EPIC CLEVELAND HARDCORE COMPILATION THE NEW HOPE - Released By Smog Veil Records As Double LP -- Ships November 2, 2010

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 10/26/2010 - 10:10.

American homicide rate over the last century-plus
American homicide rate over the last century-plus

This is cool, Cleveland - hardcore first-wave thrashings from the lead poisoned capital of America at the height of lead poisoning's impact on Americans... sonic origins don't get any more mutated than that. I'll guarantee the following compilation re-release will take listeners to the depths of our industrial hell, at tis worst... and I haven't even heard the album - sounds awesome and as real as Cleveland music may get:

Released By Smog Veil Records As Double LP -- Ships November 2, 2010

Chicago, IL, October 26, 2010 – Smog Veil Records is excited to announce The New Hope double LP featuring 64 tracks with performances by ten North Eastern Ohio first wave hardcore bands.

The New Hope comp was originally released on Tom Dark’s New Hope Records in 1983. It included debut performances from The Guns, The Dark, No Parole, Offbeats, Agitated, Zero Defex, Starvation Army, Spike In Vain, Outerwear, and PPG.

Smog Veil licensed the release from Tom Dark and worked closely with members of the original bands to compile an entire LP of extras. New liner notes were written by both Tom Dark and Tom Miller (Agitated, Offbeats).

Tom Dark remembers originally working on the comp, explaining "Dark/Guns drummer David Araca did the cover/logo on the back, while Tim Dunbar from Positive Violence did the graphics. Each band submitted its own page and from there we photocopied 1,000 booklets at Kinko's and had a staple party in my parents’ living room."

Tom Miller (Agitated, Offbeats) recalls "The goal was for "The New Hope” to do for our scene what "Flex Your Head" and "This is Boston not L.A.” did for D.C. and Beantown. It would put Northeast Ohio on the hardcore map, announcing to the world that we were a force to be reckoned with."

The record was pressed on multi-colored vinyl, with eco-friendly recycled content jacket and two-sided insert. The release also includes a free download code with even more songs that couldn’t fit on the double LP.  This collectable release is strictly limited to a single pressing of 500 pieces.

The New Hope double LP complete track listing:
Side One
The Guns:
1. I'm Not Right
2. Locked Inside
Positive Violence:
3. Matter Of Life And Death
4. Don't Preach To Me
5. T.V. Blues
Spink In Vain:
6. Ugly And Damaged
7. The Funeral
8. Death Warmed Over
9. Then There Were None
10. Blissful Ignorance
No Parole
11. Executioner
12. Concentration Camp
13. Disposition: Hellion
The Dark
14. You Got What You Wanted
15. Sacrifice
16. Screeching Metal

Side Two
Zero Defex
1. Drop The A-Bomb On Me
2. By The Day
3. Oppression
4. No More
5. Lust
6. I Crawl On The Floor
7. Why Do You Hang Out?
8. Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are?
9. Zombies Don't Thrash
10. Friends Of Man
Starvation Army
11. Political Song/Fill In The Blanks
12. Sleep No More
13. Something's Wrong
14. Fun

Side Three
The Guns
1. Preps Suck
Positive Violence
2. Positive Violence
3. Try & Get Out
4. Powder Puff
5. Running
6. School's Prison
No Parole
7. Systematic Fuck-Up
The Dark
8. Put Your Hand Through The Plastic
9. Last Day
Zero Defex
10. 2 Minute Hate
11. Where Are The Kids Tonight
12. Better Way
13. Lost Hope
14. Heat
15. Drugs
16. Die Before
17. That's Not Truth
18. 1984
19. Death Is Fatal

Side Four
1. Maybe
2. In A Rush
3. Nothing For Me
4. Getting Fat
5. Look At ‘Em Go/Go Away
6. All Over Now
7. Will It Ever End
8. Riots/A Life To Live
9. No Reason
10. We’re All The Same
11. Choice Is Our Fate
12. Detox
Starvation Army
13. I'm A Kid
14. Millions Of Songs About Dead Cops
15. I Dig Pain

Visit the label online at SmogVeil.com.

Smog Veil Records was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1991.  The label is distributed by Revolver, CTD, Ltd., Forced Exposure, Get Hip, Sonic Unyon (Canada), Code 7 (UK), IODA (digital). Radio promotions handled in-house. The label roster includes Batusis featuring Cheetah Chrome of Rocket From the Tombs and Dead Boys with Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls, Complaints Choir, Peter Laughner, Tin Huey, Easter Monkeys, Pistol Whip, Unknown Instructors, The Pagans, Teacher’s Pet, Thor, Rocket From The Tombs, Amps II Eleven, New Christs (featuring Rob Younger of Radio Birdman) and Rubber City Rebels.