Flying Jimmy Haslam - rebates to himself?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 04/16/2013 - 17:14.

 Paying out "rebates" to trucking firms which bought a lot of fuel?.....why not simply reduce your profit with disquised rebates to yourself ?....and lower your "profit" and your taxes in the process...

Create a bunch of phony co's, and rebate to them....which is actually yourself...

Let's see what the IRS determines.  

But, this is another example of the scum than find Cleveland and come to rip us off with the help of our very own ignorant elected cyphers.


Chris Kennedy from Chi town snagged a 1/2 bil for the MEDCON - Tim Haggen was the go-between and is culpable.  

Danny Gilbert  from Detroit has the Cavs non-sensed and the Casino (but the RATNERS ARE SMARTER THAN DAN).

Jimmy Haslem from Tenn.   Jimmy's a newbie, and has screwed up already.

AMPOHIO was in line for a 50 year bond but Lehman Bros went under in 2008 - whew! cle just missed a big bullet.

Vadxx is working the street right now...and they will SCORE! (I just invested in Vadxx)

Get the MONEY! And get it out of Cleveland where the population is asleep and desperate...


where "we have it all together" - Right Joe Roman?

Mr. Sweeney - can you map this for me?

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IRS whistle blower awards - Haslam's downfall?

 The IRS will reward up to 30% of illegally avoided taxes to whistleblowers.   Read the IRS whistle blower rules here.

It would appear that Jimmy, already a billionaire, kept two sets of books - not easy with 500 truck travel plazas!

But with lots of off the books cash money sloshing around,  it appears that an employee or two were looking to get a little of the cash for themselves....cooperating  employees with wires secretly making recordings of company meetings...

Jimmy's not too smart...