Flaunting Curves - When is the expression of Sensuality OK?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 01/13/2010 - 22:21.

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reference my prior comment, Jeff

 reference my prior comment, Jeff - theres a difference between sensuality and stupidity.

timed out - on a curve

That's hysterical... As I read your comment, Debra, this box - this comment box displayed the following:

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It seemed as though the site was choking on that concept - a difference between sensuality and stupidity. Cough, cough, sputter... well, uh... hold on there a minute ma'am while I reconnect my synapses... My mind is here somewhere. I'm sure of it. Let me dig down and see if I can bring it back up above my waist.

Jeff has noted times when I seem to charm my way into a verboten place or charm some information out of some poor bastard. I have told him repeatedly that it's not me, just my gender (for which I am not responsible) combined with a requisite deep well of stupidity that makes 'em stammer and blurt inane things which sometimes contain the answers I seek. More often than not, though it is just stupid.

To the point of curves and when is it OK to celebrate this aspect of our natural world: I say, anytime. I appreciate the sound a string on a musical instrument pulled to a curve or stroked to vibrate (which is a series of repeated curves); it makes a gorgeous sound. I appreciate the curve of a leaf, a fruit, a branch, the meander of a stream. I appreciate the curve of a drape of fabric or the curve of a cloud when it floats silently by. I appreciate curves, to be sure, yes, those of the body, too. But that is not the point, is it?

Would you prefer that your daughter get a job not based on her capabilities, but simply because she is seen as a potential sexual conquest for the hirer sometime in the future even if that conquest happens in her/his fantasy in that hiring moment or whenever s/he spies her? Would the image posted be as engaging to you if the person not wearing a seat belt was a man with a pot belly or a pregnant woman?

Many women are not boobs in either sense of the word (OK, some are) and when men and women get over that, gender equity will have taken a step forward. Women's mammary glands don't vote, nor do they invent - women do.


oh definitely -

a man with a pot belly!

All this talk of boobs, reminds me of

one of my fsvorite James Thurbber stories.


It only takes a few minutes to read, and the moral of the story is priceless.


James Thurber is another one of Ohio's treasures.


And Thurber reminds me of Harvey, the 6' 3 and 1/2" rabbit


Hello Gloria,   Thanks for wading in….There’s almost no discourse on Realneo about gender or sensuality.   
Is Thurber’s short unicorn tale another story about “not now, I need aspirin” – with a backlash?  Is Elwood P Dowd’s world – where there’s always a Martini or two to help us loosen up and talk straight with Harvey – a similar tale?   
Are we austere, sober to a fault?
The apparent accepted ethic here on Realneo and in NEO is pretty straight laced – driving the discourse into curves can prove to be dangerous territory.  
What about in Paris? What about in Barcelona? What about Moscow? What about Kyoto?   Or Rio!?
Is there a verve, a vibe, a healthy  animal and human appreciation for sensuality which isn’t exploitive?  
I think so. It all depends on the context…
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It would seem that we need to be a "G" rated site.

Because there is no "PG" to allow this to be a "PG-13" site. (http://www.mpaa.org/FlmRat_Ratings.asp)


"BTW, our audience is about 25% under 18...

... about 50% female...

... and my teenage daughters read this site.

Let's show some respect for all ages, genders, cultures and individualities, as real individuals... dirty old man jokes are not appropriate, in my opinion." (http://realneo.us/content/my-father-when-you-reach-my-age-there-only-one-thing-you-notice#comment-19489)

"The apparent accepted ethic here on Realneo and in NEO is pretty straight laced – driving the discourse into curves can prove to be dangerous territory." (http://realneo.us/content/flaunting-curves-when-expression-sensuality-ok#comment-19586)   

...maybe the 25% under 18 crowd come here to read a 6140 word re-posting on the word fuck, as was posted here: http://realneo.us/Behold-the-Lamb-of-God-in-a-McCainalds-world#comment-6802


let's clean this place up, this year... time for DeWolfe to die. (http://realneo.us/content/my-father-when-you-reach-my-age-there-only-one-thing-you-notice#comment-19488)


"Everyone has seen the movie depiction of a Indian forming his fingers into the familiar "White Man Speak With Forked Tongue." The double tongued or two fingered symbol denoted all lies, not just those of the White Man. It was vital that the interpreter knew sign language, but he also had to be familiar with the Indian metaphor. The idioms of dialect could be distracting. Figurative is one way to describe this language. Horses, dogs, coyotes, and other common animals observed daily by the Indians had distinct symbols. Not dissimilar is the renowned Sicilian sign or hand language of the Cosa Nostra, a language that by all accounts has few practitioners today.

The Indian language was important not only in trade, but also in survival."

From: http://www.wwmag.net/sign.htm