What ever happened to the good old days

Submitted by Boerboel Breeder on Sat, 10/09/2010 - 13:52.

Time really have changed. Even though I am not that old I have seen quite a bit in my day. This day I am deeply saddened when I look around at what is going on in our society and the conditions of people. What happened to love peace and harmony or did it ever exist in the first place?

Am I under an illusion thinking that people can work together for the common good of us all ?

Were does it start where do we begin?

I am thinking that it starts with youself. Pledge to yourself what role you will play in the evolution of society.  Know that there will be times when you may become discouraged and want to give up on people you have to understand that one individual does not and cannot represent the feelings of the majority. Heep the faith and never give up. The lord works in mysterious ways.


God Bless

Boerboel Breeder


Find God, brother

Find God. I contacted Mick and Russ - I'll contact your dad. Help is on the way.

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