Fracking - What? They Frack? You kidding? Willful suspension of disbelief - no pollution in my drinking water. Amazing. Yes!

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 12/12/2011 - 23:03.

 All around Cleveland - in the local golf course, in the corner of the field - screened and painted green, there are sprouting gas wells.  Fracked wells.

And those fracked wells, full of all types of crazy chems - those chems will not migrate into the local water table.  



No migration. 


I believe that. 


Makes perfect sense to me.  Pump tons of chemicals into the ground and they will stay where they are needed - in the methane strata.  They will not come near my Drinking Water. 

I have studied geology, and I have studied on Madison Avenue, and I have watched TV, and I know that fracking chemicals will not "cross over" to the other side. 

Can't happen. Won't happen. 



Cuz I can suspend my disbelief. 

I have a check coming on Friday.  I have a clock (money due) pounding in my head.  I have a conscience - were is that thing...

I leased my ground. 

To a FRACKER.  4 1/2%

I'm ok.



 More about the Marcellus shale gas geology here on wikipedia

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