Fire up the Crack Pipe, Pop the Champagne Heroin Hotel #10 is OPEN FOR BUSINESS

Heroin Hotel #10 is OPEN thanks to Kathy Urban Montez

Still desperately trying to score the $15 $$ million from investors for the $15 million in LIHTC, which Kathy Urban Montez HGIC at the World Famous Cleveland Housing Network was "awarded"in 2016, as the 2 year clock to get an occupany permit winds down to less than 8 months, she made a gutsy decision. She put her head together with her partner in crime, Federal Funds Funneler Extraordinaire, the Directrice of the "Private Hospital" Network EDEN, which fraudulently does not pay any property taxes on the 100 rental properties it owns. And the girls came up with a plan! Because they care so deeply about finding free comfortable places for Cleveland homeless drug addicts to shoot up, they rolled up their sleeves in solidarity. And turned to Plan B! Without worrying about the over $900,000 TAX FREE income they will get from HUD, they said in unison "Let's do this!" And wow. Just WOW! The breathtaking photos show exactly what a can-do attitude from a couple of scrappy gals who have spent over 80 combined years sucking at the goobermint teat can accomplish! They did their girl Hillary proud!




Future site of Emerald Alliance X

Emerald Alliance XI 3881 Pearl Rd - just approved by Ohio Housing Finance Agency - looks just as terrible as 7609 Euclid ~~ALSO conveniently held (and beautifully managed!) by the Cuyahoga County Land Bank, so that the property does not accrue any taxes while Cleveland Housing Network and Eden wait out the low-income tax credit market ...and their co-conspirators (shadow investors) find ways to circumvent any scrutiny of these projects.