Food is LOVE

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Tomorrow offers hope and the promise that pain will not endure where there is love and food and books.

 Laura McShane




Chicken shawarma, corn, tomato and basil salad.  The chicken is from Arkansas, the corn from Michigan, the mozarella from Wisconsin,the tomatoes from South Carolina, the basil, pita, lettuce, onions, and peppers are from Ohio.

I think It would be nice to

I think It would be nice to have :)


Carolina Barbeque

Steak and potatoes

  I spent ten years in the food business--working here in Cleveland* and in upstate New York.  I know food.  So, I can tell you that one of the best unsung fine dining deals in Cleveland is the Wednesday night steak dinner in the lounge at Don's Lighthouse.  Paired with great company and a great wine and you have heaven.

Just a tip for those of you looking for REALNEO satisfaction. 

(*including a stint for Strang Corp. in Rocky River :)


 sounds great!

Roving foodie

  Since you make the foodie circuit here in town, bj--please pass along the info.  If you like an occasional steak, this is the best in town--and you can't beat the price.  You can relax here.  There is a comfortable familiarity and an experience that makes you want to come back, again and again.  The wait and bar staff are especially cool, understated, professional--just as I tried to be, when I worked for the company :)

I would like to see a bicycle rack nearby, or even...yes...some patio seating at Don's, but, overall, I am just glad that it survives as a reminder of our local history. 

Summer Brain Food 2010

local libraries

and people can read AT the library, where the air is filtered. I was at the library Friday, where some folks had gathered to escape bad air. I looked through some materials and listened to the chat about another bad air day....seems the library branches serve as a multi-purpose facility.

Vital summer refuge

Thanks DWebb--another reason why library buildings are necessary. 

When it is hot, libraries are cool (with luck :).  This past week--the library again served the community by allowing a young man locked out of his house to call his parents and wait for one of them to arrive and get him situated. 

Thank you for mentioning one of the many overlooked benefits of having a library in the community.

Immigrants and Aragon

  On my way back from downtown bicycling via West 25th St., I caught this new restaurant inhabiting a spot that has seen many, many restaurants come and go.  I hope that this one takes off and encourages more African businesses to Cleveland. 

The beautiful family operating La Femme (who can resist the name?!) hail from Nigeria.

Sad to report also from West 25th corridor--Aragon Ballroom is slowly being stripped and will no doubt meet a fiery demise. Just a matter of time. 

It would be nice if Cleveland could learn to live with our history, instead of destroying it.