they conduct their daily business.

Will you join this advocate and fight for your own family's rights? Will you speak up against the people who legislate our clean ups of contaminated land and air? Will you demand social justice for your community at large? Will you talk to your community groups and stand up at City Hall meetings to bring attention to this sad reality in your community? Will you get informed about the issue and get petitions signed to clean up these places? The investigative reporters are sharing information...but will the actual citizens take a stand against the politicians who keep diverting responsibility for such clean ups? Will the citizens demand accountability of the owners, federal, state, and local leadership to clean up their own communities? 

TAKE ACTION TODAY! Write a letter to your leadership, call your leadership, speak to your neighbors, go to community what it takes to make a difference for the best interests of your community at large! 



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Is your backyard contaminated with LEAD due to GHOST FACTORIES?

You may qualify for LEAD ABATEMENT HELP through your local city. However, if there is an industrial factory next to you that is abandoned and contaminated; you will be surprised to find out that the local leadership has no legislative clean up measures available to protect you....


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"