Don Scipione County Executive Candidate

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I know Don from his software and volunteerism

I know Don from his software and volunteerism - he is truly a high quality guy.

The conclusion of his speech raises on interesting point - Don worked for 2 years to make Issue 6 pass and to dismantle the old County government so he knows the players and big picture on that better than any candidate - he is the best candidate for those who wanted to undo the old government ways...

Is he the best man to lead us forward with a new form of government?!?!

Well, Don worked with me on developing the technology for realNEO, around 2001... before realNEO - we just couldn't get local support to release that as a community solution (it was not open source at the time and so had significant development costs... pre Drupal... pre Facebook) - so you could say he was here at the conceptual beginning of this social network, and he should understand our value in the community.

I'll interview Don and learn more - I need to see his position on the environment, GIS and Open Source Software these days - thanks for posting this...

I was glad to see Don enter the race... made me feel better about choosing otherwise.

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Dear Norm and Real Neo... Support Democracy.... help Don ascertain his approximately 6,000 signatures in the next 30 days... You'd be amazed how democracy could work if we all worked collectively to keep him on the ballot! I have had the pleasure of meeting him at several forums. He is quite nice, humble, and humanistic. I appreciate that about him. I salute his courage to promote great wisdom from his experience while working hard to get his signatures. Sadly, several leadership voters have withheld signatures from his very petitions...I even signed his petition and he's my competitor... So, with all due respect, anyone interested in ascertaining a petition or a few (20 signatures each)...and filling it up with good old fashioned registered voter signatures, may contact him to get clipboards to ascertain signatures. Thanks for upholding democracy and promoting opportunity that is fair and considerate! May God Bless Don & his family for their dedication to this project!!! 

I recommended getting volunteers with tables, multiple clipboards, and working the events downtown...


Puerto Rican Festival

This year marks the 42nd celebration of the Puerto
Rican Parade in the City of Cleveland. The Parade & festivities is a great historical tradition that has united Clevelanders and Northeast Ohioans for decades.

The festivities highlight and immerse everyone in rich tropical music, foods, folklore, and splendor. 

The 2010 Puerto Rican Parade and Latino Fest will be held Friday, August 6 through Sunday, August 8th, at the Cleveland Municipal Parking Lot.

The Annual Parade will take place on Sunday, August 8th displaying floats from agencies and social clubs from the community.

Proceeds from this event are utilized to support year round cultural arts programs  offered at the Center.

Kids Zone:   New Fun Entertaining Rides 
                     Free Fun Activities for Kids 
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Board of Trustees


Fest & Parade 2010

Our Sponsors

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Puerto Rico

Online Store

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Upcoming events

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Julia De Burgos Cultural Arts Centeter



Festival Hours :
Fri. 8/6    5:00pm - 12am
Sat 8/7   12:00 pm - 12 am
Sun 8/8  12pm - 10:00 pm

Parade: Sunday, August 8, 2010 @ 1:30
Kicks off on E. 13 & Superior Ave. towards E. 9th & north to Muni Lot.
(1500 S. Marginal Rd)

Puerto Rican Parade

In cities like Chicago, New York--

the Puerto Rican Parades and Festivals attract families from all over and the events draw top musical acts. 

We can do better here.  WE NEED to DO BETTER.

It would help to have real City of Cleveland participation and encouragement of immigration and support of immigrants. 

Instead, of capitalizing on our cultural assets, the mayor and his minions focus on demolitions for developers (aka the Land Bank) and CDC salaries for folks who don't even live here. WE NEED to DO BETTER.

Ward 14 needs signature events and projects that define our identity and keep folks here.  Kids see no investment and no opportunity HERE. 

Their outdoor pool, rec centers, parks, and SCHOOLS are NEGLECTED.

Meyer Pool is leaking and looks terrible in comparison to the renovated pools in adjacent wards--Lincoln Park and Loew Park Pools.  Their high school, the International High School, Lincoln West, and the TOP CMSD to win science awards (not the STEM schools) has been intentionally thrown into chaos by the foundation and corporate take-down of the public education system.

Folks NEED to see investment and real bricks and mortar improvement in WARD 14--Councilman Cummins, we need to SEE IT. 

AND, if you are working to make this event work for WARD 14--Let us know IT.

How can folks have PRIDE in their neighborhood and their culture, if they are continually treated like they are poor and stupid???

Tell the Puerto Ricans about the Pollution

Tell the Puerto Ricans about the Pollution - I believe the Sierra Club can provide their material in Spanish too.

I wonder how many non-English speaking citizens have a clue about our pollution here...?!

If you know of any Puerto Rican citizen rights advocacy groups in town, let me know. They should be in our conversations about coal burning here!

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