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 At the Old South Side Community Coalition meeting on Monday, October 19, 2009, in crowded room (standing room only), Tremont residents gatherd to once again discuss their concerns relating to parking and noise issues arising from the onslought of the up-scale restaurant/bars/nightclubs that plague their neighborhood. 

These family oriented people believe that the only hope of resolving some of these on-going problems where enforcement seems to be lacking is to request that an enforceable cooperation agreement be constructed by the City's law Department and incorporated and made a part of any variance granted by the Board of Zoning Appeals.  That ALL of these establishments would have to be compliant as well as agree to a number of conditions for respecting the quality of life among the residents.

One of the major issues that residents want to see is speakers, stereo systems, juke boxes and or any type of entertainment prohibited from patios, since in Tremont, most if not all patio are only a few feet from someone's backyard, window, backdoor, etc., and the ongoing noise is beyond disruptive to their right to quiet.

Many believe that the Sunday Liquor sales would take away their one day of rest from the noise, parking and other headaches that go along with the bar scenes.  Councilman Cimperman stated that hewould continue to support the OSS.



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Not to diminish your noise

Not to diminish your noise problem Jerleen, but the good news is that those businesses are at least bringing money and jobs into the area.  I have a similar problem here with the noise issue, the freeway noise, but we get no benefits from the noise whatsoever, no money brought into the area, no jobs created for the area residents, and very little appreciation from the surrounding community about how annoying it is to be exposed to constant noise.  I agree with you that noise issues are a problem that need to be addressed by the community leaders.  Quality of life among residents is an important factor to be considered when making decisions.  I don't live in your area but I do support your cause as I know first hand the effect that constant noise has on a person's mental and physical health. 

As you know, noise is

As you know, noise is anything that an individual does not want to hear.  However, when it comes to the ongoing blasting of speakers, stereos well into the night, there are some reasonable issues to be considered.  There is no break from some of these places.  Residents live only feet away from these our-door patios.  We have people who have jobs that require that they get a decent night's sleep.  This goes on week after week after week and it does have a negative long term effect on people.

Sleep depravity can not only cause irritability but serious health issues.  Would you want your child on a school bus driven by someone who has been sleep deprived for a long period of time?  Same thought goes into a medical care provider - a truck driver - even over the road truck drivers are required to pull over and rest for a certain number of hours.  So revenue or not, they can still operate and take the noise inside, close the doors and give the people some peace and quiet. 

My whole point is, there is plenty - and I mean plenty of space open space for what I call juke joints to open and make all the noise they want still within range without opening right in everybody's back door.  i was down by Steelyard and notice that they have an abundance of undeveloped land - down within minutes (walking distance) of the same area - where they could build, they have plenty of parking space and can play all the music they want and nobody would say a word - why don't some of these places open up down there?




Jerleen, I agree with you. 

Jerleen, I agree with you.  Noise does have a negative long term effect on people subjected to it.  I feel for you and your community.  Everyone on my street lives with constant noise also, so I know first hand how hazardous noise is to a person's quality of life.  I hope you win your battle with the powers that be and get the noise contained so you and your neighbors can get some needed sleep.

It is ironic that my son's girlfriend was just talking about wanting some nice restaurants in the area where she lives, off of Fulton near Trowbridge, and I told her about some of your complaints about having such establishments in a neighborhood.  Some people have the idea that having nice upscale restaurants nearby is good for a community.  And it can be with the proper restrictions.  You are paving the way for the needed rules and regulations that would allow businesses and residences to co-mingle in harmony.  What happens in one area can definately affect other areas. 

First step - set up an

First step - set up an enforceable cooperation agreement constructed by the City Law Department to be incorporated into any variance granted by the Board of Zoning appeals.  This will eliminate any future issues.  Nobody in Tremont did any of this and Tremont West was so gun-ho in getting all of these up-scale establishments in here that they gave them an open season on what they could do, when, where and why - and now these owners act like a bunch of spoiled  prima donas and they want the residents to bow down - we're supposed to be so greatful just to have them in our midst - how dare we ask for peace and quiet? 

I see nothing wrong with having the places near by but it's the monsters you release on your neighborhood when you don't set down some type of law and order in the beginning. 



Noise is Noise is Noise. No

Noise is Noise is Noise.

No matter where it originates if it disrupts the harmony of life and causes stress to the homeowners it decreases quality of life.  I appreciate your need for quiet.  Please don't dismiss my complaint as trivial.  I want quiet too. 




 W14R, I am sitting in my house listening to the drone of I90. The leaves are falling so that noise barrier is over for the season. We have the old fashioned storms windows, the kind that need to be put in every fall. We will do that the in the next couple of days. I always look forward to the additional sound reduction that this brings. I love quietness, and my idea of a vacation would be one without the sounds of anything but nature.  I can't imagine having I-71 noises in my home.

Thank you for your

Thank you for your understanding.  My husband just made the comment, "you found somebody that actually cares".  I remember those old style storm windows.  They are difficult to put in and take out every Winter and Spring.  We used to have them here but changed to newer ones but they were not good quality and didn't last.  Now I have a few windows with no type of storm window at all.  We put up plastic on the windows in the winter and have been adding replacement windows as we can afford them.  I wish I would have kept the old ones as they were sturdy and probably would still be effective, although a lot of work. 

Maybe evergreen trees would work better for you.  I have two in my back yard and it helps a little with the sound and it blocks the view.  Out of sight, out of mind also helps some. 

At least in the winter I stay indoors most of the time so I can forget about it somewhat for a few months.  But, again I will say I would definately not recommend living near a freeway.  Not worth it. 


I am no where near as close to the freeway as you are. I think that the sound barriers are not the best solution in the ideal world. The best solution would have been no freeway through the city, the next would be doing it right (lowered). Since these are not possibilities now, the sound barriers should be put in if that is what people need so that they can live in peace in their homes. Some people want to try the various trees & shrubs but others, like you, do not have that luxury of space. Should you have to pay the price for poor planning and then ODOT not living up to their promises of a lowered freeway? I don't think so. I hope that you and your neighbors, over coffee, not a meeting, look at the various options in sound barriers and push for those that most likely will work, and look better than many that have been put up. South on 77 to and from Akron, I saw a combo of brick on the bottom, glass inserts on the tops, and some sort of applique on the walls that were attractive. Cement planters can be put on them. Virginia creeper is abundance and transplants well and would cover the barriers quickly. They look nice and green in the summer so it would be a wall of greenery, and turn brilliant in the fall, and start all over again in the spring. I and many others could provide you with what you need. The cement planters can hold beautiful flowering plants in the summer. The key thing is not just getting barriers handed to you,  and you do need to look at the one on 77 south before Akron and then the new ones going in now on I 90 west (westlake on beyond). We can go for a ride if you want to see the different barriers.

We may not get noise

We may not get noise barriers.  I haven't heard anything yet about the decision in this area.  Does anyone know anything about it?

I have heard that the walls on I77 are nice looking. I haven't seen them yet.  The Virginia Creeper sounds nice.  Thanks for the offer.

The Councilman seems to have

The Councilman seems to have changed his mind?