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Bed time by Charles Sallee

The exhibit ended on January 1st, 2012--Hardship to Hope: African American Art from
the Karamu Workshop.

....thank you to the Maltz Museum for the exhibit of WPA works from Karamu House. 
Most of the displayed works were on loan from the Russell and Rowena Jelliffe collection
at Cleveland State University.  If you missed this amazing exhibition at the Maltz Museum,
some of the pieces are available at :

It is interesting to me to note--that the exhibition took some time to come to fruition--

We need to better catalog and inventory our significant local cultures and history.  I hope that this exhibit raises awareness for this need.  To be able to tell our story.  Some would
have us bury this past with demolitions and wrecking balls.

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Holocaust Memorial Day -remembering "never quite white"

Housing segregation in the projects - Cedar Central for "black" and Valley View for "white" - interesting fun fact - Jim Rokakis' family was first placed in public housing...at Valley View