East Cleveland Council agrees to sell Land Bank Property to East Cleveland Councilman Brandon ' LAND ' King

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East Cleveland Councilman Brandon 'Land' King  is the "King"  of  East Cleveland's Land Bank.     DSC04863


East Cleveland Councilman Brandon King wrote and pushed his legislation through in order to purchase land bank property for himself,  friends, and family members.

Councilman KING attends meetings in which his family members are attempting to purchase more and more land bank property, and if Brandon King is questioned as

to possible conflicts of interest or just plain greediness, he becomes hostile.  Instead of recusing himself, Councilman decides to represent his family at the hearings.

East Cleveland Council members  give the final vote for land bank property- the same property East Cleveland Councilman Brandon King is attempting to purchase,

or his family / friends have already purchased.


 Brandon King, the King family, and friends have the land bank property scam down tight.  


The King family are the crumb snatchers of East Cleveland's Land Bank even though a quick property search would reveal these are the exact type of no property tax paying real estate owners that should not own any property, let alone own free or nearly free property from the county or city's land banks.

They already got them some land bank goodies, and are making their move for the next land bank property on TUESDAY,  JANUARY 20TH, AT 6:30 P.M. 




  This house, in control of East Cleveland Land Bank, is scheduled for final council vote to sell the property to their own councilman for $1,000 despite a private party's offer of $10,000.

No wonder East Cleveland is so damn break.          


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thomasBarbara Thomas and her fellow colleagues will make an exception to the run that people trying to purchase land bank property do not have any unpaid property taxes for Brandon “LAND” King.
It is important to note that Brandon “LAND” King does not hold committee meeting and after a year has no photo of himself on the wall at City Hall.  The man is only on city council to purchase property and he has been doing a swell of job that thanks to yes votes from all of council members.

     With no comment from Mansell Baker or Barbara Thomas it now appears that King will get this house for pennies on the dollar.  Previously a ten thousand dollar bid was negated because that person had unpaid property taxes and now King with same situation and a much lower bid gets this house.

If we are going to discriminate and give King the house he should at least bid more than one thousand dollars and top the previous bid of ten thousand dollars.  Since Barbara Thomas and Mansell Baker are in unison with Thomas Wheeler and Brandon King who will both get to vote by law there are enough votes to push this travesty of justice through.
Congratulations Brandon King because you truly are the “LAND” King of East Cleveland and if none of the citizen are upset over you buying land and extorting the East Cleveland Library for money you are not entitled to always know that we here at 44112News.com are watching.  
Following the vote on Tuesday to give you this house that we previously thought had not unpaid property taxes trusting that Mansell Baker had done his job are now making sure of all your future property deals.
East Cleveland Ohio City Council Meets Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 630 PM and this house will be the first thing voted on so get there early.                                  
The Norton Network no longer airs these meetings it was axed two years ago. 







































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