Eric Brewer exposes Jackson liability

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Mariah Crenshaw is referenced in this article - Sam Allard I know it is hard for you to acknowledge that some old guy knows more than you know - but the very scary part of what EJB is saying: City of Cleveland - City Hall is opening up the possibility of more lawsuits b/c of rogue police actions. Scott Noll Sarah Buduson - WEWS Joe Pagonakis I know you guys understand this - some one needs to report.


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Jackson exposes City to lawsuits


Police breaking up the house parties of people who know they have 1st Amendment rights to freely assemble isn’t supported by a law or ordinance.  Social distancing violates the 1st Amendment and is unenforceable.  Neither is it a requirement that any citizen wear a mask that forces them to breathe in their own dangerous carbon dioxide to enter a store or public building.  U.S. Attorney General William Barr has clearly affirmed the federal government’s position that the U.S. Constitution has not been suspended.  He’s expressed President Donald Trump’s administration’s willingness to join citizen lawsuits and criminal complaints against the elected officials who think they’re larger than our constitutions and laws.


Above quote - by Eric J Brewer.

Blocked by Cimperman, Zone, Brancatelli on Twitter


Congrats you guys! You silenced the twitter account I set up WHEN we had a community association in Brooklyn Centre.  Of course, your liberal crony fanbase has NO problem at all with the twitter accounts run by YOUR CDCs - cough* Detroit Shoreway, Tremont West, Metro West (baby DSCDO) and Ohio City, just to name a few. Those accounts and their managers are kept anonymous. 

I have always tried to be transparent, but when it came to contending with the promotional accounts for the CDCs that did NOT serve my neighborhood - why should I have to be exposed, when more than half of those folks DO NOT actually live in the neighborhoods they "represent" and they did NOTHING to positively promote my neighborhood??


  So - rejoice in your petty victory, today.  You still suck. #FreeSpeech