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"A new generation of independent TV stations like WJXT in Jacksonville, Fla., are competing strongly against the networks' primetime offerings with a lineup of local newscasts and syndicated shows. While highly profitable, these indies still face resistance from some marketers, who prefer the cache of network fare like "CSI" to pitch their products. "

 Found this info on the Broadcasting and Cable Website


Thought it might be of interest to those involved in "Film."


What also might be interesting to know is, who here on Realneo is involved in "film" as well. 



Alex P. Michaels

Building the Knight Movie Studio Incubator

Just to comment quickly

I am the administrator for Cleveland IndieClub, a monthly independent filmmakers' get together group that has been around for over 2 years, we have about 60 to 80 people each months gathering at The Hyacinth Lofts and to showcase each of their short films and having special guests to talk, more info at

We also have used this group to socialize, network and pull our resources together, just as my short film A Joker's Card, which won 3 awards and now got invited to be shown at SXSW (South by Southwest Film Festival) and Austin Film Festival while it is also going to Cannes. In addition, there is Bill Johns film Madness, Christine Chapman's short films and many others who gotten their resources and help to finished their product.

What all these has to do with economy? Plenty, they are garnering support and resources available within the City, and we are making it happening here. In addition, we are bringing attention from other cities to have interest in coming to Cleveland knowing that there is a strong support group of independent filmmakers. One other example is my feature film scheduled this Summer to be shot in Cleveland, we have a budget, we are bringing in professionals to Cleveland, they are flying in from LA, MN, MI, MA, and PA. They are here to work and to network, they are going to spend 18 days in Cleveland, spending their money contributing in their fun/meal activities. etc. In addition, our feature is already being taken (teaser) to Cannes for buyer's interest, meaning, bringing more attention on what Cleveland can do for us. Not to mention, we are still the first in the City to have wire-stunt work within the independent filmmaking community.

That said, we are making noise, we are pumping up the city for others to know that we exist. :) Also, not to mention, Horrors of War, a film by Peter John Ross of Columbus, Ohio just sold to over 10 territories for dvd distribution, and he's already bringing a lot of attention to the state which indirectly helps Cleveland to be in the map.

In all honesty, Cleveland' independent filmmaking scene is as strong as those in LA or in NY, even in Seattle right now, they are not as active as we are as a group, because they are still 'segregated' and broken into many smaller groups that trying to compete against each other. Whereas in Cleveland, the Cleveland IndieClub has become the 'only' group that has sustained for 2 years and growing with it's membership (which is free).


Johnny Wu


also President of OCAGC (

Excellent - to discuss at the film roundtable

Very cool. Thanks so much for posting that. I'm not personally a filmmaker or connected into the indie film scene but I know lots of people who are. I'm into IT and economic development in Cleveland and I assure you everyone in town who has a clue know how important film is in NEO - it also offers some cool opportunities in IT here - working with OneCleveland, IdeaStream, Case, etc... we have lots of resources to leverage.


What isn't clear is what is the film "industry" and what does it need to thrive at every level. We need to educate all the people needed in the industry today, anticipating tomorrow, and we need to inspire them to be creative, and we need to provide them the resources to create. And we need to develop sophisticated positions in the global film economy, at every level. But what does that mean in immediate action items - how can who help you succeed better - all your members and more succeed better - doing what you love.


So, we're holding an Excellence Roundtable, at the City Club this Tuesday, to get 40-50 local film and economic development folks together around four tables to talk about how to optimize the value of film and education, arts & culture, technology, and the economy. The objective is to create a much broader dialog on these matters with economic development folks at the tables, in the process identifying doable action items that will further the objectives of each participant.


No one's right or wrong, good or bad - we're all trying to figure out the smart things to do to improve the region - and we need to celebrate such success as yours... you'll have a chance to educate us lots more next Tuesday - details to post shortly and I'll link that here.

BTW - it looks like there's some good effort at the state level too... tax incentives

Indie at AJs?

Johnny - a very cool cafe/bar downtown - A.J. Rocco's - wants to designate one night a week local indie film night - like Tuesday - and just invite folks into that to hang out and screen films and have a few beers. It's the idea of the Tuesday bartender, just to make things more fun there. Would you be able to team up with them to arrange the content - filmjockey so to speak (if you think it makes sense). Let me know and I'll connect you with the folks over there.

Press Blogging and the World Film Forum

I was part of a web pdcast today with "Meet the Bloggers." One of the Bloggers should be at the City Club Tuesday for the World Film Forum. They are part of the new press scene. 


I am looking forward to the World Film Forum.


 This Saturday, I went to see "Keeping it Reel," a program by CSU's Black Studies Program about African Americans in Film. I was just going as an audience member with my sister, but when I called the Director, an old friend and former Director of mine Prester Pickett asked me to show something there. I went down, helped out, and showed a clip from my TV show "Out of Darkness."


I also ran into another filmmaker David Velo Stewart. He  went to Sundance with his first film, "Hip Hop for Life." He is quite busy these days, but I told him about the Forum.



Alex P. Michaels

Building the Knight Movie Studio Incubator


PS. Did you guys get a chance to finish up the E-mail for the Event? I know how overwhelming it has been with juggling a lot of things.