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Ed never missed an opportunity to advocate for what he believed.

Here we see Ed at a Meet the Bloggers on February 7, 2008. The Meet the Bloggers discussion, as I recall, was focused on the crazy 50 year City of Cleveland AmpOhio coal fired electricity contract.

But never mind, Ed was educating the crowd about the Whiskey Island Bulk Terminal plans.

There was a connection.

Ed suggested that as Global Warming concerns advanced, there was a Cleveland Cliffs plan to offload the limestone (for sequesting the carbon released from all the coal fired plants on the Ohio River) on Whiskey Island.

I think Ed was right. And I think the reason the Whiskey Island bridge was rebuilt by Cuyahoga County was precisely in anticipation of heavy dumptrucks hauling limestone off Whiskey Island.

So here's the lesson I see: You have a opinion you are passionate about?


Drive that opinion home everywhere you go, politely, repetitively, consistently, doggedly.

Provide independent documentation.

Don’t stop…

And don’t forget Ed’s Benefit at the Beachland Ballroom tomorrow, Sunday!

See you there.


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"They call him Mayor of Whiskey Island"

Props to Channel 3 TV for sending a camera man to the Citizen Hauser Benefit tonight - I saw the coverage and it was very nice.

As one of Ed's friends said today, it was important to him he was recognized for his contributions to the community.

Huge thanks to everyone who made this benefit a great success. It clearly raised money for Ed's family, and I can't say enough more good things about the night... but I'll try tomorrow.

Two Tickets to Paradise.

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